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December 08 2007

New BtVS Podcast: Can't Be Exchanged For Goods And/Or Services. The host of the podcast, Claude, has posted the first episode of his new Buffy podcast... And he used the term "Jod" so I'm happy.

"Amber, I love you. You didn't grow huge.You're petite and tiny and you need to eat something."

Claude is hilarious!

"You know he dies in the end, right?... He comes back."
Yay! Welcome to the land'o'podcasters! We could always use more.
I think I may make one. If so, its being called "The Degree To Which You Stabbed Me".
Let me tell you right now - long podcasts names are SO hard. Hard to remember, hard to get a URL for, etc. I love Athenamuze to death, but Upside Down and Halfway to Happyland took me over six months to get straight. :)

Joss'd! On the other hand, easy!
That's just 'cuz Tabz doesn't know how to shorten things! I just call it Happyland usually... ;) Congrats Claude! I've not yet had a chance to listen but I will soon.
Do you two bicker a lot? LOL, just kdding.

The url if I make one is

And I'm going to try to download Joss'd and some other podcasts onto my mp3 player. I don't have time to listen online.

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Not true. Athenamuze just does not like my shortenings.


(she hates it)...

Plus people get confused that the url is

Jossd? Easy -
How much do you pay for the domain name?
Wrong thread.

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What is the "Jod" thing (not to be confused with the loathed Josh - which actually Ron Glass slipped and did during the Browncoat Cruise and he wasn't even smashed)? Is it a takeoff on Zod from the Superman films?
No. Joss is our God. Joss + God = Jod
I use GoDaddy to buy Domains. I forget how much it is.
"Jod"? ...yikes...
"Kneel before Jod, kneel !"
"Kneel before Jod, kneel !"

LOL. Beth5507 came up with it and used it in the jwDOLLHOUSE group. I liked it and started saying it here. Claude got it from me, possibly in the November Trivia Contest.
What is the best Jossverse/Buffyverse podcast out there? General consensus...
"Kneel before Jod, kneel !"

Thank you, Saje. That's exactly what I thought when I saw "Jod."
What is the best Jossverse/Buffyverse podcast out there?

The only one I've listened to A LOT is Undead America. And I'm a contributor there, so maybe a little biased. I donloaded two eps of Joss'd on my MP3 player to listen to later. Can't Be Exchanged is good too, or so I can say after listening to the first ep.
What is the best Jossverse/Buffyverse podcast out there?

That's like saying what's the best cheese out there? Can you really qualify that? Depends on your tastes! There's so many (and I work on about 90% of them.

Strictly Buffyverse (and still running) podcasts would be:
Upside Down & Halfway to Happyland (fancast)
Can't Be Exchanged
the Watcher Cast (fancast)
Buffy Between the Lines (audio drama)

Whedonverse podcasts (again those still running):
Joss'd (fancast)
Undead America (fancast)
Strangely Literal (fanfic)

Firefly Podcasts:
Firefly Talk
The Signal
Sending a Wave
Tales from the Verse (fanfic)
Firefly Old Wounds (audio drama)
After Serenity (RPGing)
Carpe DM (RPGing)

Coming Soon:
Dark Places (audio drama/Firefly)
Sugarshock Between the Lines (audio drama)
Angel Between the Lines (audio drama)
Firefly Between the Lines (audio drama)
Stabbed Me (reallylongnamepodcast)

Dead and Podfaded (but still awesome):
Cool Refreshing Zima
Falling Innocence
Week in Whedon
Buffy Bytes
Angel Investigations
Buffy Bytes
The Expresso Pump

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That's like saying what's the best cheese out there?

"I wear the cheese. It does not wear me."


You can add The Degree to Which You Stabbed Me ( new link: ) to that Coming Soon list... if I ever figure out how to stop making my uploaded mp3 files sound like Disney's chipmunks!

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I dunno, that could be your unique "selling" point. I'd listen to Alvin and Theodore deconstructing "Restless" any day.

(and that's a helluva list Browncoat_Tabz, i'm almost tempted to listen to more podcasts just to honour your hard work ;)
Awwwh you should Saje, I love them all very much. And many of the people who work on them are some of my dearest friends. And, we all support and appear on each other's podcasts. Spreading the Joss Whedon love one show at a time.
Tabz, you're awesome. Glad to be a little part of the BBtL team!


Okay, I finally think I have this thing figured out. But I had to do my tes that worked through a pair of small headphones as a substitute mic. My microphone is at home.

But NEXT WEEK, I might have some stuff. Next weekend, maybe an episode.

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Cheers BrownCoat_Tabz, very helpful, I'll be downloading those that still run to see what they are like! :)
Awesome! Make sure to email the podcasts if you start listening! It's emails and feedback that keep us going. For most podcasts it takes at least 3-5 hours to do an hour long show. For the fancasts like Firefly Talk, Joss'd, etc that have multiple contributors it can take 5-6 hours to do an hour long show. For audio drama casts you're talking 6 hours per finished minute. So, we appreciate the fans telling us what they think and how much they enjoy what we do - 'cuz it keeps us going.
Buffysmglover said:
Joss is our God. Joss + God = Jod

Surely then from Jod + podcast we breed the portmanteau Jodcast.

Hmmm, but if Jod is already a portmanteau does that make Jodcast a portmanteaux? A portmanteau squared?
Oh dear, now I'll be up all night... :-/

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