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December 04 2007

SMG not going to Wonderland. reporting that Maggie Grace is now being lined up for the title role of Alice.

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Hmm, now I disapointed. Always imagation Sarah playing Alice. Take it this isn't confirmed?
And yes, in case you're wondering, way too much to drink and I should go to bed now, but yet. Interesting all the same, don't you think? Okay, I'll hush.
There is no substitute for the best (actress) (ever).
What about the second best but with some kind of cash rebate ?
They could not pay me to see it, Saje.

But it would be cool if they tried to.

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Simon, are you sure I can't toss something at Saje? A small building perhaps? Come On! (Saje, just pulling your leg here:)
Aw, man, that's too bad.

I'm actually just now reading the Alice stories for the first time. They're quite wacky.
I pretty much never expected her to be doing it after denying it for so long.
Huh. I remember back when the rumor going around was that Eliza was going to be doing these. Hopefully, though she'll be busy in her Dollhouse while this is filming.
Can't say I'm disappointed, it seemed like an odd casting choice to me from the first time I heard the rumour. Besides which, video game adaptations are almost never any good.
DaddyCatALSO what are you on about her "denying it for so long"

She's never denied she was doing it and has even referenced it in a number of interviews including publicity for Southland Tales on November 1st where she mentioned funding was holding it up.
Admittedly the movie was neevr a point of itnerest for me so I didn't look hard for articles on it but around the time this was "first-first" announced there were some specific statements from her agency saying she wasn't involved. I was quite surprised when she mentionmed she *was* in the running for it.
I'm still not surprised she's out now.
Sad for Sarah if she was taken off the project unwillingly. BUT, if she chose to step away then more power to her.

I'm liking the "never say never" comment although I know to not really take it that seriously. But I still like it :)
Kristen Bell is never far. I can't believe I just said that. Someone wrack me in the head with a spoon, I'm still dreaming....
I haven't really had any experience of the source material, so I may not be the best judge of whether the film will be any good. But it certainly sounds like an interesting premise, basically an even more dark version of Alice in Wonderland, and I think Sarah would definitely have been capable of putting in an interesting performance.

The only other consideration would be what age the character is actually meant to be. Again I'm not really sure but it is possible that Sarah is a little too old to be playing Alice, even though she does look stunning and much younger than her actual age. But perhaps someone like Maggie Grace or Kristen Bell would be closer to the age Alice is supposed to be in the film. And Bell would probably be my preference of the two.

It would be interesting to know whether Sarah dropped out, or whether they wanted another actress because it doesn't really say. Perhaps Sarah has other projects to work on and doesn't want to wait on getting a firm answer on when Alice is actually going ahead, or maybe budgetary constraints meant they wanted a less well known actress?

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