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"Gonna take a while for the stink of this to pass."
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May 27 2003

For the final time, Television Without Pity review 'Buffy'. It's obviously a spoiler if you've not seen the finale, and actually has some pleasant - and touching - things to say about the show.

I'll miss wasting hours at TWOP. Although there's always the Angel, SFU or Enterprise forums...

Still, the Buffy forums were the liveliest. And harshest.
I'm gonna miss the reviewers too. I know their snark may not always have been justifiably placed, but it sure as anything made them memorable and I'll miss their personalities because of that.
I'll miss the snark the most!! Ace, Sep and the other one.

*sniff* It's sad, but I think I'll miss the TWOP/buffy board, more than I will miss the actual show!! Well, it shows you what two years of bitterness can do to a person!!
That board will still be one of, if not THE most popular on the site. For an example, check out the X-Files board -- still going...

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