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December 03 2007

Michelle Trachtenberg to star in '17'. Her fellow actors will include Matthew Perry and Zac Efron (Firefly's Young Simon).

Sounds like a fun film I may check out, depending on how the previews end up looking.
WOAH. Zac Efron was in Firefly? I never knew. Wow. Well, there you go.


Not that I like him or anything. Pssh.
Good for her! I've read a bit of buzz about this movie already. I wonder if Shankman producing has anything to do with her being cast.
Huh. Plastic boy is a firefly vet. That's...surprising.

Good for Michelle -- even if her involvement wasn't the most interesting thing about this post.

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Lucky! She got to work with "both" Simons now. She was in "Dive from Clausen's Pier" with Sean Maher and now this one with Zac (Young Simon). Fun to see Whedon alum work together.
Melora Hardin (Jan from The Office) is also in it... so there's a bit of a Joss connection there, too.
Oooh, Melora Hardin! I hope they find an excuse to get her to sing. She sang a version of "Begin the Beguine" on the soundtrack of the Rocketeer that knocks my socks off. Fabulous singing voice. I remember that, once upon a time, I mentioned it on the old Bronze Posting Board, and Joss said he dug it too.
Zac Efron... yikes...
and Zac Efron (Firefly's Young Simon).

I've watched that ep twice now and both times I was just freakishly freaked out! "Is that him? No it can't be him... Is it him?" REWIND. "Is it him???"
Good for her! I hope it's a good film and a great success! Thanks for the info (including about Efron playing young Simon - I, too, was unaware of that). (And actually, I believe reading this thread yesterday caused the dream I had last night, about MT and I being buddies, too...)

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