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December 05 2007

"What will now be known as Chiwetel Ejiofor's Othello". Great reviews for Chiwetel Ejiofor in his current role as Othello at London's Donmar Warehouse.

"Ejiofor also puts himself into the front rank of modern Othellos. Agate said the three essential qualities for any Othello were nobility, temperament and the capacity to be pole-axed; and Ejiofor has them all."

Pretty good huh? It would be an amazing show - the Donmar Warehouse only seats about 250. The word on the street is that tickets are currently changing hands for around 1500 pounds!!!

Thank you for the post/review. I will be in London in January and now I know one of the plays to see... sounds great!
I would so love to see this! Ejiofor and McGregor...on the same stage? That takes me right down to Tommy Boy genius: Awesome!

When I saw Othelo it was in Ashland, Oregon and I watched Anthony Heald bring Iago to life. I thought it was extremely well done. I'd like to see McGregor's version.

And I don't have to wonder about Ejiofor's version of Othelo - somehow I just know that pulverizes rocks in ham fists of excellence.
Crashing now, I wish everyone a goodnight

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Wow. I would love to see this. I have goosebumps just from imagining Chiwetel as Othello.
It's on until February so I'm going to wait a bit and then see if I can get a single ticket. You can often get these even when shows are advertised as sold out.
Tickets reported to be changing hands at GBP 2000 per seat this evening and the entire run's sold out. I did read tonight that they keep back 3 pairs (I think) per show that are on sale on a first come first served basis at the box office at 10.30 am every day. Reviews have been "mixed", broadly very favorable of Chiwetel Ejiofor's performance, somewhat less so of the younger Obi-Wan's.
Wish they were in the production I saw at The Globe back in May. That thing was brutal to watch...
Sigh, I am wishing I weren't in Missouri right now. My favorite Shakespeare play, and I've never even seen it performed. Let alone by a cool actor like Signor Ejiofor.
Strikes me that Chiwetel would bring an enigmatic malevolence to the part, and in hindsight it seems that a perfect role for him.

Ewan may not have the depth to carry off Iago; I think in a way he's a bit like a younger Sean Connery: has definite star quality but not necessarily great acting ability. (In any case, he seems to get his willy out in most of the productions he's been in, so that makes up for any other deficiencies.)

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