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May 27 2003

Buffy and Angel actresses in FHM's 'World's 100 Sexiest Women' list. Sarah, Eliza, Charisma, Emma and Alyson all got voted for in the UK magazine's poll.

If there ever was a male equivalent, I'm sure the lads from Buffy and Angel would get tons of votes too.

Sexiest guys on Buffy/Angel (in my book):

1. ASH (duh)
2. Andy Hallet
3. Tom Lenk (well, perhaps not sexy... let's say cute)
My vote for the guys:

1. James Marsters
2. Alexis Denisof
3. Tony Head
4. J. August Richards
5. David Boreanaz
6. Nick Brendon
7. Andy Hallet

Unfortunately, they are ALL so smokin' hot that it's hard to quantify. So I just ordered this on who I would rather have hot, sweaty sex with first. *sigh*
FHM readers are insane! SMG is a little too skinny, people. Not Calista Flockhart skinny, but still. Eliza's way, way sexier.
I'm with Chickenbird. But Emma Caulfield first.
Eliza. No question.
Robia LaMorte without a doubt. Mmmmmmmmmm.
What about Darla!!!
OK I'll do my sexiest women too:

1. Emma Caulfield
2. Eliza Dushku
3. Robia LaMorte
4. Charisma Carpenter
Gotta have Lilah -- Stephanie Romanov -- in there, if you ask me.
Think she looks charming sometimes, brother_grady, and then just off putting the next episode.
Maybe if she's dressed up as Fred again... ;)
Anya in her Charlie Angel outfit...Anya in her (heartbreaking) wedding dress...Anya as Aud...oh, my goodnes...

Anya, Anya, Anya!!!
As great as it is to see 'Buffy' actresses on a sexiest list, both FHM and Maxim's lists are just dumb, mainly because the rankings they give many of the actresses/models/singers didn't make any sense (i.e. why is Christina Aguilera ranked so high?). Howard Stern even talked recently about their lists and how much garbage they were.
Good point, Oddjob, these lists are inherently silly...but ponder the irony...Howard Stern is calling something like this garbage...what are his criteria, I have to wonder!

That said, I think that the Buffyverse has been blessed by an abundance of lovely, talented, dynamic and captivating actresses (I can still say "actresses", can't I?)...
I'm thinking that Howard Stern's criteria would include not weighing over 100 pounds. He likes 'em skinny. Like, Fiona Apple skinny.

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