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December 06 2007

Mark 'Groo' Lutz's film "Victor" gets an air date on the CBC in January 2008. All Canadians mark your calender for the premiere on Sunday, January 13, 2008 of the movie written by and starring Mark Lutz. The film is about the Canadian Olympic and World Champion swimmer Victor Davis.

VICTOR is the inspiring, true-life, story of a great Canadian hero - a working class kid who through sheer guts and determination overcomes both physical and psychological challenges to reach the pinnacle of his sport, becoming an Olympic gold medal champion and World Record holder.

On a side note; I have to say that the cgi effects of this film is outstanding, I mean how else do explain Mark's abs.


Thanks. I've been waiting for this.

X-Files fans might also be interested in noting that Chris Owens (Agent Spender) is in the cast as well.
On a side note; I have to say that the cgi effects of this film is outstanding, I mean how else do explain Mark's abs.

I'm not sure that Mark's abs needed much enhancing. He was a world-class swimmer (swam on Canada's national team) before he injured himself and got into acting instead. He spent 4 hours a day in the pool before filming started and he does all the in-water stuff in the film.

I'd be watching this even if Mark wasn't in it, as Victor and I are from the same hometown. I still remember the shock of when he was murdered.
Actually I'm going by what Mark himself had said here.

He's a modest guy ; -) I'm not saying that there is no "good lighting" and make-up - just that his bod doesn't need that much help.

And of course he drinks beer - he's Canadian eh!
oh wow, i had no idea The Groosalugg was a hometown boy - we're both from Montréal, cool ! i'll be watching this movie for certain, and i'm so glad it was mentioned here because i hadn't heard of it until now. all things considered, i think Mark is the perfect actor to portray Victor Davis.
Mark showed ten minutes of this at Creation's Salute to Supernatural/Buffy/Angel/Smallville in Chicago last month. It looked amazing. I hope it gets released somehow in the States. I really want to see it.
I'm Canadian and I don't like beer. Or hockey.

But I do like Mark in a bathing suit, so I'll be watching.
Glad that an air date has been set. I hope the movie will have a lot of success and cross border soon.

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