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December 07 2007

Mann, Dushku and Savage crack Thacker case. Eliza's new film 'The Thacker Case' began shooting in Los Angeles and Iowa this week.

The Thacker case is based on the real-life 1983 wrongful death case of Kevin Thacker. Eliza plays Monica Wright, a young attorney and loyal assistant to Pepper, the attorney who launches his career by landing the controversial case.

Might just be my mind but "Savage Crack Thacker Case" sounded vaguely pornographic...
Might just be my mind but "Savage Crack Thacker Case" sounded vaguely pornographic...

It's not just you...

Should I bump into Eliza in a few hours I might ask her about it. The movie that is, not the porn thing. Though now I think of it "Actress slaps sleazy fan on picket line" would get more publicity for the strike...
"Fan Smacked for Crack Crack - Film at 11 !"

(and yeah, I agree. "Thacker" sounds a bit like "Thatcher" which just screams sex to me. No, wait, I mean "fucked over an entire country" not sex ;)

Surely you don't mean our wonderful ex-leader who did so many good things like Clause 28, battle of the beanfield and associated actions, the miner's strike, oh i could so go on.....

I'm planning on being a cool layback kind of guy when i meet Eliza in a few hours but I can see that plan coming to nothing
To give method to my madness: I think I wondered what a "Crack Thacker" was, and how one could be savage when Thacking that Crack. The decapitalisation(decapitation? ;-) ) of Crack has helped it scan better though.
No, of course not fmwt, I mean ... err, people that roof with straw, obviously. As far as i'm concerned the vilification of the working class, ill-advised privatisation of essential public holdings and death of British manufacturing can be laid squarely at their door. Bastards.

(and how do you shoot in two places at once ? Now i'm imagining a superposition of Elizas existing everywhere simultaneously. Which is nice ;)

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Well, I did get to talk, very briefly, with Eliza. Sadly I rudely interupted her just as she was eating a donut but she was very gracious when I wished her good luck with the film.

Porn was not mentioned. Probably for the better.

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