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December 05 2007

Happy birthday to Amy Acker! I'm not the type to post about birthdays of people I don't know, but I accidentally found out, so I might as well. Happy birthday.

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Still young enough for it not to be a burden - cheers Amy!
Yay, my favorite JossVerse character!! Fred/Illyria! Happy Birthday Amy.
It's also Kali Rocha's birthday (Cecily, Halfrek)
I always loved Hallie. Was sad to see uh, what happened to her. Happy Birthday Kali!
Happy Birthday, Amy, we so miss you!
Birthday Girl would make a very versatile "doll," don't you think, all sweet and demure one life, the next all-powerful.

Hmm . . . I wonder if certain dollhouse customers develop "relationships" with certain dolls, hiring them for a variety of fantasies, perhaps growing attached, or fixated, or falling in love in some way--warped, unwarped, or a little of both . . .

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Double Happy-Dappy-Doos.
Best wishes, Beauty.
See you Friday at the ME Picket March (which will be quite rainy), Amy! Happy birthday today! :)
Happy birthday to both Amy and Kali. :-D
Happy birthday to Amy & Kali!

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