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December 06 2007

Help needed for Mutant Enemy Day post picket picnic. To be specific, the fan organisers are looking for "some kind of canopy/tent-thing" due to the likelihood of rain. If you can help in anyway, please let them know. Also food and other supplies are required as well.

Simon, I can send a thousand to help with the cost. Wish I could do more. Bless you!
A picnic in December? California is a place of crazy.
WOW, the hearts of Browncoats never ceases to amaze me.
Merry Christmas Madhatter
...Luke Danes...paging Luke Danes...

Madhatter, you are my new hero! :D

Simon, can I help? I sent a message to a few Whedonesquey Myspace pages about this, ahem.

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I just got it in and didn't want to mention it until I was sure I got it.

So for those who cannot make it to ME Day, here's your chance to make some noise for Joss and the Whedonverse.

So here's the deal. On Friday December 7th from 12:01am - 11:59pm. If you buy a box of pencils in the name of ME Day from the pencils2mediamogels site. You will be entered to win the bag, hopefully autgraphed by all the writers and actors in attendence at the strike. I will let you know sometime after the picketing who all signed it.

1 box = 1 entry - so the more boxes the more entries.

Send a copy of your paypal reciept to be entered to

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Merry Christmas, Teacherdarling. Shouldn't there be an "s" in there somewhere?
Ravenu that is awesome, but you mean December 7th not 7 am right?
That's cool, sorry to be a parochial pants but is that one of those sparkly US time zones or GMT or something else ?

(not that I mind donating boxes without a chance to win luggage ;)
kurya - Yep 7th as in day not time (changed).

Saje - we will go by PST.
Damn, I was just talking to the white rabbit.
OK, cheers RavenU. Calendar thingy* tells me that's GMT -8, cool.

* sorry if the jargon confuses non-IT people, sometimes you just need to use the exact word, y'know ?
We have one hour to get organized and make it to the airport in time for our flight! We're super weenies and zipping into LA late tonight - spending the glorious day with you - then zipping back out Saturday AM. We're staying in the Courtyard by Marriott because it's right in front of Fox. Oh PLEASE look for us (timid mom and son) and we will look for you!!!!! Whatever we can do to help on Friday, we're at your service!
So how was the day's festivities? Do tell! :-)
Ed commented on Nathan's myspace
I realize that you are Canadian, and that this favor I'm about to ask is a burden, but sometime tomorrow, when you're making a stand for the writers, could you mention to someone who has a big mouth (or a megaphone) (or both) that it's not only Mutant Enemy Day but it's Pearl Harbor Day as well, and that someone should remember that.
I know, I'm not supposed to ask anything, but sad truth is, far as I know, you're the only one who's supposed to be there that I can make contact with.

don't know if anyone's reading this thread, but I'm out here in LA, and a big ol' AMPTP-vamp killer of a sun just rose, and the rain faded away about a half hour ago. it looks, probably, like it will be partly cloudy and maybe even dry by the time things start up. (no promises, friend in Hawaii said this storm went through for two days.)

the National Weather Service is less optimistic--"Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. Breezy. Highs around 60. South to southwest winds 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 50 percent."

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