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December 03 2007

Tall. Handsome. Dutch. Rutger Hauer mentions Buffy, briefly, very briefly, in this interview at promoting the 2-disc extra super dooper special edition of Blade Runner.

Its a good thing he's Dutch or I would've deleted it! /kidding /duck /runaway!!!'s the, um...ick-um...that other Buffy.

Saw Rutger in "Agent of Orange" - good movie!

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They're just better looking than the rest of us, we have to be big enough to accept it.

I'll be buying this though i'm in two minds about it. I really don't like the "Deckard is a replicant" view-point and Ridley Scott seems to have pushed this cut even further down that road. Kind of a pity, it squeezes some of the life out of the film for me.

(and I like Hauer. He's done his fair share of B movie crap but he always brings his A game, in his own slightly bananas way)
Rutger Hauer in "Ladyhawke." Yum.
Yeah, I'm a longtime Rutger fan... sometimes despite the man's choices of work. ;)

There are four performances that for various reasons will always stand out in my mind...

Blade Runner (of course)
The Hitcher
Flesh & Blood

Oh, and I have a perverse soft spot in my heart for the awful [i]Blind Justice[/i].
I did enjoy his Guinness ads.
With Rutger, sometimes you just need to cede control to the delirious badness of the films. Deadlock, with the exploding necklaces latched onto prisoners, is a great example. B-movie craziness all the way... unfortunately, I guess I'd have to lump 'his Buffy' in that category too.
Hey, Blind Fury was a great concept turned into a really stupid movie. I don't think that was Hauer's fault, either--other than him taking on a cool concept done B-movie style.

Ditto with the Ladyhawke love, and then my followup lament: Why don't pen-and-paper RPG's ever seem to capture such low magic worlds well?
I wouldn't have posted it, but hey... it's Rutger.

I think you mean Soldier of Orange, RhaegarTargaryen, but yeah, great movie by Paul Verhoeven.
One of my favorites is his part in the Dark Zone television films. Just hammy enough :)
Salute of the Jugger (I have a feeling this is called something different in the States) is a top film
Deckard might be a replicant? How did I miss that? I've seen that movie so many times. Or did I just block it out because it's a lame idea?
I haven't seen Hauer in much else, but he's a great replicant.
He's said two of my all time favourite quotes "Talk amongst yourselves, I may be sometime" and of course the classic "I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe".
I love him in Blade Runner, but to me he'll always be Floris van Rozemond first.
What does he mean by Christian Bale was a bit nasty at times? I'm not sure what he's saying in one of his responses.
I think he means the Batman in "Batman Begins" (as played by Christian Bale) was quite dark and nasty at times, I don't think he's particularly talking about Bale himself.

jcs, if you've only ever seen the theatrical version then Deckard basically isn't a replicant (though there are hints, like his photographs etc. but these can easily be read the other way i.e. as pointing out how close replicants are to being human). If you've seen the director's cut, there are a couple of things (most notably, that he has the unicorn dream) that quite strongly suggest he's a replicant. And from what i've read, if you see the final cut (i.e. this one) it'll be even more explicit.

Ridley Scott has also stated categorically in interview that he is. And just to add grist to the mill, Harrison Ford has stated categorically that he played him as human.

(personally, I liked the ambiguity, so that you could see him as one if you wanted to or not if that worked better for you - bit annoying that Scott is basically forcing one interpretation on the story IMO)
Caroline, you're so right! Soldier of Orange! Very good film, watched it over this last Thanksgiving break. Perhaps I needs be looking into this Rozemond...

And, um, Decker is so totally not a replicant. Because. He's not.

And I prefer the V.O. by Ford to the director's cut. It's not even close for me. I'm pretty clear in my preference. So I'm not so tantalized by the double pancaked version. And that's odd because I do like things that are stacked. Special hell.
I just finished reading Hauer's autobiography, "All Those Moments", and was amazed at what a fascinating life he's led. His attitude toward his work and general success comes across as refreshingly unbigheaded, though he does admit that sometimes his judgment has failed him when choosing certain projects. The degree of affection he holds for Bladerunner is apparent; there's a lot of thoughtful, intelligent personal insights into Bladerunner and on Roy Batty, too.

With Bladerunner (which I saw in its initial release in '82) being one of my very favorite films, I'm feeling a little conflicted about this new final cut. Regardless of how it's edited, though, I think it's an incredible sci-fi masterpiece. Having recently seen the director's cut, I still loved it even though RS had made the replicant angle more dominant. The story makes sense both ways, but the human angle has always felt more poignant to me because human-Decker fell in love with, and was arguably saved by, what he was trained to kill, while replicant-Rachel found her humanity in being accepted despite her origin. I'll probably end up getting the new cut anyway, just for the beauty of the print.

Something that made me like Hauer even more was finding out, at the end of his book, that he created the Starfish Foundation, to promote education and assistance for women and children with HIV/AIDS. He's not just a pretty face!

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