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December 02 2007

Speaking of Buffy... Overheard in New York has a Buffy post.

You have to agree with the prof...
He's right. Why wouldn't you want to be Buffy? Apart from that whole superiority/inferiority complex...
all the People-demons-take-your-pick trying to kill you, your friends, your family
Yeah, there were many times when Buffy didn't wanna be Buffy.
Just change one word...

Professor: ... And who doesn't want to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer?!
Buffy: I don't.
Professor: Well, fine. You're a freak.
*scratches head*
is this some postmodern thing im not supposed to get or has my brain-power really degenerated? :P
I think daylight has it right. Without being a geek, I must say that I remember 7 years of steady misery and angst (not counting the movie.)
I always wanted to be Wash. And then, well...

Anyway, I love this site and it's a trip seeing it linked here.
I want to know how the prof was using Buffy to explain the Civil War...I'm picturing Anya amputating limbs without anesthetic, mostly. (;

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