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December 02 2007

Chief Seattle's character sketches: Wesley. Chief Seattle has updated his indepth Angel review site with a fascinating look at Wesley's character from his beginnings on Buffy to his tragic end.

Excellent! I've been hoping he was going to continue updating that fabulous site. Thanks!
Can't say I agree with him about Wesley and Fred in season 4. I've never really understood people who argue that Fred and Gunn had a better relationship than Wes and Fred.
Well, Fred and Gunn were happier longer. So, from a purely scientific standpoint... all time favorite character of the Angel/Buffy verse :)
Good analysis, don't agree with all of it, but I agree with a lot of it. Reading it makes me want to watch my Angel DVDs all over again.

I'll one up you there Harmalacious, Wesley is my favorite character of any show.
Outstanding chracter sketch, I was hoping the Chief would get around to reviewing Wesley's arc (he also he reviewed all 110 Angel episodes here).

I mostly agree with the points the Chief makes, but feel that Wesley's attraction to Fred was not purely a poessive competitive thing. After all he fell for her before Gunn showed any signs of attraction for her.

To anyone who wants more of a Wesley fix, check out the Wes-centric novel, "Book of the Dead" because it's one of the best of the Buffyverse novels.
At last! I've been eagerly awaiting this since I first found the Chief's site. And I think I have to agree with foreverwes on this one and say that Wes is if not my ONE favorite character from any sreries than certainly right up there in the Top Five (along with Faith and Geraden from Stephen R. Donaldson's Mordant's Need series.)
Jobo, if you have figured out how to quantify such ethereal things as feelings, you're sitting on a gold mine.

This is an excellent analysis right up to the end of Season 3. Season 4 is more iffy, and I take violent issue with just about every other conclusion reached in the section on Season 5. But the analysis of early Wesley, especially, is absolutely nailed.
*whistles* That was quite a read, although I also don't agree too much with the take on Wes/Fred. I'd need to go back and watch those seasons again to adequately articulate why, though. Right now I just have vague memories.

But still, I just love that someone took such a close look at Wesley. He's got the best character arc I've ever seen on TV, and is probably one of my Top 5 for fictional characters overall.

I swear, though, Jossverse shows spoiled me for TV. I keep getting this terrible urge to send copies of Angel DVDs to writers of shows with flat characters with a note saying "This is how you do it, children."
Hm, I don't agree with at least half of this, but it does remind me how much I love Wesley.

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