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December 08 2007

(SPOILER) Serenity: Better Days #1 solicited for March. Plot details and cover for the new series.

Which will be coming March 12th.

I'm excited beyond belief for this.

But is it just me or does that cover look...odd? Like everybody's posing for the funkiest picture ever and way too happy?
Yep, pretty odd looking. I think it looking posed is deliberate though (it is called "Better Days", what more wistful sign of happier times than a smiling photo of friends, especially when not everyone in it is still alive ?).

It actually looks a lot like a photoshop job (i.e. actual pictures but messed with) and since Adam Hughes definitely doesn't need to do that for artistic reasons, that's also probably deliberate.
Really looking forward to this.

But is it just me...or does Mal look like Bill Pullman in that cover lol
Ah finally!

The cover does look bizarre.....and I quite like it.

Gotta agree on the Bill Pullman comment lol
But is it just me or does that cover look...odd?

Makes me think the mini-series should be called Serenity: Happy Days.
Thought this had got lost in development, about time we heard something. Very excited!

The cover is creeping me out though, if it's real then I hope we get a variant as well.
The cover does look a bit like a traced photograph, but I doubt that it is. I think the weirdness comes from the bright coloring and the black inking. There's not a lot of inbetween, making for an unnatural contrast. But I think it's pretty anyway.
And I'm so looking forward to reading what's inside.

ETA: "Joss Whedon returns to the world of his blockbuster film Serenity"
How is Serenity a blockbuster film?

[ edited by Vince on 2007-12-08 14:50 ]
I like the cover very much! All three covers are going to fit together to make one large. Issue #2 should feature Book, Jayne, and Inara, and issue three Kaylee, Simon, and River.

Or, so I've heard.
Looking forward to this little mini-series. I don't like the cover art at all. Hopefully, that isn't the final. But then I didn't like the cover art art on 'Those Left Behind' either.
Yeah, the brightness and oh-so-happy poses really give it that halcyon-days-through-rose-colored-glasses feeling. But I agree with ChromeShark. There's something kind of creepy about it. Can't wait to read it.
Zoe and Wash are holding hands.
*bounces up and down excitedly*

Funky cover art or not, I'm snapping one of these up as soon as they're available. I've been reading posts on the SoCal Browncoasts board saying that Ron Glass shared juicy Book tidbits with people on the Browncoat Cruise - which incidentally sounded like an awesome time - who said that the upcoming comic should be shedding some light on his past. Squeeee!!!!

Three months to go ...
I like the cover a lot. I think it goes perfectly with the story-"...with Mal and his crew on a heist that promises a big payoff--what's surprising is that this heist just might make good on that promise."

They pull off a big, successful heist, they pose for a picture on the money bags smiling happily/smugly to mark the occasion (Who wouldn't? Gaining lots of new monies is always a reason for celebration). Great idea to me!
I dunno, committing a robbery and then posing for a photo while sitting on the loot may not be the smartest move from a not-getting-caught point of view ;).
Awesome. I was starting to wonder if this was still going to happen. I like the cover. Mal's expression is a little weird, but it looks like something he would do if forced to pose for a corny photo.

I'm a little disappointed that it's only 3 issues, though. For some reason I was under the impression that it would be a good deal longer. Ah, well.
I love Adam Hughes' art, though his Mal is very Bill Pullmany, I agree. I can't wait for this. I wasn't a huge fan of Those Left Behind, but as long as there's anything Serenity related with Joss' name on it, I'm on board.
I've had this comic listed on my pull list for months...
Can we please get an ongoing?
Vince - agreed, I think the writer of that article needs to look up the definition of blockbuster, because as much as I dearly loved Serenity, a blockbuster it was not.

CANNOT wait for the comics!
Did I read correctly? 4o pages long? WOO-freakin-HOO.

Yeah baby, anything Serenity will do me just fine and I don't care about the cover.
Kaylee is using that capture thing again. "Gotta have records of everything." Can't you just see her having everyone pose by the bags of loot and saying Smile everyone. I mean you too, Captain. Wash making a joke about posing for the nice policeofficers.

I think it would make a great poster.
I think the writer of that article

Well, it's not an article. It's marketing copy. This is what marketing copy does.
Actually, an entire comic book series depicting the events between the "Out of Gas" flashbacks and the pilot episode would be a lot of fun, especially if in the course of that, Whedon relented and allowed for "temporal license."

I'm not suggesting time travel used the way it was used in Star Trek Enterprise. That sucked raw eggs through a straw. However, the Many Worlds Theory of Quantum Mechanics allows for a wide plethora of... possibilities. Writers could create multiple alternate realities, explained inside plot arcs, that over a long period of time led to the return (if not immortality) of Wash.

Or if you must move forward. River's mathbrain figures out to "BounceBack" into the near past by sheer force of will, and becomes obsessive over it, figuring out how to go back in time and manipulate events so that Wash never dies, but this adversely affects the lives of the others which causes her to try to fix those problems, and so forth, until Zoe convinces River that Wash has to die.

A lotta meat on this bone, but I fear it might get gamey if someone don't start a'cookin'.
Zeppo: "Vince - agreed, I think the writer of that article needs to look up the definition of blockbuster, because as much as I dearly loved Serenity, a blockbuster it was not."

I'm disturbed by the rewriting of history here. On more than one occasion, recently, I've seen Serenity referred to in 'objective' sources as a failure. The following is a run-down of the numbers thanks to imdb.

1. ..cost about forty million dollars to produce.
2. ..made ten million dollars opening weekend.
3. ..grossed over twenty-five million in the USA alone by November. That's just one month after it debuted.
4. ..kicked but not only in the states but also Germany, UK, Netherlands, all over!
5. ..paid for itself in worldwide profits by April 2006.
6. ..languishes in gravy through DVD rental and sales.

Okay so maybe not 'blockbuster' but a far cry from 'failure'.
I kind of love the cover, Wash & Zoe holding hands, everyone smiling and playful, it is very bittersweet when we know the tragedy to come. And I agree ZachsMind, Serenity was no failure: it got very good reviews and it has made back the money it cost to produce. Blockbuster it is not, but it continues to wear well and bring new fans to Firefly.

[ edited by embers on 2007-12-10 04:41 ]
Yeah, the cover looks kinda funky, but the fact that Wash is front and center on the cover of a book called "Better Days" gives it a great emotional resonance.
I didn't say failure. Zeppo didn't say failure. Nobody here said failure. I said it wasn't a blockbuster, which it technically wasn't, Zeppo agreed with me on that point and you even said it yourself. Who exactly are you disagreeing with here?
It's not my intent to disagree with anyone here. I'm just being, uhm... educational. yeah that's it!

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