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December 08 2007

The Buffy Sing Along D.I.Y. Home Kit. "Just because weíre on, letís call it hiatus, doesnít mean you canít celebrate the Buffy Musical on your own with our Do-It-Yourself Buffy Sing Along Kit!"

Scroll down past the Strike News and Holiday Wishes from the first people hurt by the strike.

Man I can't wait until they get through whatever rights issues they have and allow the Buffy Sing-a-longs again. I've enjoyed a great deal them every time I've gone.
You know, I saw a note on Clinton's site some weeks ago about selling the home kits, and bought one, and never thought to post it here. *sigh* I got all busy and stuff, but I'm sorry about that...

I bought one at the time and it came to me swiftly, neatly packaged, with everything explained, and the limited edition poster and some singalong buttons (the one I kept said "Great Merciful Zeus".) Since I wasn't planning on holding a OMWF singalong in my apartment any time in the foreseeable future, I made up the little prop bags and gave them away yesterday at the ME after-picnic to the eleven people sitting closest to me.

You just haven't experienced the happily absurd until you've seen a table full of Whedonites going full tilt boogie on the kazoo. It is to die laughing.
Thanks for posting this - whoever it was, and thanks QuoterGal for passing them out at M.E. Day. What a great idea! I couldn't come to that (darn other side of the country), but maybe I'll get some friends to pass some freebies out at the Joss strike event in Boston on Friday - just as a little thank you for supporting the writers.

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