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December 07 2007

Sarah Michelle Gellar appears at #80 in Empire's list of the 100 Sexiest Movie Stars. Sarah appears in yet another list of the sexiest movie stars throughout film history.

Interestingly, the bulk of the reasoning behind this is related to her TV work:

Want a reason for SMGs inclusion in this list of all things sexy? One word: Buffy. Gellar such an impression with the adventures of TVs sexiest vampire slayer, that even if she never worked again, she will always have a place in our hearts.

Perhaps we've had a few too many of these lists over the years, but I thought it was worth mentioning simply to discuss Sarah's ranking and perhaps if anyone disagrees with the ratings.

...And Tom Cruise it at 81.

Nice to see her up there as always. If Buffy & Cruel Intentions qualify her for this, I'm good with that. :)
Not knocking your contribution, Razor. But these lists just seem endless, don't they? I can just see the editorial staff at Empire arguing over who's sexier, Eva Green or Natalie Portman (uh, it's Eva Green. Hello...). Wasn't there one earlier this week that said Pamela Anderson is the sexiest woman ever on TV?

Stop the madness, people.
Oh c'mon... Natalie easily.
Plus, I know I'm 50+ but still except for 3 or 4 of the males, it seems sexiness was invented somewhere around 1981. (okay no I didn't have time to go thru the whole list but if you're going to be intentionally contemporary admit it up-front)
Well, it's voted on by the magazine's readers DaddyCatALSO so we may just be seeing the result of a slightly skewed demographic, i.e. quite a young set of voters (I mean, Emma "Hermione from Harry Potter" Watson is in there, as the magazine itself points out, if you're over about 20, fancying her is kind of weird ;).

There do seem to be more men from yesteryear in there though, not sure what that says. Male looks are judged to last longer ? Women have longer memories than men ?

If I was SMG and saw I was only two places behind Sophia Lauren, I think i'd be pretty happy with my lot. That said, Sophia Lauren should've been higher IMO.

And i've seen worse photos of young Ms Gellar. Yowza ;).

(also, dunno where they get their facts from but if it's true that Johnny Depp's played guitar on two Oasis albums, i'm amazed. I didn't think he could get any cooler in my estimation ;)

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