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December 03 2007

Thespians To Grace Protestation. A few actors have signed on for the M.E. picket. BUT WHICH ONES?

I can now confirm, after a lot of pleading and a couple of totally false promises to create a series for him, that the guy who did the 'goats' voice-over for the phone at Wolfram & Hart WILL be attending the picket! As will Numfar of the Deathwok Clan and the doctor River stabs in the throat on the internet! Yay! So many stars! Lucky, lucky you! (Numfar will not dance. Just so we're clear.)

Sadly, I haven't gotten confirmations from any other actors except Eliza Dushku, Alexis Denisof, Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau and Amy Acker. But I'm sure someone cool will call me back any minute now. Gotta hope, right?

I tried to post this on fans4writers, but Whedonesque remains the only website I can successfully navigate. Maybe that should be your slogan! Whedonesque: so simple even Joss can use it! You know. If you need a slogan for... some reason.

Leave me! -goatphoneguy

Makes me wish I didn't live in the forgotten post-industrial wasteland of Binghamton, NY.
more slogans are always good! and i just posted this over on f4w on the mutant enemy day details thread.

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Wow, I was so touched by Doctor Death in The Summer Glau Chronicles, I wish I could meet that guy.
Joss, really love reading you ;) Hopefully, one day actually hearing you - but sadly not this time... as I hail from where Nathan comes from, or at least from that other country. My thoughts and my heart, however, will be with you all. Thalians? Seriously, wish I could teleport out for you, show the suits some Republicans are ordinary working people too. But alas, subsistence-level living leaves naught for airfare. Give 'em heck for me, tho!
Have a great time, all you folks who can make it to this. Any chance someone will take video? (Please?)
As it would be a long cold swim across the Atlantic for me I'm afraid my support remains of the spiritual and leaded variety (i.e. pencils!). All the best for the day, and the days, to everyone on the write* side of the line.

* pun intended.
I am so happy I am skipping work for this. Yet, I'm getting a strange sense of anxiety...I mean, they're all so tall.
What a list! Too bad Numfar isn't going to dance... what a disappointment. I'm thinking someone should keep a video camera around just in case something remarkably good happens (and the dance occurs). I'm just sayin'...

I wish I could walk out my door and drive over to the picket line on friday, but alas, that would be a little more time-consuming seeing as how LA's on the other side of the country.
I'm assuming it will get filmed to some degree, as after all, the purpose of these things? Spread the word. For that reason if nothing else, I wish I was going. Alas, I am actually going to be getting drunk in the You of Kay.

Also, whilst Joss might love to dance for cookies, he might not think a picket's the place. (I, however, will dance for cookies. Will hug for cookies. Will stop posting for cookies).

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I think Numfar needs to con that actor bunch into doing the dancing for him....
I tried to post this on fans4writers...

Must be the AMPTP hacking the site and installing the nojoss filter.

And minuet: Given his reaction at Comic-Con, I think it's safe to say that he isn't fond of being anyone's monkey.

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I could send a cardboard cut-out of me (or someone better) on a stick, so someone can bring me along in absentia. It could look like the Grrr! Arrrgh! Monster.
Numfar, do the dance of protest.
Joss, if I win the (hopefully drunk and lachrymose) call from you, would you be annoyed or amused if I asked you to say, 'or just say GOATS!'?
'Cause it would make my, month, it would make my month to hear you say that. : )
Almost consumed by jealousy but still wishing all you lucky ME Day attendees a wonderiffic time!
I'll be there in spirit, and wishing I could be there in person and march along.
I wish I could be there, but alas I'm from Jewel country and can't make it, although I believe there will be a picture of me accompanying some of the Goners members, so I will be there in spirit to support ME day.
Holy crap, that's fantastic!! Any word on those going to Boston, besides yours truly? ;)
Dance, Numfar, DANCE!

(...was my favorite off-Broadway musical of last season.)

Salutes and salutations from sunny Austin, Texas, along with fond wishes that Nathan will not have his pants stolen off him by a rabid fan.

Wow, poor Joss, couldn't you even get the guy who does the voice over for the 'Grr Arrgh' at the end of 'Once More With Feeling'?

Still, should be ok I guess, I mean Numfar, what a legend!

I'll see you there, you'll recognize me because I'll be IN MANCHESTER!

; ;
Joss - contact and we will get you signed in.

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Aha! I thought I saw a Joss-y named lurker this past Saturday - but they didn't hardly do much and didn't post, so now it becomes all too abundantly clear why. I had sent a private message (PM) of welcome, and did wonder if that Joss was the Purplest Joss of the All the Josses.

"Fans4Writers - so easy to navigate almost anyone - except Joss - can do it."

Rah! for the ME Day picket which fast approaches with Joss and writers and actors and other such popinjay and fancy scarves and quotes and stickers and picket signs and all the other stuff that pickets are made of. Rah! I say!

ETA: RavenU - I saw him signed in with my own little beady eyes - I think maybe it was the "what comes after that" stuff that was the hitch.

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On one hand, I soooo wanna go and see all these fine ME folks (writers, thesps, and fans). On the other hand, I'm already meeting a bunch of friends in Boston this weekend (and that trip is off by one week!!!).

On the third hand (I have many hands), I'm reminding myself that this isn't a convention (as is pointed out somewhere on F4W, I think) and that even if I was going, it shouldn't be to shmooze and make friends with all these people I admire, but to add my support to theirs. Anyway, someone pleeease take lots of video and/or pictures, or at least a courtroom sketch or something.

Joss, is there an update on which ME "scribes" will be there?
The Goners people are going. Oh Joss, you might need to think of another animal in the tale to tell them about.
Wow. Looking forward to being there even more!

T-Shirt with ME slogan? Check.
Camera? Check.
Hat? Check.
Handcuffs, chloryform and duct tape? Che... er. Never mind. They're for.... A project.
Personally, I was hoping that the actor who played Douglas the rental car guy from the 2nd series of Veronica Mars was going to show up.
Wait, are we saying that there is some connection between goat guy and Numfar? That's as crazy as the Ben/Glory theory!
So Numfar won't dance. Next you'll tell me Goat Phone guy won't be offering up any sacrifices or that Dr. Death won't be getting stabbed through the neck with a pen. Way to bring a guy up just to knock him down!
No way, crazy, Veronica Mars has nothing to do with ME!

Also, Nathan wha?
Waah. So very, very far away. Still, I bought some pencils, so maybe Joss will call me. :)
This will be the best picket/rally EVER! There should be dancing and music (but no one should ever feel like a dancing monkey, because that would be bad). Like in Newsies, or in Marat/Sade, the kind of singing and dancing that will put fear into the shriveled hearts of the AMPTP and get lots of favorable press for the WGA!

I just wish I could be there. I love you guys, have a wonderful day.
No way, crazy, Veronica Mars has nothing to do with ME!

I do hope you're joking.
Oh to have vacation time (and some extra cashy money) to spare. The street kids in India I'm going to help build a drop-in center for next summer (the trip for which I'm saving my vacation time) better be grateful.

Seriously, I hope it's a wonderful time and that many, many people blog about and post pictures and videos from the event.
I can now confirm, after a lot of pleading and a couple of totally false promises to create a series for him, that the guy who did the 'goats' voice-over for the phone at Wolfram & Hart WILL be attending the picket!

So that was Joss! I may owe somebody money.

Oh my god, I'm going to see Alexis Denisof! *faints*
This sounds fun.
Joss, my wife and I JUST rewatched the Pylea episodes this weekend...she was giggling helplessly at the Dance of was I...just priceless.

And, damn, we loved those episodes the first 5 or 6 times we've seen them, and, damn, they're better each viewing. How is that??
Dear Santa:

Unplugged has been a very, very good boy this year. Some may say an exceptional boy. There was the business with the cat, and, oh, the house fire, but mistakes are...of course, there was also that thing with that knife and Unplugged knows that he should never mix toasters with water but the concept of "toasted water" was too good to pass up...and yeah, there was the shoplifting and the arson and some light tresspassing and that wee little bit of homicide, but...Unplugged thinks he has done enough good to deserve to go to the ME picket. He gave that homeless guy a quarter, remember? He also listened to the Jehovah's Witness before slamming the door in his face.

With much love (and an abundance of cookies),
Oh man, I am so profoundly jealous! Of course, if I was in a room (well, a street or other outdoor area or what-have-you) with Joss, Alexis AND Nathan, I would probably spontaneously combust.
My husband suggests sending Summer in to negotiate. "Negotiate if you want to live."

Alas, I am 3000 miles away and can't be at the big event. I'll be wearing my ME atire on Friday and thinking of all of you.

UPC, I don't have to slam doors on politicians or religious recruiters. I have 4 dogs. It does the trick without any effort at all on my part. Apparently politicians and religious recruiters can't differentiate between enthusiastic but harmless dogs (mine) and dogs who are ready to eat intruders.
I was going to make a joke about Joss not dancing and Nathan not performing gynecological exams, but I decided it was in poor taste.

Seriously, that is an AMAZING list of actors. Major kudos to all of them for their support. I'll try to take plenty of pictures for everyone who is asking, if I can actually function in the presence of that much awesomeness.
Oh, Sweet&Sour Jesus. You've managed to collect most of my favorite ME characters all in one place. Errr. I. I need to go study up on that fiction vs. reality stuff before Friday.
i certainly hope it's not like marat/sade. then again things might end a whole lot faster if it were....
Is it weird that I keep picturing this as a protest with puppets? Picketing puppets.

I really should stop watching "Smile Time" for a while . . .
grrr!!! I can't BELIEVE I'm missing this. Sigh. I'll wear my sweet ME t-shirt in support to work on Friday!! If I ever move to California, I'm showing up to every freakin' Joss related event there is. Seriously. I'll be crazy stalker lady....I mean, respectable fan lady :)
Please take video, and please, please, put it on the internet.

Stupid school keeping me away from what really matters. What good has an education ever done for anyone, ever anyway? Right?
Well done, sir :)
Only an hour away, but I can't possibly get away from work that particular day. I hope the crowd is huge and thunderous, though.
(I'm sure it will be, what with Numfar & goat guy & all those others.)
I wish Sarah Prinze lived on the west coast. A Buffy appearance would rule.
Wow. Sounds like this will be a great success. Give 'em hell-- err, but not literally.
This will be the best picket/rally EVER! There should be dancing and music (but no one should ever feel like a dancing monkey, because that would be bad). Like in Newsies, or in Marat/Sade, the kind of singing and dancing that will put fear into the shriveled hearts of the AMPTP and get lots of favorable press for the WGA!

I don't know from choreography, but I've been wanting to teach them to march in time and sing cadence since day 1. But that's just me.

(It would be scary, though)
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bedukay, my thoughts exactly.
I'm so jealous! Why do I have to be stuck up here in snowy Wisconsin instead of where all of the wonderful ME actors and writers and others are going to be tomorrow?
Joss, can you place a call to Robot Phil? I'll keep the Vikings at home just in case...
I could go the 2k miles. I want to sacrifice my PTO at the feet of the corporate gods to go to this. Being in such fine company would be a terrible pleasure. I really could shoehorn this into reality. I want to. I really, really want to. I've never been star-struck; that is, until Joss. Never understood why meeting someone who does a craft for a living titillated certain people; until Joss. Now I understand, somewhat, the compulsion. So yes, I really want to go.

Amy Acker. The smile, in real life? Oh, swoon! A Nathan quip? Money well spent.

But can I spend that money in a better way than fulfilling my selfish desire? I s'pose I'll buy more pencils. (which, ugly me, is still being self serving. I'm a hack. But a hack with limits! It's all about the Hack Code, really. Forget I mentioned it, takes a lot of ill deeds to get such a token. Sleep now. Drift ye into slumber.

Yeah, hell, I still want to go. Self degradation didn't work. Again. More effort! next time.
It's only about 480 miles from me, I'm seriously considering making the drive. I've mailed the postcards and gave money for pencils, but I don't feel satisfied that I've actually made a difference.

This may just be worth the brutal argument with my girlfriend (I'm sure she won't approve).
I heard a rumor from the studio heads that Numfar is like a groundhog. If he doesn't dance, then there will be 6 more weeks of striking. Maybe Numfar should dance.


Egads, this thread is becoming like Comic-Con 2007 all over again. Do those of us who were there need to re-tell the story of how disrespectful the crowd sounded?
Outing these people as thespians? See, this is how rumors get started. I guess I'll just have to mosey on over there Friday just to monitor the truthiness, you know?

P.S. Goatphoneguy is such a "get," and, Joss, you got him. Damn, you're good. Numfar seems almost redundant after that. ;)
Hopefully it won't be raining too hard. If it's raining I can't bring my Angel and Spike puppets, or else they'll get all soggy and their little picket signs will smear.

Hmm, the Hollywood premiere of P.S. I Love You is only two or three days after the protest. If James Marsters is in town to do the red carpet for that, since he's in the movie, I wonder if he could squeeze in a picket?
Oh I was at comic con this year, i was referring to those people who were yelling dance at him. Still, if a bunch of people were yelling dance at me, I'd probably dance for them.
What? No tags?
Perhaps Numfar can't do the Dance of Joy until the strike is over?
Maybe Numfar should dance.

No, Joss really shouldn't be asked to. Please. People who feel otherwise might want to visit this thread and read his reaction to being asked to before. And there was a good discussion on appropriate fan behavior from people who've attended various fandom events and seen the best and the worst of people in the audiences.

(It is also the RIPPER thread, which makes it warm and fuzzy too. Um, in a mature, scholarly, Watcher-badass kind of way.)

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Yeah, yeah. Joke all you want Joss, but this writer's strike is giving me hives! And you know why? It's all because I know that this show you've got in the works with Eliza will probably NEVER pan out because hell will freeze over before Sumner Redstone and his ilk unclench their ass cheeks enough to give up an extra dime. *deep breath*

So have fun on your picket line with all your "uncool" friends, while I go stratch myself to a bloody pulp.


P.S. Love the comics, keep up the great work. Question about that though, they don't fall into this whole writer's strike thing do they?

(no post signing, please. -ed.)

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Question about that though, they don't fall into this whole writer's strike thing do they?

Not being a motion picture or television, no.
*eyes wellup* Alas, several more reasons why on ME-day I will be sitting in a corner of my room (I have four of a kind to choose from, so there) holding my knees –defiantly not rocking- and trying not to feel devastated that I'm missing all the protesty fun. Again.

If someone practices their camera-person abilities on that marvelous day and uploads them I know many of us less less way less fortunate will be forever indebted. Truly!

You know, if James, Nicky and Adam were to come I would be in need of some medication that day to numb the pain. Numfar and Goatphoneguy in the same place, will the universe not implode? *sniff* it has always been my dream that Goatphoneguy would record my call-waiting message. I need a new dream now.
In Baltimore, WGA member Ellis Avrum Cohen has been picketing alone. If you can't make it to the LA or NY pickets, there might be a picket of one or a few in your area that would welcome fan participation.

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The whole issue of dancing has come up before.. I just think it fits into the whole dance monkey, dance thing. Which I know isn't peoples intention, but if somebody came up to me and asked me to dance in front of a crowd? Not gonna happen. Same with singing, showing body parts, and being asked to save the world.
theonetruebix- Thank Venus for small favors, huh?

By the way, I thought "Thespians" was out, "Alternatively Employed" is all the rage in P.C. circles, I heard tell.

Ok, I'm thoo.
I think Numfar needs to con that actor bunch into doing the dancing for him...

Wouldn't that turn ME protest day into "Dancing with the stars"... yes pun intended....
Okay, bad joke.

Wish I was there to join the protesting effort, but not exactly in the same hemisphere, anyway, will be with you in spirit.
Oh, I feel like such a bad Angel fan. I have no idea what Goats Phone guy is being referred to. Which episode was it?
Alpha 5099, it is highly rumored that Goats-Phone-Guy likes to dance. Just not at cons. And weirdly enough, this enigma has often worked directly with the Goat-Ritual-Sacrifice-Guy from 'Reprise'.

This comes from Season 5 Episode 1- 'Conviction'. (Oh and, does my geekiness look big in this?!? ;-) )

Um...can I get a cup of coffee or something?
You have reached ritual sacrifice. For goats, press one, or say "goats."

I can't make it to another continent for the ME march tomorrow. But I AM planning on wearing a scarf and glasses in solidarity!
"You have reached ritual sacrifice - for goats, press 1 or say 'Goats'". Don't remember which episode though, I too am fanistically challenged.

ETA: But luckily missb isn't ;).

It's only about 480 miles from me, I'm seriously considering making the drive.

Hah. We really do live in different worlds don't we.

(but then Brits don't think a hundred years is old ;)

Question about that though, they don't fall into this whole writer's strike thing do they?

Not being a motion picture or television, no.

What about flicker-books ? I tell you, a clever lawyer could make something of that. Close the loophole now before the bottom falls right out of the market ! For the sake of all that is flickery !

And the J-man belts another one out of the park, "Goodbye Mr Spaulding". Seriously, that's some moving and shaking. It's as if these actor type people like and respect him or something. What do they know that we ... also know ?

I'd be there in body except for the distance and i'd be there in spirit except it's sort of attached to my body. And besides, if it was in Boston, my job wouldn't have anything to crush all day on Friday. Strike hard though all you attendees, strike like the wind.

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That Numfar guy really needs to stop milking his 15 seconds of fame. ;-)

See you in Boston, boss! :-D
Sounds like a good protestin' of a time. I can't wait.
Sounds awesome, guess I'll have to content myself with sending pencils. I'll be wearing scarf and glasses in solidarity though.

Please photos, videos, anecdotes........
Maybe those of us who can't be there can do a virtual picket line by emailing targeted AMPTP moguls. It doesn't matter so much what we say as it does backing up their email boxes with numbers in the thousands (or more).
Why must Numfar never dance?!
Cheering for all y'all. Wish I could be there.
Also getting busy buying pencils, which I certainly hope will benefit needy students somewhere in this country or another, after they've finished convincing H'wood bigwigs of fans' enthusiasm for writers.
Oh man, sometimes living in Sweden really sucks. I would love to go to ME day! My wallet does not agree however...

Have fun, those of you who manage to get there!
I keep having this dream that Amber Benson has a role on Dollhouse, playing Echo's thespian lover... hey, it could happen!

I'll also be there in spirit, since the flesh is in rocking Iowa, where fun is all sorts of happening right now.
Now there will definitely be tears, because I can't be there. I may start sniffling on Thursday, so by Friday I'll have worked my way to uncontrolable sobbing.
Must get a grip and be happy for all those who can make it. And remember that it's not about me and my broken heart, it's about The Mission.
Wow, my inner therapist just channeled my pop culture geek! Or visa versa.
Dana5140, I think I will declare you an honorary lesbian, owing to the cumulative tenor of many of your posts over the years. (Yes, I know Dana5140 is male.) ;)

In other news, I can hardly believe that I am going to be at ME Day. Pinch me. Harder.
We here in Pittsburgh just want to let you know that we are "with yunz in spirit an'at, evenno we kent come dahn na LA".
Look for me. I'll be the one wearing red!
Fantastic appearances, great job Joss!

For all those concerned, I will be taking high res photographs AND constantly running one of these new-fangled motion picture video cameras. Going for HD, but may not be able to swing the memory. And I'll do my best to get something up by the end of the weekend, gonna be a busy weekend though.
bobw10 - That is great. It'll go some way to make up for the fact that I won't be there.
Should you ever picket in Nathan's home city I shall be there! Baked goods in hands!
This just in (well, probably it's been in for a while): Brian K. Vaughan is spreading the word about ME Picket Day in his latest Myspace bulletin, and threatens very strongly to be there himself maybe probably!
Awesome, bobw1o! I can't wait to see what you get.
m'cookies, look for me. I'll be the one going "Who has my Serenity ticket?" with the desperate look on his face.
No worries, zz9. Check your email.
I'll be the one going "Who has my Serenity ticket?" with the desperate look on his face.

And for those whom might not know what this means, see this thread about Serenity coincidentally playing the night of the day of the Mutant Enemy picket.
Since I can't make it (being in the frozen tundra of WI and all), I'll be with you in spirit. And dancing. Yes, I am supporting you with dancing.

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Big thanks to M'cookies for helping me out. Stupid theatre booking system that won't accept my credit card without a zip code.
For those of you that can't be there, hop on over to the "The Vicarious Strike aka for those who cannot make it to ME Day" thread and read about sending us your photo - with (or without) a picket tee & sign. (Um, clothed, of course, but you can still join in if you haven't bought a tee-shirt. That's what I mean. Yeah.)

Have one of us carry you!
Big big big (squuueeeeze eyelids tight shut) telepathic vibes of goodness being sent over to you guys for this whole shebang.
Also looking forward to what you get, bobw1o, since I can't be there in person (though a group of us will be sending a pic with a representative).

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m'cookie- thank you and mantle accepted! Finally, I am an honorary lesbian. You have made formal what my wife has known for years. :-)

And I cannot help it, but I love Tara and it's all her fault.

BTW, many years ago, when I was a mere student at Michigan State University, I was a member of an acting troup known as the Radical Thespians. Truth.

For those going- represent! Truth out!
bobw10, thanks! I will not say more for I have been cursed with the power of the Jinx. It's tickling my toes as we speak.

*whispers* Hope you can link it here... *looks around cautiously* You guys better make the news! ;)
Could we East Coast people carpool or something? If we get a big enough van, we might be able to work it down to $90 in gas money for each of us...maybe. *sigh*
What? No Cheese Man?

Since dancing is off-limits, is Numfar allowed to skip?

The Skip of Protest?
Oh Joss. I was going to come out to LA with signs ablazin' - painted bright colors that said "Colorado supports the WGA strike."
I was all prepared to march with you in my super comfy shoes.
Instead I shall be submitting my root to the dentist to be canaled.
hmm - that just doesn't sound good does it. No matter what way I look at it. And it's going to feel even worse. I'll have recovered enough by Friday to at least wish you all well in your strikage.
FWIW, here is the WGA analysis of the AMPTP proposal, and the WGA's own counter-offer.
I would like to have the picket become a sing-a-long w/revolutionary over tones:
Will you join in our crusade?
Who will be strong and stand with me?
Somewhere beyond the barricade
Is there a world you long to see?
Do you hear the people sing?
Say, do you hear the distant drums?
It is the future that they bring
When tomorrow comes!

Fox, and all the studios/networks should be shaking in their boots!
Any word on whether "She's not even half the girl she... oww!" guy will be there?

Greatest of luck, all! A very impressive line-up! Would love to be there - although... While intellectually I do realize that they're just real, normal people - very famous and ludicrously talented real, normal people - I'm afraid that around - well, even Joss alone, let alone all these others whose work I've so enjoyed and admired, so much - I'd be reduced to blithering idiocy; or possibly just slack-jawed catatonia. Or, maybe I'd just pass out. Ah well.
"There's a new sun, risin' up angry in the sky," Nah, keep that thing buried.
My feelings can perhaps be best conveyed in a song:

Oh, the purple prose of Whedon
Brings solidarity.
Moguls, pay artists a decent share
For making great TV.

You can talk of unforeseeables,
Cry cyber-poverty
But the purple prose of Whedon
Means commercial quality.

ETA alternative close:

But the purple prose of Whedon
Has been mighty profit-y.

I'm torn. Each ending has its beauty.

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Embers, I love your idea of a sing along... Some selections from "Once More With Feeling" come to mind. Makes the hair on the back of my neck all tingly! It could look like a scene from "Newsies". Pointy, your song is very funny, nice.
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It is strongly rumored that Friday will be that rare thing, a rainy day in Southern California. Folks may wish to bring rain gear in case.

I'm just happy to have it confirmed after all these years that Joss Whedon is after all the automated voice of the sacrifice dept. To quote "Galaxy Quest" -- "I knew it!"
Thnx, silver81!
I just watched Newsies for the first time. And now I know why all of my friends have been in love with Christian Bale for fifteen years. I think I need to wear a poorboy cap on Friday.

It looks like it might be fairly heavy rain. For people from out of the area who will be driving, please plan a lot of extra time. People in LA seriously don't know how to drive in the rain.
It looks like it might be fairly heavy rain.

Who to believe? Who to believe? Heh.
Hey, embers, I love that song from Les Mis - and a very good marching song it would be for the picketers.

I hope the rains which have been lashing the west coast from British Columbia through Washington and Oregon (aka the Pineapple Express) don't hit California on Friday!

A special thanks to QuoterGal who has enabled me to be there in picture form.
Heavy rain could mean relatively heavy. Or it could mean that we'll be swimming instead of marching. But that's all part of the fun, right?
More fuel to the fire:

Luminous "Guild" star/writer Felicia Day, the unsettlingly sane Juliet Landau, and one if not both of the nefarious Feldman twins have joined our marchy band. Still tracking down contacts -- more when I know more. But this event is shaping up to be eventificated! Tee hee!

As for singing, I'm going to lead the group in a powerful rendition of "Glitter and be Gay" from Candide. Then we'll move to the hard stuff. Be prepared! xo -j.
I've really been enjoying Felicia Day's "Guild" episodes - and of course loved her as Vi on BtVS. One more reason to want to be there, as if there weren't enough already!

"Eventificated" - have to love the words Joss produces!

It sounds as if songs from A Chorus Line wouldn't be out of place - or maybe a conga line. ;-)
For one brief, glittering moment I thought "Corey Feldman has a twin ?". But no, alas and alack, woe = me etc. that Feldman rides alone.

More actorly grist to the (non-operational) mill of strike, cheers for the news Joss, even if it's clearly deliberately fashioned to make me and all other ex-expatriate Britons jealous. It's the tea thing isn't it ? I mean, still ? Can't we move past it ?

Boston's shaping up very nicely. I don't actually know what shape Boston is but whatever shape it is, it's up. And nice.

And cheers bobw10, photos etc. will be most welcome. I think Simon owes you a proposal.
Thanks for the update Joss.
Joss- do Sondheim!
Aren't there laws against that sort of thing ?
Could we East Coast people carpool or something? If we get a big enough van, we might be able to work it down to $90 in gas money for each of us...maybe. *sigh*

Could you burn Carson Daley in effigy? :_) sorry *slaps self to get a grip* but the news coverage of his "I'm doing it for my staff" is just barf inducing.

OK, I'm following the quotey instructions exactly, finishing the quote with the correct tag, but my entire post keeps ending up in the Quote box. Help???

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Best I can tell you have two 'div' tags Shey (where ' is < or > as appropriate - i've avoided using them so it doesn't get interpreted as an actual tag in this post) so that you're effectively opening the quote twice but only closing it once.

If you take the 'div' that follows 'div class="quote"' out, that should fix it.
Thanks Saje, that was the problem.
Dru and Vi at the same place! And I'm missing this? *glares at Unfair Life* Cruel! Well, not so much for those who can be there I guess *pout*

And there will be singing! *pause* Can Numfar sing operetta?
Mirage, have hope! A few of our members always seem to manage and....well, just keep your eyes open. Amazing the videos that pop up on the internet these days:)
for those that can't attend, fans4writers will be doing live updates throughout ME day via our twitter feed. that is if my cell phone doesn't die.
for those that can't attend, fans4writers will be doing live updates throughout ME day via our twitter feed.

And after the fact, those with Flickr accounts can add their photos to the ME Day pool (in addition, of course, to adding them to the F4W pool).

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