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December 05 2007

Interview with Jane Espenson by Shanna Swendson at Trashionista. A chat about Serenity Found and Jane Austen.

Great! Must show this to every person I've ever met who told me, with disdain, 'Science Fiction. I hate it. It's not REAL.' Mostly people who work in broadcasting.
A good interview and with book recs! Jane does the same thing as me -- one (unabridged) audio for the car, and one paper book! Although I'm also usually toting around a volume of manga, as well.

I had never previously considered that sci-fi and Jane Austen seem like complete opposites to people, for I also love them both.
In honor of the Janes (Espenson and Austen) I inaugurated my new "letterbox" monitor last night with "Shindig." Turns out Firefly was not just remarkably well-written and performed, but flat(screen)-out gorgeous. In fact, I'm no longer going to select movies and shows based on dramatic and acting excellence, but on aspect ratio.

ETA: (Now that I've actually read the interview) Yippee! Jane wants to write a book about how to write for television!

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