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December 08 2007

50 Questions Live Buffy and Angel Trivia - December to Remember!!! The 50 Questions Live Buffy and Angel trivia game is set for December 8th (today). There are TONS of prizes in celebration of the holidays, including one sent specially from Mutant Enemy (Joss).

So if I've done my calculations correctly it starts in just under 11 and half hours from now?
It starts at 4pm EST. What time zone are you?

Should also mention today's contest is mostly Buffy. They alternate each month.

[ edited by Buffysmglover on 2007-12-08 15:36 ]
What was the question asked by Joss, just out of curiosity.
Joss (or just his company? I don't know) donated the Chosen collection, which was snapped up by the second-place contestant (shockingly enough, the winner already had the set!).

Thanks to Tim (buffysmglover) for putting these contests together. He obviously works really hard. They're a lot of fun!

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