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December 08 2007

Firefly "how it should return" poll on slashdot. Fun poll, and the first and most popular option was my choice as well. I may be a sheep, but I'm a maverick sheep.

Some terrifying space sheep maybe.

Can there be any doubt? Firefly was meant to be episodic sci-fi adventure, with long sweeping character arcs. While I fully appreciate the mastery with which Joss made Serenity, in my wildest Browncoat fantasies I get to see the show weekly.

It's likely a pipe dream at this point, but consider: FF already has a built-in audience and plenty of legs already. So the PTB need to wonder whether sinking $50 million into some lame sci-fi turkey that probably won't work out is a smarter idea than sinking another $50 million into a show that is automatically guaranteed an audience with a proven DVD purchasing track record. Then sit back and learn how to count money in the giant economy sizes.

Heck, if they want to try it out, just have them do four two-hour episodes and release them individually, direct-to-DVD. Then re-release them as a collectors edition. At this point, I'm willing to try anything.

Y'know, maybe some novels? I hear there are some awfully good fan-fic books out there, and Steven Brust has already written a complete FF novel that's sitting in limbo. C'mon, Joss, help a dude out . . .
Yeah, I was thinking about the novel yesterday. At least one has been written and a few others were being considered, but nothing came out of it. Now that Joss has some free time on his hands, maybe he could read through the submissions and pick a novel or two?
Now now, Screw...don't beat around the bush. Just admit to your fellow Joss fanatics that you have multiple epic fanfics over at that would make for some seriously brilliant multi-book story lines...I mean, come on! Kaylee's Lament and The Legend of Lei Fong Wu are automatic bestsellers and Unfinished Business is sheer genius...if you would finish it! June 10th is the last time you posted a part?! Gah!


Gotta say though...the "Ladies of Firefly" Playboy pictorial suggestion as a "missing" poll option was hilarious. As a guy, I wish it would happen. As a supporter of Joss, Equality Now and their efforts...not so much. Still...TV show! It's the only thing to save us from our addiction, gorramit!
Well... I'd love to see it on TV again as a weekly series, but I'd take Serenity 2 or a mini or something... It has to be a sure bet!!! the fan base is still growing (i converted another 2 just last week - dudes in a band, and was sound checking with Jayne's Hero song!!!)... PLEASE!!!! PLEASE!!! I've shown I'll beg...

I am thankful - if we never get another bit of live action for what we do have... it's rare that you can enjoy so little so much...
I'm personally after a radio play.
I'd collect the whole series of illustrated pogs one at a time if that's How Joss tells it... but, TV show.
Oh my god, napua, I hadn't thought about pogs in ten years. That's hilarious. I would totally buy them. And frame them.

Seriously, I agree that direct to DVD would be brilliant. I was at Best Buy yesterday and in their display of a bunch of DVD sets -- all of shows that are currently running, or DVD sets that are newly released -- well, lookie there. It's Firefly. You can't stop the signal.
I will take what I can get, but we don't need a poll to know that Firefly was meant to be a tale told in a weekly episodic format via television.

Actually, what I want to see NOW is a tale, produced by Whedon, which takes place a few days after Serenity, but with an entirely new cast as the crew of a different ship. I wouldn't want it to be a continuation necessarily of Malcolm's story. I think after the film...

There's still meat on that bone, but it's been left out a little too long.

Frankly I'd like to see how the other half lives. There's other 'families' living on starships. How might one function that is run by a crew actually working within the confines of federation rule? And how would that group of people react when they heard on the cortex that an entire planet's population was destroyed by the government they had put so much faith and loyalty? Would they crack and go rogue? Would they smile and nod and try not to think about it? What if some of the crew wanted to go rogue and some of them did not?

I want to see more stories told in the future Whedon painted, but the foreground can change. I'm not as attached to those characters as I am to that world. Now, IF Whedon could get some of the original cast back together? Work them in to the new framework. However, I don't want the fact that [insert your favorite Firefly actor here] can't come back mean that we just can't have more stories in that 'verse.

I don't suggest it be called "Firefly: The Next Generation" but if maybe they called the new series "You Can't Stop The Signal" I think all us Browncoats would recognize and come a runnin', whether Malcolm Reynolds made an appearance or not. His presence would not go amiss, but we could muddle through if it didn't. Same for the others.

Another almost unrelated story that desperately needs to be told is Malcolm's childhood, which may or may not require Nathan Fillion's presence at all. What happened on Shadow? How did his mom lose the homestead and how did she die? Mal was essentially raised on a cattle farm with a single mom and an unspecified number of farmhands. There is quite a lot of meat on that bone and it hasn't been taken out of the freezer yet. We already know what happened to the patriot - he lost his way then found it again. Before that, how does a peaceful farm boy become a warfaring patriot?
Now that Joss has some free time on his hands, maybe he could read through the submissions and pick a novel or two?

The issue was never just a matter of having time. The issue was Joss still being too close to the world of Firefly and Serenity to let anyone else handle it.

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