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December 05 2007

Buffy Season 8 - 'The Long Way Home' hardcover edition. Looking for a Buffy season 8 collectors item? Well Dark Horse issued a hardcover Long Way Home "thank you edition" to retailers and a few copies have made their way onto eBay.

I love my local comic shop - they saved their copy for me :D And an After the Fall poster. has them for sale, but for $50. Guaranteed you'll get it - no bidding, known store - but eBay is still prolly cheaper for now.
Sorry, but I think barest and zeitgeist could use some support right now. If only a hug, that would make one moment run into the next.
Is that standard 'Hatter randomness or has something happened ?
I found the hardcover at my local shop today, but I thought it was too difficult to open the pages far enough without damaging the spine.
My local shop also gave me their copy for being such a good Buffy customer. What a great surprise - completely unexpected. It's shiny.

Also very, very shiny? Issue 9. Just got it, devoured it, loved it. Can't wait to discuss it when a suitable thread goes up.

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A suitable thread did go up and then was deleted. Not that I'm bitter or anything :-P
Speaking of shiny ... I have one (hardcover), and signed by Joss. :-)

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