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May 27 2003

Slick looking Buffy group blog.

I love that picture of the Scoobs. Tiiiiiny font, though.

I've do like that pic, would love to know when and where it came from. WB publicity photo or from a magazine shoot?
Ooh, not a Mac friendly site - text all over the place! And I think that photo is from an early WB publicity shoot, but I've got no proof of that.
Ok, and here are two more obscure Scooby photos, just because I can.
I think the photos are from a throwaway, one-word-titled teen magazine from a five or so years ago (note the presence of Cordy/Charisma in the pictures). I believe the third one (the red one) is from Entertainment Weekly, although judging from the funky-fonted text, it was likely shared to some other throwaway, one-word-titled teen magazine...
That red one could be from a White Stripes video. :-)
what browser are you using wren? safari (v74) shows the site just fine.
I'm running Linux Opera 6 and it's overwriting text all over the place...
I'm running IE 5.0 for Mac, and I've got text running over the image and everywhere else. CSS bugs, perhaps?
The photo mentioned by wren is an alternate take (but with the same photographer) of the photo seen in Entertainment Weeky's Fall TV Preview for September 12th, 1997 on page 44. The photo in the magazine doesn't have any text on it, so I'd wager with tmhsiao that this alternate take is from a different magazine.

BTW I'm using Mozilla v1.2 on Mac OS 9 and the text is really tiny (but it's nothing that using the menu's "Text Zoom" option can't fix. :)
Wren's pic was shown in SFX a long time ago (I think), and I agree with low it's very White Stripes.

(Internet Explorer 6.0 - does the job brilliantly)
Ack. I'm on IE 5.1 for Mac (OS 8.6) and there's text all over the place for me too. Bummer.

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