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December 05 2007

Dark Horse releases additional information for the release of the Serenity lunchboxes. Release month for "Better Days" is also mentioned.

Ooh, so Better Days will take place before Firefly began, presumably our earliest glimpse at the crew apart from the flashbacks in "Out of Gas." Shiny.
I had some trouble, initially, getting that CBR page to load. In case anyone else encounters the same, here is the press release direct from the Dark Horse site.
I love press releases that tell us what we already knew.
Particularly about things that have already happened. So the hardcover is coming out 4 weeks ago ? Excellent news, i'll pencil it into last month's schedule, that's something to look backward to.
I love press releases that tell us what we already knew.

The bit about "...a step back in time to the early years of the Firefly crew, and the fledgling gang's..." was the first I'd seen any mention of early years. Only thing I'd seen said was "before Serenity".
I love all the fun stuff coming out to buy - I'll get one of each... But what I'd really like to buy is a ticket to opening night of Serenity 2!!!!!
refuge5, I'll be in line ahead of you. :)
I'll be in line ahead of everyone. Seriously. I'll, like, cut and stuff.

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