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December 04 2007

Free calendar features Buffy cast caricature. Check out September!

I noticed this on a Broadway board I frequent because of the caricature of Cheyenne Jackson from Xanadu... and was psyched when I looked at the back and saw the Buffy pic.

Should I know who the pink-haired vampire guy dribbling blod over the Hollywood sign in October is?

And why aren't the September group staking him?
There are also originals for sale here.

I think the pink-haired guy is supposed to be a vampire version of Perez Hilton? Just guessing.
That is just really cool.
that calendar would be awesome if it weren't for october.
Nice. I particularly dig the Mary Tyler Moore one.
I think the October pic might be a reference to the late-70s NBC "Dracula" series.
That is awesome and I want one.

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