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December 06 2007

Marti Noxon organises comedy concert fundraiser for Dec 14th. Eddie Izzard, Sarah Silverman and Jack Black will headline the 8 p.m. event at UCLA's Royce Hall.

Marti has helped organise a comedy benefit for the Motion Picture and Television Fund, which is available to provide health and social services to all workers in the entertainment industry affected by the strike. The main article is the story in the LA times, this is the link to Jane Espenson's blog, which also mentions it.

Yay Marti. Eddie Izzard!! ... I'm wishing more every day that I could afford a trip to L.A.

Someone ought to send a memo (or thousands) to Carson Daley and my formerly beloved Ellen DeGeneres that there are ways to help out your staff that don't involve crossing picket lines.
Jack Black? Sarah Silvrman? Eddie Fucking Izzard?

Oh man.
Wow, this is quite a line up, it would be a good deal at twice the money! I'm sure it'll be packed (and I sure wish I lived in LA!).
Yeah - sounds amazing. Shame I'm on the other side of the world and only have wetas (which are cool by the way) to keep me company...
Oh, man... wish I could go! Eddie Izzard is made of awesomeness, and the others aren't bad either!
As soon as someone knows how to get tickets, will they please post it. I really want to go to this (and drag my visiting mother along).

I found the info. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at noon through Tickmaster. The name of the show is Write Aid.

My mom (from small town nowhere Oregon) doesn't like Jack Black, but is excited to do something to support the writers. Then I told her it was organized by an exec producer of Private Practice and that made her squeal. My mom is so cute.

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I can't wait to go to this! Literally. I can't go. So I can't WAIT to go. I can just exist. Marti Noxon is lame and HAS A GLASS EYE.

Boston is gonna rule! I'm funny (occasionally) and I cross-dress (occasionally), so who needs Eddie Izzard?


In other news, tomorrow I'll be carrying a GUNN! J Aug on the line! Yays!
Joss, but can you pull off those heels? I don't know how he does it.

And by pull off I mean wear, just to avoid any confusion...
Alright, I'll just stay here for the rest of my life and sulk.
Eddie Izzard?
And tomorrow just kills me.

Bet I'm the only one at the public hearing on proposed revisions to OAR 333-265 EMS hearing wearing a ME day picket t-shirt, so there.
Off topic: I ran the first Eddie Izzard fansite back when the web was young. 1995. Let me tell you, no fans bought more merchandise than his. And the site gave me more publicity than any other site I've run, including Whedonesque. Basically... there weren't a lot of websites back then!

I got to interview the guy. Was promised 30 minutes. He gave me 20 and let the line drop after less than 15. Twunt. Still... very talented. Bit over him though. :P

I do like a man in a dress.

(I am a crap interviewer, let there be no doubt.)
"Twunt" ? That could be the best word ever ;). Shame about the man, it's always jarring when we see their clay feet, but the performer ? Can't take anything away from that guy. Hilarious (in at least two languages ;).

Now I actually am jealous, that's a helluva line-up (and a helluva good cause to boot). So building a hall out of win wasn't enough ? They had to cement the bricks with teh awesome too ? Creative types, sheesh.

And JAR, holding the line, yo ! Wonder if he'll bring his eye-patch ?

(actually, thinking about it, it was only comics Gunn that had one so probably not)
WAH! JAR is going to walk the line? Wait, is he allowed to go out in the sun now? Ahhhghhh. Two great events that I cannot be at. Life -via my sis' words- is sucky.

Well, at least Joss can't go to one of them. ;) I also think he's fooling himself if he thinks he can carry Gunn. Not with those heels.
Joss cross-dressing in Boston?!?
So glad I have the video camera. Bwahahhaaa
Another reason to adore Eddie (sorry he was mean to you, Caroline!).
Just bought tickets - especially when I found out that Lewis Black, Patton Oswalt and TenaciousD (featuring Jack Black & Kyle Gass) are also appearing.

I'd love to see Eddie - though he is appearing/trying out new material nearby at the Coronet Theatre, I have never been to see him. (But he shoulda treated you right, Caroline.) And Lewis Black partially fills the "Angry Liberal Comedian" gap that was created when we lost Bill Hicks.

Laughing for a good cause - couldn't be better. I'm sorry Joss can't go, but he will be off on the "Mutant Enemy Day World Tour." I hope he remembers to wrap up warm and wear a scarf.

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