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December 07 2007

So he moved to L.A. where he continues to brood, snark, and occasionally vamp out. "It was never going to work out between him and his tiny blonde girlfriend..." A little Friday afternoon fun.

Part of one of TWOP's Pixel Challenges 'Awesome spinoffs'.

Yeah, well, Logan's wrong, even as a vampire. I just hope if Veronica Mars ever comes back on any screen, so will he. Angel couldn't get a happy ending with Buffy because he's a vampire. All Logan has to do is grow up.
Otherwise, a nice joke. The one with Mohinder is even funnier.
I want to see Adam Monroe's Excellent Adventures.
Sides. hurt. from. laughing...

Almost makes up a little for not being at ME day. *sniffle*
That was great! I avoid Television Without Pity like the plague because snark just for the sake of who can be the snarkiest, doesn't equal intelligent, even marginally objective TV criticism. But that was really funny.
ditto on the snark Shey
I miss Veronica Mars. :(
So funny. I liked the Mohinder one too. Logan - I miss you!! I can't even express how horrible Moonlight is. It is bad. It makes me sad that someone as talented as Jason is on this show. Here's hoping he is getting fat check at least.
Getting a fat check while compromising his artistic integrity. I'm tired of this train of thought. I remember a long time ago when Hannigan guessed starred on That 70s Show. I made a comment about how the show sucks. Others defended by explaining how actors need to work and other points along those lines.

If you pursue a profession in art then everything you do goes for or against your artistic credibility. You should know who you are working with and for and believe in the work.
I see what you're saying, spikecam21, but that doesn't erase the fact that acting, in addition to being an art form, is also a job. I think sometimes actors find themselves in the position of taking a job they're not one-hundred percent behind in order to keep from going to the poor house. People like Jason Lohring are fortunate in the fact that they've had the chance to be so successful on other shows. The majority of actors don't have that opportunity, and have to take jobs as they come. And even successful actors sometimes take less than stellar jobs to keep the bills paid.

And besides, who knows? Maybe Jason Lohring is happy to be on Moonlight. Just because we don't like it doesn't mean he feels the same.
And that's also true of Aly H of course. You may not like "That 70s Show" Spikecam21, many other people did and so may she.

I'm also not persuaded by the "starve for your art" argument unless you actually do yourself. It's easy to tell other people not to work to pay their bills when you're doing OK yourself.

(and it's Dohring BTW ;)
I don't starve for my art because I have a day job that I believe is worth doing. And who is starving anyway? People in Africa are. Not pseudo-celebrities.

Lots of people shop and work at Wal-Mart. Does that make it a respectable company?

I know how late this is.

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