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December 07 2007

Live coverage from the Mutant Enemy day picket line. Fans4Writers has a handy Twitter feed if you want to follow what's going on. And click here to find out how you can win a bag signed by the writers and the actors at the picket line. ETA: Go here for pics.

And if anyone has links to pics etc, please do post them in the comments section here.

This is great! Thanks, Simon!
Pencils submitted and keeping an eye on the twitter feed. Have fun guys!
Bought pencils -- done
Forwarded receipt to fans4writers -- done
Grumble about being stuck 400 miles away from all the fun -- done
Watching twitter feed -- ongoing
Waiting for the moguls get the message -- ongoing
Got my food donation in to my local food bank. Wrote Mutant Enemy Day supports the WGA and local food banks on the the Peanut butter jars (buy one get one free), powdered milk, and tuna.
Damn, I hope everyone pitching in on the strike line stays dry. Got back from the Browncoat Cruise yesterday in San Diego to gray skies and this morning it was high winds and a lot of rain. Thanks for the info.
Well - I just woke up my LA friend and poked him with a sharp stick (over the phone) and hopefully he is heading down now to see you all. He might just hide from the rain though. I wish I was there!

I dreamt about it this morning - at the strike/ picket we were having a kickass Irish music session in support of the writers - but in my dream my mandolin strap got twisted and I couldn't play fast enough. I don't think I want to know what all that means except that I know I am there with you all in spirit.

GO WGA!!!!! And GO ME picnic goers. Soggy sandwiches are not always a bad thing.

Now I am off to buy food for our local foodbank.
It sounds like spirits are high even though it sounded like the weather might be uncooperative:

"So far, the promised rainfall seems less than torrential. We'll still likely get wet, but maybe we won't drown. Yay!"

And from C.A. Bridges:

"Funny that I avoided hurricanes all summer in FL, then came to Ca. in time for torrential rainstorm. Yay, irony."
10:45 pst. Sunny with blue skies on the Fox lot.
Cool beans. Just added that feed to my 'follow' list. Wish I could be there with you guys. I'll be picketing and ogling Fillion in spirit at least.
Simon, do you have a twitter page so I can be one your followers?

I'm listening to my Buffy soundtrack just for you mutants. Stay strong and keep dry.

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All I see at the Twitter link is old posts, pre-strike. Can someone perform Emergency Clueage to the Clueless? (You can also email me through my Profile page, if that would work better.)
tehabw, the posts will appear on that link as (and if) people update it.
tehabwa, I too am clueless when it comes to Twitter. I've joined, but I can't see anything past the "leaving now" post. Maybe they're too busy picketing and meeting each other to actually post anything?!
Maybe they're too busy picketing and meeting each other to actually post anything?!

I think so, yes. Or what gossi said.
Well in lieu of any live coverage at the moment (this is the trouble with 24/7 news), I've come up with an activity to pass the time.

Complete the following:

If it wasn't for Joss shows, I wouldn't have.........
...a crush on Xander.
...4657 comments on Whedonesque and 252 stories posted.
...the friends I have now - locally and worldwide.
...discovered how to download tv shows from the internet. *cough*
Ah! Thanks, guys.

OK, so here's another thing to try. At exactly 12:15 Pacific time, we each administer one collective kick to the collective backsides of the few, the lucky, the picketters.

I'm working on Simon's task, but I haven't come up with anything beyond sorta participating in this (lovely) community, and spending a lot of money on DVDs. Oh, and wouldn't have gotten hooked on Reaper, Pushing Daisies, or Bones, or become a regular watcher of How I Met Your Mother and Desperate Housewives.

Prepare to admisister psychic kick....
...spent way too much time on Whedonesque and rewatching my Buffy, Angel, and Firefly DVDs a gazillion times.
Oh, yes! The time sink-hole.

BTW, the friend I turned on to the 'verse bought and lent me Angel. During last night's marathon, he finally rejoined his peeps, as employee (having fired them many eps ago), and Cacophony paid a visit to the City of. Mercedes is one BRAVE chick to do that singing!

Not yet 10 viewings of Buffster, nearly that many of Serenifly, on third of Angel. Add the commentaries and featurettes, and that a lot of hours.

I see they felt out kick through a wormhole so we'd better really administer it, or the space-time continuum will be all messed up.

Per the feed, Nathan is there.
They are now posting on with all the ME people-sightings.

JudyKay7 and tehabwa, I can add those things to my list as well, including being on Whedonesque, Goners and twitter alternatively/simultaneously while I really should be doing stuff around the house. I guess it's a good thing I'm not at work today! ;-)
If it weren't for Joss's shows I wouldn't... Nerf Herder
...use the phrase Grrr...arrg when I'm ticked
...think it's cute to end words with 'y' (patterny, fonty, whedony)
...own comics (as an adult)
...become a baseball fan while waiting for Firefly to come on five years ago.

We'll have to administer a second kick, just to get txt's brain right, as we are now overly-informed "Over 300" and "more arriving"!

This be fun!
It says well over 300 people. Including the following. Nathan, Sarah Fain, Mere Smith, Amy Acker, Michael Fairman, and Tim Minear. Also…Nick Brendon, Doug Petrie, Morena, Joss, Marti Noxon, Jane Espenson, Juliet Landau, David Fury, Camden Toy and Harry Groener.
The twitter feed is fab. I hope they take a group picture.
And the very funny and charming Ron Glass!

[click, read, refresh; click, read, refresh; ....]
... have started to write scripts and decided to try a career in television.
I sure hope you guys are taking LOTS of pics :)
Summer arrived...
hope to see many pics from tge people who are there.
Good to know they have 3 of the 4 food groups covered for the strikers: Fat, sugar, and salt. Someone, quick, send them some booze, to round things out.

" ron glass is very funny and gracious. amy ackers smile is even bigger in person. nick brendon is super cool."

- Of course Nick is super cool. ;)

"nathan fillion is here. he is really tall."

- Ha!
tehabwa, maybe Joss will buy everyone a beer after the march.

Also, just read that the twittering may soon stop due to cell phone battery outage. Boo. Someone do something!
... have interesting things to read on the internet on a daily basis.

Can I say that this is almost as fun as crashing fandango during the Serenity secret screenings!
Come on!!! There has to be an extra battery somewhere in the 300 + people!!!! I need my vicarious smoochies, uh, I mean, twitter updates!!!!!!!

...something to occupy my "non-Mommy" hours at home.
So did anyone else follow the link posted on twitter, to the letter to WGA membership?

grrrrrr arrrrrrrgh

TPTB wanted 4 days to work on a proposal. Had none, but tomorrow. Had none, but we have questions.

It'll be here any second ... NOT.

Children, can you say "jacking folks around"?

They may again cut off negotiations, charging the WGA hasn't been prepared to negotiate.

uh, can we cuss on this forum?
Squee! Nathan's on!
...still believe in love, give me a topic to finally rpactice writing frequently about, and also helped me meet the cyber-aliases of some great people.
DavidB, where are you seeing Nathan being "on"?

Probably NOT a good time, but I've been meaning to ask: 'squee'? I see that on here. Is it from the comic books?
Eliza is there !
If it wasn't for Joss shows, I wouldn't have...

...a doll action figure collection.
tehabwa, "squee" is the sound you make when you're speechless with geeker joy...
They interviewed Nathan for a minute or two. Not sure if there was video of him since I just discovered the video about 8 minutes ago.

"Squee! can be an exclamation, or interjection, of excited happiness or surprise. This can be used as either a noun or a verb."

[ edited by DavidB on 2007-12-07 22:14 ]
tehabwa, I've seen it too. No idea. It sounds dirty so I've been afraid to ask.
They who? Where? How do I find it? :D
Joss says- i can feel your presence. its crowded. i cant breathe.

Can someone call there and ask Eliza to administer another kick, please? Or pop him on the ganoggin with a piece of anchovy pizza?

deird, thanks. I got the intent from context, but was wondering about the origin. I've only seen it here, and didn't know it was, uh, generic geekeranto.
David, If you discovered a video then there is a video, right? Link please.
" James gunn is here. also exceptionally tall. and looking very cool in his sunglasses."
Hell, yeah. Let's hope he and Joss and Fillion get into a fistfight and there are pictures. What? Like it couldn't happen.

[ edited by kerfuffle on 2007-12-07 22:21 ]
Note to self: Must find an excuse to use "geekeranto" in a sentence.
There's a tab in either the middle or right. There are two choices: video or pictures. Right now you're probably on just chat or pictures. Click on video. There are several cams to choose from. Not sure if you can rewind them to see Nathan.
"geekeranto": verb or noun?
Wow, 400. That's way more than they estimated. I hope there are enough signs and provisions to go around. Though I guess just the mass of bodies is an impressive enough visual.
I'm not following you DavidB? Tabs where?
DavidB, where?

That is to say, what web site are you on?

I guess I've been missing much of the action, as usual. I've been monitoring this very page, and the twitter link.
[oops! with all the grr arghing of this site, I double-posted. BAD tehabwa. BAD!]

[ edited by tehabwa on 2007-12-07 22:34 ]
Just got back from ME day (had to return to work) - plenty of signs and supplies to go around. BIG crowd. Thought it was funny that we were marching in front of a giant poster for Bones with David Boreanz' face - would been better if he was there, I guess :)
DavidB? Dude, I don't see any of what you are describing on twitter.
Actually, I guess, as a name of a language (hence, nounski) that should be Geekeranto. (And the award for Inane Cannabilization of 'Esperanto' for a Suffix GOES to....)
J.'s there! Hadn't seen his presence mentioned before.

"J & Nathan LOOOOOVE me! J & Nathan LOOOOve me!"
DavidB is watching United Hollywood Live.

I can't see anything and it crashed my browser.
Newest Twitter Feed...'Alan tudyk is here now' Gah! I wish I was in LA

finishing the sentence: ...have a deep love for men in tacky Hawaiian shirts!

Oh, listened (and watched) United Hollywood Live again today and just missed Joss, but got to hear Nathan! Yeah! And someone from Britain named Huward or Hubert??? Is he a Whedonesquer?

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I can hear United Hollywood Live. But no see.
[s]hehehe and I third/fourth/fifth the request for Nathan video linky please?-[/s] nevermind.... no wya to see the video now iu guess since it was streaming live.

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The twitter feed makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. And envious. Warm and fuzzy and green? Sounds kind of moldy.

It didn't rain in So. Cal. as hard as expected. Positive proof that the PTB are on our side. Maybe.

If it weren't for Joss's shows, I wouldn't have...
spent hundreds of hours in front of the TV over the last few years.
started buying comic books.
gotten in the habit of interrupting my work every few hours to see what the folks on Whedonesque are up to.
UH Live isn't live right now. What you are getting is the Podcast from earlier...
I meant the podcast. The widget on their main site works for me.

[ edited by Sunfire on 2007-12-07 23:25 ]
United Hollywood Live? Well, just now found out about that so I guess I missed it all.
This reminds me of the Whedon for Kerry thread which was the best fun we've ever had here. Also I've found some pics and added it to the entry.
My paltry contribution to answers for some of the questions above: (warning .... my computer & basic techno-literacy is limited at best, so I may not be getting all of this right)

Apparently, to get anything other than the text updates being posted on fans4writers, you have to join Twitter. I tried to do this, but they want a Web email address, i.e. Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, etc.
I actually have a Yahoo email but I've never used it, I prefer to keep it simple by sticking with my Outlook Express. So I would have to log on to "My Yahoo" and find the damned thing. So I didn't join.

Then I realized that I needed a mobile phone anyhow, (the warning about my lack of basic techno-literacy was real) and right now I don't have an activated cell. I know, everyone on the planet now has a cell, in theory. But I am exceedingly poor at the moment and haven't kept my prepaid wireless minutes up to date, which is the only cell service I have.
Hope this has been helpful, if there are actually posters who are even less computer literate than me. I am ancient, I didn't grow up with all this stuff ;-)

I'm considering trying the United Hollywood Live link, even thought it crashed Caroline's browser.
Joss quotage from the podcast (starts at about 9:15):

"You're going to find out pretty soon, I have a face that was made for radio."

"We got a huge crowd. And it's really lovely and really lively, a lot of old friends seeing each other, and a lot of fans, and a lot of extraordinary energy. (then, jokingly) I believe the strike will be resolved tonight, because of this."

(when told about the PR firm that AMPTP just hired)
"Yeah, well, $100,000 a month doesn't buy you what these fans are giving us right now, I tell you that. They are extraordinary."

Shey, try the widget on their blog instead. The audio is available there. I'm still listening-- they say they check in with the ME group again.
Now everybody blog it, Digg it, spread it.
Thanks Sunfire. more computer illiteracy issues .... I tried Googling the URL that Caroline posted for United Hollywood Live (it wasn't a link) and apparently you can't get there from Google :+)

Going now to try "the widget on their blog", for audio.
Sounds like a whole lot of fun being had at the picket line AND, best of all, lots of media are helping to spread the word.

Hands up those who want a 'ME Day- World Tour'?

Anyone? Anyone??!
If it wasn't for Joss shows, I wouldn't have....
...realized that television can produce great art.
...known all you fun people.
They reported from the ME rally 3 times (at about 9:15, 31:30, 57:15).

They comment in the audio that their video feed had some glitches during the first live report (it was stuck on a still image), and they comment that they'd lost it entirely when they reported live a second time. So I think those of us who missed this live only missed out on a little video footage.

They mention the bag that's being signed. They talk briefly to:
--a fan from LA, Molly, on why she's there.
--RavenU about how she's flown out from Cincinnati for the event, the ME bag in more detail, the pencil campaign, and the term "the Whedonverse" as what identifies fans (double woot!).

RavenU said: "Without you there's no us, and without us there's no you."

--Jeff Bell (Angel).

And then they talk to Nathan for a bit. People here will appreciate that he is introduced as "star of Serenity, now on Desperate Housewives."

He starts with:
"Here I am, I'm sittin' on the line, and I'm lookin' around, and I'm wondering where you guys [the interviewers] are."

They joke back and forth about how they're pasty writers who are usually indoors getting some exercise on the line and all strike shirts being in size XXL. Nathan gets right to the point when asked why he's there:

"We're all in the same boat here, you guys. Whatever happens to you guys is going to happen to us down the line. The producers aren't just in this to screw writers, the producers are in this to screw us all."

He also says "We're having a great time down here" and says there there are lots of signs and lots of red shirts out there.

They talk to a Whedon fan from London, whose name I can't make out, who flew in for the week to support the strike. So you UK fans have some representation! He points out that great tv shows come from great writers.

And now I am off to buy Buffy #9.

[ edited by Sunfire on 2007-12-08 00:23 ]
Thanks, Sunfire.
*waves hand* (in answer to missb)

Me, me!!

The London fan who flew in for the week would be zz9 I would think.

[ edited by samatwitch on 2007-12-08 00:25 ]
Thanks for the report Sunfire I tried "the widget" on the United Hollywood site .... assuming you meant the little "get widget" thingy. I clicked on that but couldn't find anything in the widget box that related to how to access a podcast, so I am indeed hopeless.

But I did purchase more pencils, for the "win a bag" contest. ;-)
missb yes! .... me too, I want a "ME Day-World Tour". Although I have no idea what it is, I'm certain I want it. ;-)
Can Joss bring Nathan and James Gunn with him to Boston next week? I'll buy them all beers after the rally! Purty Please?

If it weren't for Joss's shows I wouldn't...
...have bought my first comic
...need to buy another bookshelf
...have friends that I do as geektastically cool as I am
If it wasn't for Joss shows, I wouldn't have.........

...started dating my wife.

Well, at least not as easily. But when you're a shy guy with a theater background and you're crushing on a girl who loves Spike, the fact that you can do the accent and sing "Rest in Peace" makes great ammunition for flirting. Thanks, Joss!
Sign me up for the ME-Day World Tour's Melbourne Contingent.

If it wasn't for Joss shows, I wouldn't have..."

...seen Tru Calling, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, How I Met Your Mother, My Name Is Earl, Heroes, Life On Mars, The X-Files, or Supernatural.
...heard Aimee Mann, Michelle Branch, Kim Richey, Bif Naked, Four Star Mary, James Marsters, Dresden Dolls, or Sarah McLaughlin. Runaways, other assorted comic books, or Alyson Beatrice's treatise on Vampire People.

(edit to stop italics from running off the edge of the page)

[ edited by deird on 2007-12-08 00:46 ]
If it wasn't for Joss shows, I wouldn't have....
...realized that television can produce great art.

thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou.

I left that one out. That's exactly right, though. Thank you for giving me my words. (Gee, just like great writers do!)
If it wasn't for Joss shows, I wouldn't have...

Me, myself and I.

[ edited by MySerenity on 2007-12-08 01:02 ]
(Sorry, polar opposite of kishi's post)

If it wasn't for Joss shows, I wouldn't have ........

.... survived the very nasty aftermath of a divorce. Sounds strange but trust me, it's true.
.... become part of a fandom starting with joining MarstersOfOz. Which led me to discovering whedonesque, as well as to connecting with a fellow astrologer in Canada, with whom I enjoy an ongoing two year email correspondence.
.... written and posted a FanFic. Only one, I'm not known for follow-up. But I was determined to have my totally Spuffy ending, and none of the fanfics I found got it exactly the way I wanted it. So I wrote my own ;)
.... acquired the level of computer literacy I posses, inadequate as it may be (in order to better keep up with the fandom)

I could crash this site with how Joss related stuff has changed my life.
Thank you Joss, and thanks Simon for this thread and for this cool little "activity".
Wow, flirting props to you, Kishi. I'm not sure I could resist someone singing "Rest in Peace."

Thanks for the recap, Sunfire.
Hey guys--I just got back from the picket line and boy are my legs tired. (it's funny cause it's true.)

Literally as soon as I signed in I ran into an old friend I haven't seen in at least five years. Must say other than that it was what you would expect from Whedon fans-we do nothing half way. Saw peeps with signs from Canada, Arizona, Chicago, Minnesota. I'm sure everywhere was represented.

I was a little disappointed there wasn't a chant going. At least there wasn't while I was there. I had one already too...
Tell big media they're in for a loss
When they mess with the fans of the man they call Joss.
Oh .... more "If it wasn't for Joss shows", dierd's post reminded me of the music.

.... discovered Aimee Mann, Biff Naked and Heather Nova
.... discovered (through Slayage) that a TV show could inspire scholarly essays on "the deeper meaning of it all" and so purchased the little masterpiece "Why Buffy Matters". As well as some other stuff to read, including "Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby", which I've yet to get around to.
If it wasn't for Joss shows, I wouldn't have......... been in a closet with Joss and Nathan with hundreds of my closest friends and acquaintances stareing at me. Confused a major national Presidential campaign. Had way too much fun.

[ edited by ala on 2007-12-08 01:19 ]
I was a little disappointed there wasn't a chant going.

No Ballad of Serenity? It strikes me that it could be a great picket song.
"No Ballad of Serenity?"

There was a singing contingent - fronted by one of the Bedlam Bards, I believe - and they did use the tune for the Ballad of Serenity for some song...
KABC Eyewitness News (Channel 7) was there at the rally, and I helped their reporter, Carlos Granda, in identifying Joss Whedon. In a rather funny moment, Granda, a Yankees fan, feigned exasperation when he found out that Joss is a Red Sox fan.

And while the 4:00 PM newscast primarily focused on the rally in Burbank with Tenacious D, the segment included footage from the Fox, with Joss and Adam from Fans 4 Writers being interviewed for sound bites. Fans 4 Writers was also mentioned specifically by name, as well as the fact that people flew in from as far away from Australia for it. Definitely worth recording if you can do it!

Krispy Kreme donuts at the tent area were provided by Sarah Michelle (identified via a handwritten note from her).

There was also a traffic accident at the intersection of the rally involving a Mercedes SUV and a sedan, as well as (the most unfortunate) tossing of at least two water balloons from a Ryder truck at the crowd as well as the nearby tent.

Photos to come, including some great ones of Joss on the bullhorn and Eliza, as well as several others.

[ edited by Oddjob on 2007-12-08 01:55 ]
Back from the picnic that was graced by Joss who stood around and chatted with the fans. Soon I will have photos up and a photo of the bag. with the signatures.
If it wasn't for Joss shows, I wouldn't have ........

... considered unplugging my phone to watch TV as the work of a sane mind.
... realised buying pencils can change the world.
... as many DVDs.
... become super crime fighter "Houmous Man!" (my lawyers will be in touch).

UK in the hizzouse ! Represent ! OK, felt weird even typing that. Think I may have sprained my hip and/or singed my cool/jumped my groove/stilled my vibe.

Sounds like a great day, backs should be patted, hands shook, knees touched. Bang up job.

*sends a huge mental "good job" to all the ME peeps that showed up. Then types this in case they don't have mental mail in America*
Oh yes! I am longing for the photos!
I knew it would be a great day, I was just enjoying the pod cast from United Hollywood (I was in class most of the day).
That was awesome.

Re: songs/chants, there were. There was the ME Day Theme song to the tune of Ballad of Serenity, and a song written by me, cabridges, and Cedric to the tune of Hero of Canton.

And there was, for a time, chants of "Grr! Argh!" -- most amusingly when we got the line going one way to Grr and the line going the other way to answer with the Argh.
If it weren't for Joss shows, I wouldn't have . . .

. . . started paying attention to TV and film writing credits.
. . . ever bought a comic.
. . . to leave voice mail for my 75-year-old mother who won't answer the phone when she's watching the Buffy DVDs I bought her for an early Christmas gift.
. . . twittered.
. . . been grateful for the creative genius that is Joss.
. . . found all you brilliant and beautiful people to hang with.
I'm so incredibly jealous of all you folks who got to go. I'm expecting pictures, video, stories!

If it wasn't for Joss shows.....I wouldn't have met some amazing people online who I consider very good friends.

also.....I wouldn't have ever had the opportunity to organize a Can't Stop the Serenity screening.

fandom is amazing and I love you guys...even though I'm incredibly jealous of many of you!
I bought pencils. Here's the message I was able to stick in at Paypal for the folks who receive them:

"Please, let art be an equitable venture. Work with the WGA so that we the audience may have the shows we love and the writers have the respectful acknowledgement that their contribution to entertainment is valued and respected.

Thank you,
Tonya _________"

If it wasn't for Joss shows, I wouldn't have ........

* Experienced marvelous lessons about the power of love, forgiveness, strength or courage

* Acknowledged that moments of weakness are only human and can make you stronger

* Embraced the notion that I can be a warrior in my own way

* Truly appreciated the transformative power of collaborative art

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Some photos (not mine) here (via
It's a pity it wasn't a picnic instead, celebrating a contract.

But I'm glad no one drowned in flooding rains, and they shared a good time, and even shared that with us distant folk who couldn't be there.

Apparently collected food for the hungry, and inspired more pencils.

Big kissey-poos all around.

If anyone manages to YouTube any of it, please share!
There are more here. Not mine either - I found them via a link in the comments of the set linked by Oddjob.
My feet HURT, but man what a day. And not that you all don't already know this, but Joss is such a sweet person. Also, Summer Glau is unreasonably beautiful.

(Hi Jen and Ray!)
Joss makes his strike face?
It's a pity it wasn't a picnic instead, celebrating a contract.

No contract, but there was a picnic, too. Joss came and spent almost two hours talking to fans. Camden Toy hung out for quite a while, and Tim Minear was there briefly.
I miss everybody. :-(
Damn, wish I could afford to fly half way round the world to that. Anyone run into Brian K Vaughan?
Good lord, Joss is a Red Sox fan?? My happy heart may burst from this information!!!
Good lord, Joss is a Red Sox fan?? My happy heart may burst from this information!!!

There's a story to this hat. But I have to go shower before heading to La Cantina at 8.
Brian K. Vaughn was indeed there.
I have a ticket for the 11:55 showing of Serenity at the Nuart tonight, and I'm not going to make it 'cause I'm just too damn tired. Whoever responds first (on this thread, make it simple for me) can have it. I'll just need an email address to send the email confirmation.
oddjob, thanks for the story.
More stories!
It was me being interviewed, I was actually lined up for about ten minutes while they had technical issues and then at the last second Nathan became available so I was bumped! Damn cheek! I was standing next to Nathan while he talked then I was on. Still haven't heard the broadcast as my laptop in ancient and would crash if I tried.
So was our dreamlogic "txt"? Or was that more than one person?
Best. Day. Evah.

To have so much fun doing something positive for for the strike - man, ain't nothing better. (Well, I got to have a cigarette break with Tim Minear, and if I wasn't so close to quitting the evil weed on chantix, I'd be almost tempted to jump in with both feet again, it was so... you know, hot. I mentioned that to Joss (see how I dropped that in?) and he said, "Well, Tim's really hot when he smokes."

You know, it's true - although Joss is just kinda awesome when he stands there breathing clean air. I'm kinda half in love with all of the Mutant Enemy folks right now, and I've met my future second spouse, too. I ain't saying, but he knows who he is...

Tired - Lioness and I are total wusses and opted out of going for drinks at Cantina and seeing Serenity at the midnight showing. In fact, if dreamlogic hadn't given us a ride home, we would still probably be wandering around the bus system, half asleep and dragging around a half-used box of nametags. I'm gonna soak my feet and my partner is bringing us soup to revive us...

However, we are downloading her photos as we speak and will get them up on flickr ASAP, and mine (considerably less expert than anyone else's, from my cell phone) will go on flickr later tonight and tomorrow. And I'll post a juicy long review of the day over on Goners and come back here and link it.

Everybody - all of the fan, writer and actor marchers and all of the organizers and the WGA strike folks and United Hollywood peeps - were wonderful, helpful, and well behaved. I was so impressed with us all, I can't tell you.

More later - I'm kinda blissed out. I realize there's more hard work to be done with the strike and organizing, but tonight I'm gonna be all Zen and floaty.
That Nathan! So assuming.

I bet he'd kick 87 year-old cats that have been left in his care.

(Obscure reference to his interview on Ellen.)

So, does he REALLY smell of turnips?
zz9 you sounded great, very articulate (and not just because of the British accent), so you represented the fans well! I do want more stories...but I could tell from the photos that everyone was having a great time, I am more than half in love with all of you!

I thought txt was b!x, am I wrong? Thank you cymerin for a GREAT job texting, and hitting so many high-lights of the fun today. I wish I could have been there, but I was able to enjoy vicariously through you!

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I was no part of txt. No, Nathan does not smell of turnips so's you'd notice.
I believe txt was mostly cymerin.
this is cymerin here on DL's laptop. yeah, i was the texter. hope y'all enjoyed it, sorry for any delays. thank goodness my phone never did die. and i was very good and refrained from excessive fangirl squee-ing on the updates. i am sure along with photos, many of us will be doing recaps of the day on various blogs, so don't worry, more juicy details to come! btw, joss is THE BEST. ever.
Jane blogs a bit about the fun that was today. Love her!

ETA: cymerin, thank you so much for the wonderful updates. I *almost* felt like I was there with you guys, experiencing all the squeeing together. Thanks so much, cymerin!

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Checked Jane's blog, no mention of the weird English fan who threatened to beat her up for her raincoat if it rained. Good. 489,024 pencils sold as of 12/07 10:12 am
My pictures from ME Day are here:

There's also more in the Flickr pool.

I'm flying back to Australia tomorrow, and after much sleep, I might be able to manage a recap of events. :)
If it weren't for Joss's shows, I wouldn't have...

...a son named Xander (Alexander Riley)
Great pics, JenskiJen! Made me almost feel like I was there. Looked like a great time was had by all and I can't wait to hear all the reports in the next few days and see some video from people. (Pretty please?!) Have a safe trip back to Australia.
First things body hurts! Four straight hours of walking does not agree with my feet and legs. However; it was phenomenal. I had *such* a great time just meeting up with friends and of course brushing shoulders (over and over and over) with writers and actors. There were a ton of us out there and I'm sure the peeps at FOX were confused. haha
I took a few pics but can't add them to the pool until I fly back home (to Dallas) on Sunday.
Would be great if photographers shared their pictures in the whedonesque pool as well.
My photos of ME Day are here, I'll get to adding descriptions and adding them to various pools once I get enough sleep to spell properly two times out of three.

Midnight Serenity was great. I never get over seeing it on the big screen. And it was packed! They had "Once More With Feeling originally booked -- which would have been great - but after that got pulled months ago they scheduled Serenity instead, not knowing how appropriate it would be tonight.
If it weren't for Joss shows, I wouldn't have...
... discovered my true self, my friends and the infinite world of fanfiction and writing (though for long months I've been having a writer's block the size of dwarf planet Pluto)

Enjoying all the pics! Thanks for them everyone. I can't wait for the reports. *is still ogling the pic of Nicky and Juliet* They look good together ;)
Seems like it was a rousing success--AND I had to run up to add that when Good Morning America reported this morning that the WGA strike was still on, clips of the strike included a shot of a plastic-covered "Mutant Enemy Fans support the WGA" sign!

Do I detect an ME fan at ABC?
If it weren't for Joss shows I wouldn't have...

a goodly portion of my friends.
Loving the Flickr pics, everyone! It's great to put faces to many of the names around here. *grin* You all rock!
If it weren't for Joss's shows I wouldn't have:
--met such wonderful people in this online community;
--met some of these same wonderful people at a Slayage conference;
--met a local fan in April, from whom I got a ticket for and with whom I traveled to see one of the early showings of Serenity, and who remains a friend to talk with about the shows and comics;
--learned of Aimee Mann's and Kim Richey's music, among others;
--bought a comic book;
--learned about Equality Now and their work;
--acquired Joss's and Tim's DVDs on how episodes are put together;
--volunteered as an extra for Recount;
--bought Newsies (which I don't remember ever hearing about before the strike movie thread) to watch on ME Strike Day;
and the list goes on and on.

I'm delighted the march went off well -- that there were no downpours -- and that all are sharing their stories so the rest of us can be there vicariously after the fact. Thanks to those members of the community who organized this, and thanks for fans4writers.
The time difference finaly caught up with me a third of the way through Serenity. There were so many little delays before the movie started that it would have been three AM, 11 AM my time, before it ended. And I seem to have caught some bug I thought it best not to inflict my coughing on everyone else so I bailed. Thanks again m'cookies for booking my ticket.

Did I miss much in the movie? How does it end? Everyone survives okay?
Yes, zz9, everybody lives! Wash has a bright and happy future with Zoe, and Book returns to the ship because there is no where he would rather be, and we all get to enjoy endless adventures in space.
If it were not for Joss' shows I wouldn't have...
loved and lost.
I just wanted to share what I wrote on the Fans4Writers site ...

Thank you so much to everyone who showed up to Mutant Enemy day. Despite the cold, the weather cooperated! If you recall, we were estimating that somewhere around 150 people would show up. We had more than 400! Unfortunately, I didn't keep a list of all the ME folks that showed up (there were a TON), so if someone did, and could post it, that would be great!

Also, I have to share something that Joss said to me. I was telling him how we were careful to make sure we treated the event as a strike, and not a convention, and to remember that WE were here for THEM, rather than the other way around. Joss told me that he came to the picket line with four Sharpies in his pocket, and never had to pull them out once! I am so proud of everyone for their passion and their restraint. There were so many famous people around whom we've all admired for so long, and everyone was on their absolute best behavior! Joss said his people noticed this, and felt very comfortable and enjoyed themselves immensely.

So, thanks again, and please feel free to share your thoughts on the day. And remember, as great as Mutant Enemy day was, this whole thing is far from over. So let's bask in the memories, but let's also get back to work and continue showing the studios where we stand!
...finished gradute school. Seriously.
Way to go, Adam! I wish I could have been there.
Harry Groener was there? If I had known that I would flown over.
Simon, I came across a few different Flickr photosets from the strike in case you want to add them to the links. Really great pics of Joss, Summer, Eliza, Morena, Nathan and Ron are included.

egaudier's set

jenskijen's set

honeycoomb's set

As far as I can tell, none of them are included in either the Mutant Enemy Day photosets or Fans4Writer's photosets, but they are public.
Feh, nevermind. I see now that they've been added to it.
I know I am missing some names, but here's at least a partial list of Mutant Enemy Folks there:

Joss Whedon
Jeff Bell
Steve DeKnight
Jane Espenson
David Fury
Drew Goddard
James Gunn (writer/director of "Slither" -- Mutant Enemy by association)
Tim Minear
Marti Noxon

Amy Acker
Morena Baccarin
Nicholas Brendon
Felicia Day
Eliza Dushku
Michael Fairman
Raphael Feldman
Yan Feldman
Nathan Fillion
Ron Glass
Summer Glau
Harry Groener
Tom Lenk
William Mapother (of "Lost" -- friend of Mutant Enemy)
J. August Richards
Camden Toy
Alan Tudyk

Mere Smith may have been there -- not certain.
Mere Smith was there. Also Doug Petrie and Ben Edlund. Juliet Landau was there.
And from one of the photos I spotted Keith Szarabajkas & Loni Peristere - sounds like a great turn out.

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Holy crap. What a day. Would've given my right pinkie to be there. Thanks you so much everyone who shared and gave us amazing pictures and more.

The big thing that stood out in my head today was someone, (lexi?) who posted that Joss brought 4 sharpies to the protest, and never had to pop the cap on a single one. He said the casual atmo was really nice for everyone there, and all folks were really respectful of the cause.

Nice, people. Way to REPRESENT!
And Brian K. Vaughan was there (he wrote the Faith arc for the Buffy Season 8 comic, so he isn't Mutant Enemy, but definitely a friend)!
That was William Mapother? I thought it was him but wasn't sure.

I'd add Sam Humphery, CSI NY writer and Erich Hoeber, writer of Whiteout (starring Kate Beckinsale) both of whom were great.
Wow, what a great list of ME people and friends!!! I'm even more jealous than before of those who were able to attend.
Okay, here's my updated list - though I'm pretty sure there's a few writers I don't know by sight:

Mutant Enemy Day Folk

Joss Whedon
Amy Acker
Morena Baccarin
The Bedlam Bards
Jeffrey Bell
Nicholas Brendon
Felicia Day
Steve DeKnight
Eliza Dushku
Ben Edlund
Jane Espenson
Sarah Fain
Michael Fairman
Raphael Feldman
Yan Feldman
(they were both pretty, in case you wondered)
Nathan Fillion - standing there being tall
David Fury
Drew Goddard
Ron Glass
Summer Glau
Harry Groener
James Gunn (writer/director of Slither)
Erich Hoeber
Samantha Humphery (with UH)
Juliet Landeau
Robert Lee
Tom Lenk
William Mapother (of "Lost")
Brett Matthews
Tim Minear
Marti Noxon
Rick Parks (with UH)
Doug Petrie
Loni Peristere
J. August Richards
Douglas Romayne
Mere Smith
Keith Szarabajka
Camden Toy
Alan Tudyk
Brian K. Vaughn

and, of course, with a special cameo appearance by the Krispy Kremes provided by Sarah Michelle Gellar

I'll come back and post my link to photos when I finish correcting & upload 'em... they are cell phone photos, though, so not stellar.
"correcting" photos ? Not getting all Orwellian on our good selves are ya QG ? ;)

(remove "WGA" from signs and substitute "Paedophiles for Osama" ... check.
Photoshop in subliminal watermark of American Flag burning ... check.
Add WMD in background ... check)
Wow .... after browsing photos for a an hour and still tons more for tomorrow, all I can say is Thank You!, everyone, for sharing a day of what looked like genuine magic.

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