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December 06 2007

Win a Serenity poster signed by Joss Whedon. A Whedonesque poster is trying to raise funds and awareness for leiomyosarcoma (which is a rare form of cancer). And she's donating her signed Serenity poster to help do this.

Thanks for posting this!! After I started the contest, I found two ties to Browncoats. Some of you may know podcaster Joe Murphy. He died of leiomyosarcoma. So did the mother of Browncoat Adam Whiting, the AARGanizer for the Ariel Ambulance (posted Nov. 29). I know Adam's father.
Suzie, what an amazing thing to do. I love that you're using your poster to do even more good in the world. I'm sending you a donation, and I hope tons of other Whedonesquers do the same.
I passed this along to the good folks over at the 'Slice of Scifi' website and podcast. They added it to their site...

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Thanks! You can even pass it along to reavers. I want a lot of entries!
In case anyone is reading a new comment to an old listing ... no one who actually wants this poster has entered! I've only gotten entries from people who want to contribute to LMS research, but they don't know or care about Serenity. I wish someone would enter who actually wants the poster!

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