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December 05 2007

Joss Whedon To Speak On United Hollywood Live. Joss will be discussing the Mutant Enemy picket day today at 3pm EST/12pm PST.

That page has too many clickables. Inexplicable clickables. But if Whedonwit appears on the web, it shall be found!
I'm actually totally confused about where to "see" Joss at noon (PST) - on the livechat? or the "radio" show - 'cause I'm getting - as far as I can tell - a canned broadcast on the "radio" show. ETA: (Which I hear over and over, with no real assurance that it will go "live" in 15 minutes...)

Too many clickables, as Pointy pointed out...

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He'll be live, I'm almost certain, not on the online chat. At the minute it's a rebroadcast, but it kicks off live later.
Bless you, gossi, too many clickables makes me feel my age...

ETA: I've embedded the UH radio widget on F4W links page:

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Sorry for the confusion with the inexplicable clickables (heh). I'm used to the little widget embedded on every page of United Hollywood playing the broadcasts when I visit. You should be able to listen to it on the page I linked to once it gets started.
Live right now.... which will make this post senseless in a few minutes... LOL.
Is it live now though ? Huh ? What about ... now ? ;-)

Quick ! Explic the clicks !
Joss was the best, as always - I'm glad it will be available as a podcast later...

Thanks, Lady Brick et al.

ETA: I finally got where I was supposed to be, but ya know, it's all so very clicky...

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Oh arse, I thought he might be on after the 'Jericho' guys. Missed it.

*sends positive, in-the-best-possible-way-"speed up", vibes to podcast creator*
Some good stuff. I'm curious as to why Joss was never paid any residuals for Toy Story, though if residuals are supposed to be a percentage of net profit, that answers that. And I'm still shaking my head over "We're not in the business of relationships."
Yup, great interview.
Sure, rub it in why don't you ;).
Is it live now though ? Huh ? What about ... now ? ;-)

When will then be now?

(Sorry. I can never pass up that reference. =)
Missed it, too.
But I do want to thank Pointy for "inexplicable clickables."
Aye, it's a phrase and a half that one ;).

And the podcast is up already, that's bloody fast work. Thank-you Creator of podcasts !

ETA: and thanks for that link jam2. I'm not (brace yourself ;) actually that big a fan of "Spaceballs" but that bit is hilarious. Or it will be anyway. Soon.

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I deny all responsibility, jcs.

If you go to United Hollywood Live, there's something that looks like a little radio in the upper right hand corner. If you select "Wed 12/5 - 8:39" in the little thing where the radio frequencies would be and then click on the control that looks like a play button pointing the wrong way (at least from my perspective) and listen to hosts who whet your interest by making you wait to find out who the guests are, you will get to hear Joss. I think. He's not been on yet. But they did mention him.

I'll just sit here typing until I hear him.

Someone has been tasked with calling him. He must have a fairly long number.

"Joss, are you there?"

"Not yet."

"We're stalling. We're stalling, ladies and gentlemen." They're listing people who are in the studio. None of them are Joss

"Hi. It's me, prolific guy!"

They're getting their biggest numbers to date, and credit Joss fans. Some of whom clearly know where to click.

Joss is picketing Fox, himself, most days. Heh heh.

Toy Story, though it has made hundreds of millions, has paid Joss residuals in the no figures. He made more money writing the lyrics to the straight-to-video sequel to The Lion King (completists, assemble!) than from Toy Story. Which he rather wrote.

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We're legion, we're legion !
Quit grousing, Pointy, the podcasts are an excellent idea and very well executed on a shoestring budget and the interview was awesome.
Yeah Pointy listen to that Pointy guy, for he is wise.
I'm sorry. I just object to my tone.
I dunno, give yourself the benefit of the doubt, a lot gets lost when you're communicating in a text only medium.
I was able to download it after the fact (yay!). And now Joss is spelling it out, about the AMPTP trying to crush the union. I sure wish I was going to be there on Friday, but I am definitely supporting the WGA until the bitter end (hopefully the victorious end!).
For the techno-impaired (me), embers, how did you download it? (I did listen to it already.)

Pointy, thanks for the larf. :D

ETA Hey, I figured out where and how to download the podcast! There might be hope for me yet. (Although my 16 year-old nephew told me last night that e-mail was for old people, and he and his friends don't even use it anymore. Gack!)

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I managed to listen to Joss during lunch (nice it worked out that way or else I'd have missed it). Gobsmacked that he's getting percentages of nothing for stuff that's made multi-millions of dollars. Two things I remember 'cause I wrote 'em down:

"Two things billionaires don't have to worry about: content and karma." (They just think they don't, Joss. Keep pissing off (and on) the creatives, they're liable to learn the error of their ways....)

On the essence of corporate ethics: "Make money, break unions." Legally speaking, the 'corporation' is a body, (from the L. corpus = body), but morally, it's a corruption of the term. Corporations have collective power supported by the government, which the people ostensibly own and control. Yet working people, unionized (or not, if they're prevented from unifying) just have themselves, standing up for themselves. The way it works out, it isn't quite fair.
Hey guys, can somebody share the download link? That would be really helpful. Thanks.
ElectricSpaceGirl, I have to confess that I randomly clicked on links and then suddenly I got a window that let me download (I am far more techno-impaired than m'cookies, but fairly lucky. This link seems to lead to the podcast, I hope it helps.

Second try at getting the right link in, okay NOW that one works...just look for 'previous broadcasts' and click on 'listen to podcast' and that is when I was allowed to download. I hope it works for you!

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Well I'm apparently more techno-impared than anyone else because I missed the live & can't find the podcast. I'll figure it our eventually .... probably. Got some music, is all.
BTW where's my Whedon phone call!!!!!
What happened to that post?
I've been staying up everynight cellphone by my bed.
Clutching a tear stained hanky, praying and hoping that I will be the lucky one.

Oh Joss...joss...
Here is the direct link to the mp3 podcast. On my Mac I just option-clicked it and chose to open it with iTunes.

Today's show isn't listed on iTunes yet. The most recent podcast appears to be Monday's.

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