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December 04 2007

Whedon, Minear Creative Screenwriting Expo DVDs on sale for $12.95. Remember those cool seminars on the writing process that Joss (with introduction by Nathan Fillion) and Tim did for Creative Screenwriting? Well, those DVDs are now on sale at half-price for the holiday season, and shipping is also discounted.

"The Creative Screenwriting/Screenwriting Expo educational DVDs is the easiest way to bring the Expo home to you and get a film-school level education at a small fraction of the cost," they describe of themselves in their e-newsletter.

More, unrelated fun: A seminar DVD featuring Jeff Dowd (aka "The Dude," the inspiration for "The Dude" character in The Big Lebowski) is also on sale.

The Joss DVD rocks. Gently, but all night long. OK, maybe a little less than an hour. But funny and thought-filled.
I still need these.
I agree with Pointy. The Joss DVD is fantastic. But it rocks hard, not remotely gently. :)
I really want these.

It seems like the shipping is actually a little bit more, though. It says,

"Lower shipping and handling rates, too! Order now before UPS raises its rates to maximize savings! Before this sale, these DVDs were $19.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling, a total of $24.95 each. But we've also drastically reduced shipping and handling charges: shipping 2-3 DVDs now costs the same as one."

but when I did some experimenting, shipping for 2 DVD's came up as $10.38.

I'm perplexed...and about to have no internet access because my computer will be in the shop. I wonder how long the sale will be going.
I don't think I knew about the Tim Minear DVD. I just may have to pick that up.

I can highly recommend the Joss Whedon one to any fan of Joss and his work, however - and, to any fans of Nathan's who want to see him be hilarious for four or five minutes :) It's basically an interview in front of an audience, in which Joss discusses his education, his projects, his craft... Every time that I watch it, I find it to be both greatly inspiring creatively and very entertaining and interesting.
How have I never heard of these?
Does anyone know if the 5-disk Wordplay set is worth it? It has Joss in it, but it also has a lot of people that aren't Joss.
I have the Joss one as well, and I highly recommend it! He talks about everything. It's not just focussed on Buffy or Firefly. His entire career is the subject. The introduction by Nathan is pretty darn adorable too.
Anyone have coupon codes?
Does anyone know if their shipping has improved? It took them months! I say months! To ship my Joss DVD a year or so ago.
Newcj, the shipping choice defaults to USPS (post office), which is more expensive than UPS. If you select UPS in the shipping pull-down menu, it will recalculate, and it should be a little cheaper than that. That's how it worked for me when I ordered.
I've had the one with Joss since it first came out, (*polishing geek cred*), it's brilliant & Nathan is icing on the cake, he's very funny. I've used this DVD to convince two different people that Joss is indeed a genius (and that I'm not completely insane for being such an obsessed .... um, devoted fan) ;-)
Yeah, the Joss one was/is great. I avoided the Tim one because last time I was charged $19 for international postage and when it (finally) arrived there was a $5 sticker on it. I don't even mind paying the $19, it's more the slightly cheeky "lying" aspect that annoyed me.

It seems to suggest that surface shipping costs about $8 now - much more reasonable. If I can forgive them i'll be ordering it (hey, we still remember the massacre at Glen Coe, 1692 and "Butcher" Cumberland, Culloden, 1746 - a year or two's no time at all to bear a grudge, i'm barely getting warmed up ;).
And Giles still has trouble remembering not to refer to us as "Colonials" ;) That's some shameful showing off of your superior U.K. education Saje, I don't have a clue and I'm not exactly clueless, history-wise.
Oh not at all, it's British history Shey (Scottish even), wouldn't expect a cousin to know it ;).

(my knowledge of American history for instance is woeful, never mind other countries' - the only bits of French history I know are the bits where we kicked their arse or they kicked ours, or, as happened occasionally, we doled out a shared arse kicking)

Though come to think of it, I guess British history pre-1776 is technically American history too so shame on you ;-).
Right. Bought them.
Couldn't resist...

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