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December 06 2007

Buffyverse actresses feature in AOL's "TV's 50 Sexiest Women - Ever" list. Sarah Michelle Gellar came in at no. 50 and Charisma Carpenter no. 22.

Hey! Where's Amy? Number 51, I guess...

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Well, there are some good choices, but I don't have much respect for a list that puts Pamela Anderson as #1.
Yeah, where's Amy Acker for Fred/Illyria, and Alyson Hannigan for Willow/Vamp Willow/Dark Willow, and Summar Glau, and Gina Torres, and the host of other intelligent + strong = sexy Whedon characters? Of course, I can't believe that Tina Louise beat out Dawn Wells, that Jennifer Aniston was #21 when Courteney Cox Arquette didn't make the list, or that Pam Anderson was #1--the list obviously was compiled by people with no taste.

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I was enjoying the list, especially with all of the Galactica loving but then they ruined it with their number one. But I'm a gay-homo so I guess my perspective isn't the one they're looking for. Although Julie Newmar at her peak makes me almost (and emphasis on the almost) question that. I would have wondered about Lucy Lawless' place on the list except for her turn on Galactica. Made me look at the woman in a whole new light. She looks so much better in a power suit with blonde hair. As for the people who didn't make the list I could go on about that one. Though at the top of the list is Moreena. I can only justify it as she wasn't on TV for very long, but her and Monica Bellucci(sp?) are probably the two "sexiest" women working today. And I have many straight men's word for that one.
First of all, Ginger is NOT hotter than Marianne.

And where is Agent 99? And Heather Thomas?
Then there's the whole "Julie Newmar v. Eartha Kitt" debate....
Julie Newmar is Catwoman.

There. Debate ended. :)
What Michelle Pfeiffer doesn't even get a look in ? Makes me wonder why I even bothered to check the spelling of her name on Google.

I don't agree with the number 1 (it's just a thing I have, i'm against the number 327 too) though I think Pamela Anderson should probably be on there somewhere but all in all, that's not a terrible list. Nice spread through time, lots of different physical types and quite a few that were actually strong, memorable characters too rather than just boobs and bums.

And two Whedonverse actresses in the top 50 Sexiest Women Ever ? I don't think that's at all bad.
Eartha Kitt is the sexiest Catwoman ever to lend voice to a most excellently funny Disney feature. A bit off topic, but I have to say...while I have more aesthetic love for Julie Newmar, she has never made me laugh so hard as Eartha did in her portrayal of Yzma.
Agent 99...Julie Newmar as Catwoman...oh, yeah.

As for Whedonverse, Charisma has to be there, but I think, with all due respect to Sarah Michelle, Emma, Amy, Morenna, and Gina are even sexier. Emma, especially.

Just one man's opinion.
Sigh, my own opinions re the Buffyverse Babes are just so off from the herd I won't even mention them.
And 50 is too long a list to flip thru for me, double-sigh,

But "Yay, Charisma!"

And I'm so glad my very first celebrity crush made it, Julie Newmar. Back before I was too young even to understand why people *got* crushes. That did not compute for me . . then. (and I've seen soem recent pictures; a woman that age isn't supposed to look that good still.)
What Michelle Pfeiffer doesn't even get a look in ? Makes me wonder why I even bothered to check the spelling of her name on Google.

She was never on TV. Well, looking at, she was in some TV movies early in her career, and she voiced a guest character on The Simpsons once, but she was never a regular on a notable TV show, which I assume is the pool they're drawing from.

I'd have SMG ranked higher, ahead of Charisma Carpenter. And add Morena Baccarin on it. And Pam Anderson has never done much for me, so she wouldn't be my #1. But it's an OK list, and beauty is subjective after all.
Heck, Michelle was on a serie sor two...but they croaked quickly.

Likewise I personally rate Mercedes above either Charisma or SMG but they're both stars and she,w ell isn't. Yet *grin.
Beauty may be subjective and there are some good and obvious picks on the list, but putting Pamela Anderson and her grotesquely augmented breasts at number one is a really sad message to send. Especially since she'd be really lovely without all the silicone.
Heck, I miss Alyson Hannigan (of red hair days, to be sure), who I find far more appealing than either SMG or CC, neither of whom is too shabby.
That's a nice picture of Sarah. I was glad to see Grace Park made it in, as well as Tricia Helfer - Lucy Lawless I don't get so much of a sexy vibe from. And I think that Jeri Ryan is gorgeous and a terrific actress, and that 7 of 9 is one of the best characters ever to hit television, but I gotta ask, is that picture of her supposed to be sexy? Guys, help me out on this, because from my girlcrush perspective she just looks weird in that one.

I do think that Morena and Gina were slighted. And given the preview shots of a certain young Terminator, once the Sarah Connor Chronicles comes out, they'll have to revise the list.

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She was never on TV.

Ah, this is an extremely good point. D'oh ;).

Oh and the Parkseses ? Nice scene (the lighting could've been better though, seemed to be a lot of shadow below the shoulders ;).

... is that picture of her supposed to be sexy?

Presumably it's supposed to be but it's certainly not the nicest photo around IMO, even of her as Seven (it is a standard publicity shot from early in her run though - that one appeared in a lot of the sci-fi mags/TV guides etc. Dunno if it was that exact one BTW but one of the early body suits apparently had an issue with the collar so that when she turned her head a certain way it cut off the blood to her brain and she'd faint. Which thinking about it, is at least an "issue", hell, that might even be a "problem" ;).

(and yeah, on my 50 Sexiest, Aly Hannigan, Morena, probably most/all of the main Whedon women, would certainly appear)
Hm, bad list but I'm glad to see two BtVS stars, I guess.

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