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December 06 2007

Countdown... to Adventure! (or picketing). As Mutant enemy day approaches, Joss considers what to wear (red), what to bring (powdered milk) and what this 'hygiene' everyone's recommending is all about.

A couple of things before the big day. First of all Marti Noxon has tried to HIJACK this entire site for some 'cause'. She forwarded this letter she wanted me to print:

"We think it would be unbelievably amazing if Joss were able to tell whomever might be reading his blog for info on the Friday picket that, as a part of the whole thing, the WGA is doing a Holiday Harvest Food drive for local food banks (that have reached an all-time low in donations, recently) and we're asking everyone who can to bring jars of peanut butter, cans of tuna, and tons of powdered milk. In this way, besides just making a statement in solidarity and support of the WGA strike, we can also be re-stocking the shelves of the local food banks and feeding the poor and hungry of our community."

Like I'd print something so depressing! This event is about one thing: my famousnessness. First everyone's all about 'the strike', now it's 'helping people'... let's not lose sight of the point, people! You can't spell M.E. without, well, me.

Powdered milk, Cans of tuna, peanut butter. Other non-perishables will also be gratefully accepted, but those are the key groups. If you get the chance. 'Cause, me aside (for as long as I can stand it), supporting the strike and supporting the community are all part of the same thing. No one in this country should be hungry. I won't get on the soapbox ('cause it's too big to fit on the one I'm already on) but totin' a can really would mean a lot.

MAN DOWN! Yes, Alexis Denisof had to leave town and will not be able to attend. On the bright side, HE HAS A GLASS EYE! No, he totally doesn't, I'm just bummed and lashing out. We'll miss him, but I'm still gathering troops, so stay tuned. (Stay logged?)

RAIN! Man, I'm just harshing your mellow tonght, aren't I? Scattered showers predicted. It was prettty boily today, but who knows. Be prepared! Wear a snowsuit AND a bikini! I'm not frightened. I am unwavering. Nothing will stop us from picketing, unless there's a single fluffy cloud, in which case I'm just gonna panic and go scab.

I look forward to seeing you all, except the people I won't be seeing, like ol' glass eye and the people who live in New Zealand. (Go New Zealand! Road Warrior! Shrimp on the Barbie! G'day, and... and... wait... oh God! WETA! I meant to say WETA! Jeez, I'm losing fans by the boatload here. I gotta stop the bleeding and end this post.)

Bye for now, -j.

Powdered Milk
Peanut Butter

That Marti is one pushy broad - the nerve! This site is not so not called NOXONesque. We know that this strike is entirely about you, Jossir.

Fans4writers is officially bringing these kinds of foods to donate as part of their official food drop that day - so if you'all get less pizza for lunch (oh, you won't really,) it's all the fault of this Drive.

Rain, huh. It doesn't rain here 364/365 days and it has to rain on ME Day? It's very Douglas Adams-y.

Looking forward to this picket, rain or shine, Ol' Glass Eye or not.

*sobs inwardly, already experiencing the sad lack of Alexis*

(Over at Fans4writers, we're busy having a discussion in which we try to understand the essence of powdered milk...)
Well, I'm geographically challenged and have been wondering what, aside from pencils, I can contribute to this effort that I support full-heartedly. (I did not say "foolhardily"!) Message received loud and clear. Tuna, powdered milk and peanut butter for the writers! Maybe also snowsuits and bikinis. Snowkinis?
Hope the Haka goes well!
Non-perishables. Check. Will do.
Double posted. FOUL on the dude behind the computer screen in the midwest.

Hey, man, it was Weizen's fault. Damnable Germany goodness dressed up in Portlandia's gown. Widmer love.

There, double posted foul erased.

And I hit the submit before my conscious consigns me to a new foul of not saying much of anything at!

PS: if someone with power, true power, could erase this post that'd be great. It really was an accidental double post and I feel goofy having my name on here three times in such a short span. Thank you.

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And for peep's sake, keep the powdered milk away from the rain! Unless there's also a call out for (previously known as) powdered milk stuff.

Rain? Piffle! We'll be there!
Scattered showers predicted.

For whatever it's worth, the National Weather Service says it might mainly be prior to 10 AM.
Joss great job. There is nothing like fighting the good fight. Hopefully, it will be a great turn out. Writers make the world go around.....well not really....unless they are writing about it....and your reading it... or watching what they wrote.

Your still dang important though.....unless TV went away...and film.....but there would still be radio. That's it, bring back Radio serial shows! Never mind, then I couldn't see hot chicks who kick butt on any of your shows.

Hopefully, the studios come to their senses soon.
pencils2mediamoguls Link 463,272 pencils sold as of 12/05 9:18 am

1. Still need a link to donate plasticy money to Union Solidarity Fund.

2. Now need a link to donate plasticy money to the Holiday Harvest Food drive.

3. Need catchy slogan to write on Tuna Can, Powdered Milk Box, and Peanut Butter Jar for food bank in my area. All I got is "Mutant Enemy Day Supports the WGA and local food banks". Too long?

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Hey, Joss, a thought...what if a fan who buys pencils or does something else you deem worthy were given the opportunity to be one of Wade's groupies? They could send you a picture and you could put them in a frame, being inert and getting Wade-slammed? How awesome would that be?

I do feel a tiny bit sheepish for having the Gaul (hmm) to suggest such a thing without first consulting you. 'Cause I don't like to do that throwing under the bus thing. But, you know, not really gonna get that private email in to you for consideration. Not trying to step on toes. The idea just flashed in the brainpan and I went with it. I owe you a beer for my transgression. I in NO way am asking you to "dance" - not in any form. It's not a request. Its not a suggestion. It's a brainstorm. Have I genuflected sufficiently because it's getting achy down here...
Too bad I have a final on Friday, after no finals all week I suddenly have to do this thing called school. Urgh and on the one day I actually care to be outside of it too! :(

Those producers better realize what's coming because no self-respecting whedonesquer is going to be away from this! (well 'cept for us lowly peasants that can't be there, poo... but we'll be there in spirit... and in food form.)
I do hope everyone who has an imagination DOESN'T bring just those things. When I donate non-perishables to a food bank (as I live in a different state, I won't be in this event...) I prefer to shop like normal, but buy extras. That way, the food bank doesn't get store brand beets or something equally inedible, but the foods and brands that I actually like.

Powdered milk, peanut butter, and tuna are marvelously healthy foods, but economically disadvantaged people need variety in their sustenance, too.
Except, jclemens, I believe that point is that SOVA specifically is looking for those foods. At least, that's my impression reading this from UH.
Anonymous1, I haven't been able to find a link to the Union Solidarity Fund, either, and I've been looking every day. Interestingly, the WGA itself has recommended giving to The Motion Picture & Television Fund to help any industry employees affected by the strike.

You can read their letter here.

(Yeah, jclemens, what I always do for food drives like these is bring something from their "most needed" list, and something from the "interesting food few will think of bringing" to mix it up...)
alexis-less, so sad.

mmmm....powdered milk. i think those things are preferred because they are good protein sources and don't require a ton of prep.

not to kick a dead horse (who does that anyway?), but for those folks not attending ME day, you can follow along on the fans4writers twitter feed, as we will be doing live updates throughout the day.
jclemens is right, non-perishable foods can include canned ham, canned fruit, and all kinds of canned vegetables. It is possible to make up a balanced meal, including dessert. Of course I get that when making up lunches for hungry children: tuna and/or peanut butter will go a LONG way (and I know from my poverty days in college that Sanalac was really good powdered milk!).
I'm SO excited about pushy Marti and her ideas. :)

And we'll be there. Snow, rain or sleet (which I am told is a combination of both).
Certainly, B!x, and there's probably a lot of good reasons for it:
* Food banks often get cash donations, so staff will augment what they get donated with specific items to balance out the offerings.
* SOVA may already have a large current or future-arranged supply of a number of other things that people may be inclined to buy. Many food banks get excess stock from commercial sources.
* Certain foods are better matches for their nutritional goals, cultural preferences of their target populations, ease of storage, or favorable for other reasons.
* Handling donations of a lot of a few sorts of items is logistically simpler. It's also easier to make sure every client site gets a fair and representative sample.

Still, at the end of the charity logistics chain, real people have to figure out how to make real meals out of what they're given. And, if the response to this is as overwhelming as I think it just might be, and if everyone ONLY brought the three sorts of items listed, food banks in So Cal would be pretty boring for a while to come. They only want 5k of each--Quick eyeballing on and that adds up to about $50,000 of product. Considering that $38,606 worth of pencils have already been purchased (as of when I checked while posting this), that may not be too high of a hurdle--let's face it, giving kids food has a bit more seasonal cheer appeal than giving pencils to media execs, whom you expect will then donate the pencils to needy kids.

So, THAT got long winded in a hurry--does my suggestion to augment the staples make a bit more sense now?
Where are we sending the glass eyes?
Any news on what writers will coming?
Can it be pure coincidence that Noxon spells "NO ! Xon !" if you add exclamation points and spaces and capitalise the wrong letters ? I think so not. She's an alien, obviously. And it's just like them to care about starving humans, they're fattening us up people ! Wake up, smell the bouillabaise !

OK, if you can't afford to take both, roll a fair die and if it comes up 6 don't take powdered milk/tuna etc. to avoid the risk of everyone not taking the "essentials".

(and i'm happy for pizza fund money to go to this, good idea)

And rain ? Rain ?!? Bloody Californians, dunno they're born ... ;-)
If Alexis isn't going to be there then neither am I!

All my support for the ME Day attendees. Wish I could be there, other commitments, an ocean, a continent prevent.... A poor excuse, I know, especially as I now see that I could bring my valuable, Warkwickshire based rain defying experience to the mix.
First everyone's all about 'the strike'

They were? *scratches head* I did not know that. I was just going with the flow. That's the kind of sheep I am. I also thought M.E. was a cool new look in spelling "me".

Wear a snowsuit AND a bikini

Will the bikini be over the snowsuit? 'Cause that will really make a statement... of some kind.
Take SPAM. And Twinkies.
That stuff lasts forever!

I certainly hope Joss isn't thinking it's New Zealand that has the whole 'G'Day/Shrimp on the Barbie' thing going on. Lordy, that flu must have addled his brain.

Cos then us Aussies, who are pissed ENOUGH that we can't go to ME Day, will have something else to make us feel poorly done by!
Tuna, powdered milk and peanut butter breath? Mmmm. Blargh.

Joss, thanks for mentioning New Zealander's and WETA. My husband's ego is big enough as it is. Now he'll be all, "See, even the guy who made your precious Buffy mentions us!" And junk. Er, whatnot. Anyway!

Again, have fun.

-Signature not allowed.
Yeah, I think he's kidding missb (hence the "losing fans by the boatload" comment). It'd be like talking about the English with their "beret wearing" and "eating of frogs legs" ;).

(compounded by the idea that i'd imagine Kiwis are forever being mistaken for Aussies in the rest of the world and so may be slightly touchy about it)
This was a disturbing post in many ways. The thought of consuming tuna, peanut butter and powdered milk as a meal rivals kippers and custard for yuckiness.

The idea of Joss in a snowsuit and bikini rivals kippers and custard for yuckiness.

The idea that Americans should never be hungry might be the root of the obesity problem. I agree no one should starve because they can't afford to eat.

There's no I in team but you can find M.E. (and EAT and MEAT and MATE) in there somewhere.

Have a great time all you lucky, yucky people.
Well, all of us, stuck here in boring Israel, will think fondly (and horribly jealousy) about all of you, having a great time, protesting and meeting everyone and getting to see Joss in a snowsuit AND a bikini!

The only thing making this a little OK by me is that we're having a two day We Love Joss convention as we speak, and what with all the lectures and screenings and fun..... no, I'd still rather be there with you guys at the ME day :)

So have fun for all of us (around the world, I guess), and keep up the good work!
Is there still time to send in pictures for the people who can't go?
If there is, can someone help me out by indicating the link with the instructions, cause I kinda forgot to bookmarked them when someone posted them here.
Numfar, HERE is the link to the F4W page with instructions. Not sure what the deadline is, but quicker is better.
How much do I love Marti Noxon right now? Oh, right--and Joss--love him, too. And since 'tis the season, I'm pretty much loving all the writers, everyone supporting them, and everyone they hope to benefit eventually. From way over here in the other corner of the country, where it's exam week (boo). And so, since there's no way I'm going to be in LA on Friday (alas): I'll be donating items to my LOCAL food-bank this week, and to community "Christmas-dinners" drive.
As someone else said: spread the love.

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Is there any way that those of us that can't make it can donate for the food drive?
There is something highly appealing about having everyone engage in a haka. Here is my fave- New Zealand Allblack haka:

I can see it now. Joss would lead the haka, and incorporate the Dance of Numfar; he'd be surrounded by all of whedonesque, along with Marti Noxon, Amy Acker and everyone who comes, and you'd all be screaming at the top of your lungs....

It would end the strike now, I tells ya.
Mycroft, surf on over to and scroll down to "Food for Thought" and the buttons for 'Donate'. As I understand it, money donated to the pizza fund is also going towards the food drive this week.
When I saw the word Rain I assumed it meant Rainn Wilson was going to be there :) Though he's technically not ME personnel, Joss did direct those Office eps. Anyway, here's hoping for clear sunny skies for powdered milk day ME Joss day.
Thoughts re donating to food banks - I'll be donating $ to the Daily Bread here in Toronto.

One of the things I do is convert various points (Air Lines, Credit card, various loyalty programs) in to gift certificates which I then donate to my local food bank. They are (very) happy to receive them - they buy in bulk and get discounts. I'll never get enough Air Canada points for a flight, but $100 in grocery store gift certificates is a fine way to make good use of the points before they expire.
My Swedishness prevents me from taking part in the...well, in anything, really, but...have fun, people...sniff...
Still Dec. 14, yes?
Geesh, the first (and last time) I was in LA for the Back Up Bash it rained really hard when we were at La Cantina. And now it's going to be raining again. That is so unfair.

On the food stuffs side.....maybe if they get enough peanut butter they can "invent" peanut butter and banana quesadillas.
the English with their "beret wearing" and "eating of frogs legs"

And those Scots with their English accents and blarney stone.

I hope they have dry place for all the powdered milk.
Why do I always fall for clicking on Joss's links?
We'll miss him, but I'm still gathering troops, so stay tuned. (Stay logged?)
Stay jacked in? :)
Donations to help the Below The Line crew folk get through the strike:

WGA Support Fund
Motion Picture & Television Fund
23388 Mulholland Drive
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Checks should b made payable to the Motion Picture and Television Fund

Donations can be made via web at, or by phone at 818.876.1900
Thank you, Allyson, sending everything I can to support our actors.

Joss, tuna? I'm not even going to ask.

z, how are you?
Joining us (for at least part of the picket): Tommy Lenk and Morena Baccarin! Score!
Well I made it to LA and have a day to go shopping before the jet lag kicks in. Everyone here thinks its 8.30 am but I know it's really half four in the afternoon and I've just got up. If I fall asleep on the picket line just ignore me. Or paint a funny tache on my face and take pictures to post on Flickr, whatevers easiest.

So, tuna, powdered milk and peanut butter. Another chance to get the exact money ready at the checkout only to be suprised AGAIN when they add on the tax and I have to fumble for the extra.

And I'm prepared for the worst the weather can do. I've bought a hat.
Whoo hoo! A simulpost with the man!

I wrote more but Joss had better/more interesting news, let's call it a draw.
Huzzah and hooray to the food drive plans, the growing guest list, and me locating my umbrella!
I've bought a hat.

Also, maybe wear, like, an extra thick T-shirt ?

Joining us (for at least part of the picket): Tommy Lenk and Morena Baccarin! Score!

Bloody buggeration. Getting jealouser and jealouser. Still, strike hard and then strike harder and if you have any energy left, strike with a vengeance.

(and thanks for that link Allyson, though it didn't work for me, something about requiring voice authentication - possibly because I am of the foreign persuasion ;)
Holy crap, I looked up weta, and it's pretty much the most horrifying insect I've ever seen. I think I'm going to have nightmares.
Tom and Morena YAY! ME Day is sure to go down in history, I am so excited, 1 more day :) Mutant Enemy Picket signs check red clothes and umbrella check lot's of powdered milk check ready to change some studios's perceptions of how much the everyday people are behind all these great writers CHECK!
Joss, we're just getting started.

zz9, lets call the ax buried and all forgotten. My friend, do your thing! Whoa, I don't have a hardhat!!
Madhatter, we had an axe thing? What did I miss? No one tells me anything!
Alright, I have exactly 1.5 seats left in my car if anyone needs a ride to Fox. Well, to my office, which is then within walking distance to Fox. Email in profile. See you all tomorrow!
I don't have a hardhat!!

Hard, mad, whatever.
UPN, 2002, dancing on the bar? Oh, nevermind.

bix, incoming!
B!x, although the local weather casts in Los Angeles this morning are saying the rain will be lighter after 10AM, we're still going to be drenched, Pacific Northwest-style. The words "flash flood" were used often, although not for the vicinity of Fox Studios. So, folks, plan accordingly! And, as someone else mentioned, traffic will suck, too, because people in Los Angeles completely freak out when it rains.

Carpooling! Anyone want to carpool from the San Fernando Valley?

I just got it in and didn't want to mention it until I was sure I got it.

So for those who cannot make it to ME Day, here's your chance to make some noise for Joss and the Whedonverse.

So here's the deal. On Friday December 7th from 12:01am - 11:59pm PT. If you buy a box of pencils in the name of ME Day from the pencils2mediamogels site. You will be entered to win the bag, hopefully autgraphed by all the writers and actors in attendence at the strike. I will let you know sometime after the picketing who all signed it.

1 box = 1 entry - so the more boxes the more entries.

Send a copy of your paypal reciept to be entered to

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Unrelated, but I just noticed on United Hollywood that there's an "all generations" Star Trek picket on Monday at Paramount. Hmph. Copycats. ;)
Hey folks, enjoy yourself on ME day, this person in Montreal sadly won't be able to join. For all the folk who aren't going to ME day tomorrow but want to contribute, why not find your local food banks and give to them? I am sure they will appreciate what you can spare. Don't forget to call and find out what they can use the most. Different food banks will have different needs(ie not tuna/powdered milk and peanut butter, two of those things I can not even consume!).

I was even inspired by this food bank business, to suggest a food drive at our Christmas party next week. I suggest you should all do the same if you can.

Also not to mislead the folks donating to the food for thought fund at fans4writers, we already have the money set aside(in fact the food has been bought) for the food bank drive on Friday. So the money donated now will remain in the general pool. Which is why I suggest giving to your local food banks. Also, as mentioned in the comments of the united hollywood post, you can donate to that organization in LA directly here :

[ edited by kurya on 2007-12-06 22:07 ]
Joss mentioning New Zealand just about made me fall off my chair! Despite how much i love living in NZ, i am currently wishing i didn't live on an island 10000+ kilometres from M.E. day...

Just a thought but given that here in NZ we have all our glorificus (err i mean glorious... i'm in the middle of rewatching season 5) landscapes, just imagine a certain insect shaped spaceship landing/crashing in front of a snowy covered mountain or into a lake, or maybe illyria goes exploring the world or... come on its the perfect place to make a movie. You know you want to.

And then i could have a sudden change of career and get some menial job on set to be near... i should stop talking now

[ edited by restless_in_NZ on 2007-12-06 22:12 ]
Wouldn't you rather have this whole picket thing in North Dakota? There's pleanty of good things to be said about it. Like the snow and uh...the snow. Also the blistering cold and did I mention there's snow?
I've heard there's other actors Whedon has worked with at one time or another who've heard about this and are planning to turn up in support. Should be fun.

Guys, you need to take more than a hat & heavy t-shirt. I just logged on to the local (L.A.) ABC news weather report, & they're saying there is a "powerful pacific storm moving in, overnight". It's predicted to dump a whole lot of rain on the L.A. area on Friday .... nothing about it lightening up after 10AM, on this site .... then blow over on Saturday. So not fair :_(

I've been watching this because guess where that "powerful pacific storm" has been wrecking havoc for the last four days? Right here in Hawaii, where every island has experienced flooding, just short of hurricane-force winds, downed trees and power lines, some heavy thunderstorms, up to 35 ft. waves on Oahu's North Shore and 5o-60 ft waves at one beach on Maui, as well as blizzard conditions on the summits of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa (our two biggest mountains), here on the Big Island .... it's been really intense.
I've been really lucky, not even a power outage in my area so far (knock on wood) although the winds have been literally shaking my house for two days and my yard is full of broken tree branches, floating on the pooled water.

Of course it will have dissipated to just rain by the time it crosses the 2,000+ miles of Pacific ocean between here and there, but still .... I somehow feel personally responsible, as the storm was generated here in the islands. Where we call it a Kona storm,(out of the southwest) for anyone who wants to impress fellow picketers ;-)

Here's hoping some unexpected open-ocean weather change will cause it to dissipate faster than they're predicting. But take rain gear & warm clothes peeps, it's looking like you'll need it. Good luck to all.

edited for misspelling

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I've heard there's other actors Whedon has worked with at one time or another who've heard about this and are planning to turn up in support. Should be fun.

Care to name names gossi??? please please please :)
Thanks for the heads up Shey. I have a nice leather jacket as well. At least I can leave it in the car if (hopefully) not needed.

Look on the bright side. Foul weather may put some people of but those that do turn up will make a far greater impression on the studios for ignoring terrible conditions, and that's the whole point. Anyone can wander around in the pleasant sunshine for a few hours, it realy means something to put up with wind and rain.
Perhaps the convergence of so many brilliant, "highly charged", ME talent has created an energy magnet for the forces of nature? See what happens when so many Whedonverse story pivotal moments cue off an Apocalypse... life imitates art.

We in So. Cal need the life giving rain very much, quite like the creative folk need their fair share of life giving revenue from their hard work. I'm seeing more symbolism here.

I'm also seeing a need for wet weather gear. At least dehydration won't be so much of an issue...
hrm, thanks for the heads up, shey. we are still frantically in need of some help with a tent/canopy. according to the msn weather site, there is a flash flood warning for tonight in certain areas, but they are saying that it should clear up for the most part by tomorrow afternoon, so it's anyone's guess at this point. *crosses fingers*
This is becoming the trip from Hell. With the Eugene to SF flight two hours delayed, they sent me back from Eugene to Portland to be put on a direct to LA instead. Except that's also delayed two hours now. So I won't be leaving Portland (where I am again, after spending all of ten minutes in Eugene before being put on the exact same plane I had just gotten off of) until 8:30, to get into LA who knows when, possibly past when I can actually catch a bus to the hotel.
Damn, b!x, didn't something like this happen to you last time you were traveling south, too? You're not the one bringing the extra bad weather, are you? ;)

I can never really tell much ahead of time about the weather, here. It's been gloomy all day, but still nary a drop of rain in Hollywood. We'll see. I'm planning to wear boots and keep extra shoes and socks in my car. And bringing trash bags and tape to cover whatever needs to be covered emergency-style. If we end up wet and shivering, we must march harder, and remember that we are mighty. And take lots of vitamin C.
Ed commented on Nathan's myspace
I realize that you are Canadian, and that this favor I'm about to ask is a burden, but sometime tomorrow, when you're making a stand for the writers, could you mention to someone who has a big mouth (or a megaphone) (or both) that it's not only Mutant Enemy Day but it's Pearl Harbor Day as well, and that someone should remember that.
I know, I'm not supposed to ask anything, but sad truth is, far as I know, you're the only one who's supposed to be there that I can make contact with.

We'll be liveblogging - or trying to - at .
And it's raining. Coincidence? Kidding. Welcome, out of town people!
Welcome, B!x!

Tell you the truth, all, as of 2:30am (can't sleep), the rain is steady, but just mostly drizzly, not a deluge. *fingers crossed it stays no heavier than this* However, be warned: driving will be very bad, there is some street and canyon-road flooding.
Cheers and good luck with the weather, all you lucky peeps. It's 1:30 AM here in Hawaii and still raining buckets, satellite photos show this monster storm stretching from just west of the Islands, across the entire Pacific and now moving onto the West Coast of the mainland (as we call the continental forty nine :)

Drive carefully .... I learned to drive in L.A. and it's an experience that stays with you forever (and earns you lots of speeding tickets in rural Hawaii).
Stay dry and cold/flu free. You are Mighty. And I am mighty jealous, especially since I'll be gone all day & wont be able to catch up on the reporty goodness until evening.

edited for misspelling because I should be asleep.

[ edited by Shey on 2007-12-07 12:42 ]
It's 7:00AM and it's not raining anymore. Looks like only a few drabbles of drizzles on the radar. This might not be bad at all.
7.15 AM. No rain and I can even see bits of blue sky!
Lynn, Jenski and I are almost ready and will be heading out in a few minutes. We hope to be there by 9 AM at the latest. We'll be taking lots of pics and video, hopefully from setup on through to the end of the picnic, depending on how long the batteries last.
I'll be posting a thread soon so people can follow what's going on.
Looking out of the Fox Plaza, there are some nasty clouds, but the sun is peeking through. No rain.

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