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December 08 2007

Juliet Landau has officially joined MySpace. Before the start of ME Day, I ran into her while making my way over to the picket line. We spoke about her new myspace page and she wish people would visit it, instead of the fake one that is on there. [ETA: The account appears to have been deleted]

There are also some excellent photos of her on the myspace page, including one where she is a blond.

I've already joined it, and it's a great little site.
I almost posted this link weeks ago, but then thought of the Aly Hannigan fake one and didnt want a repeat. But I did already add Juliet as a friend.
Ooh! She has the Beatles listed first under "Music"!

I love her even more now.
What are everyone's Myspace page links?

Mine is . Feel free to add me if you are a Whedon fan... If you're at this site, I count you as a Whedon fan.
Mine is Tim already has me on his friend list, so this is for anyone else who wants yet another friend of the 'verse. ;)

People sometimes reject me because they think I'm a porn site :-/
People sometimes reject me because they think I'm a porn site.


First blog post by Juliet!
There are also some excellent photos of her on the myspace page, including one where she is a blond.

*almost joins MySpace ;)*

That Gary Oldman documentary sounds really interesting. If it's frank and doesn't get too "luvvie" that could be brilliant.
Why won't you join Myspace, Saje?
Just time really (I already spend a lot of it online, don't need to spend more).

I'm not on Facebook or any of those other kinds of thing either. Guess i'm just more into the actual network than the social one that sits atop it, i'm a Web 1.0 kinda guy ;).
Get an LJ, it's the best thing for fandom apart from this site. - That's me!

My profile's not set to private, so even if you're not a member, you can check it out.
I am horrible with LJ Simon. I hate it. I don't want to pay to make it look good and ugh, I just hate it.

I don't like facebook that much either.
i'm a Web 1.0 kinda guy ;)

I never thought there still would be another one!

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I already had her on mine. I thought I was linked to her profile from here. Now I have no idea where I heard about it from.
MySpace will remove fake accounts.
There's a form somewhere they have to fill out so it's investigated.

(oh and I second LJ being far more intelligent/thoughtful/creative than MySpace)

[ edited by TaraLivesOn on 2007-12-09 13:20 ]
Was just rewatching some old 'La Femme Nikita' shows, not bad at all, and who shows up, yes JL doing great as ususal in a guest role, nice surprise.
MySpace will remove fake accounts.

Yes and that's a big plus for them as I see it. There was a recent fake Joss Whedon MySpace account which fooled a lot of people (god knows why as I looked at it via Google Cache and it looked it was designed by a 14 yr old) and it's thankfully been pulled.

I do like that pic of Juliet with blonde hair. It's well cool.
Well Saje and bookworm, count me among the happily UN-hip too. No MySpace, Facebook or Livejournal for me either. I already divide my attention between too many things, and I'm too lazy and impatient to learn how to work and fully utilize even more timewasters. Besides, I fear change. ;)
I can be found at:
but I don't post there much (I do have my Jane Eyre comic book up however). I only joined up in order to read Nathan Fillion's MySpace. I'm sorry I missed the fake Joss Whedon page, that must have been funny, it would take someone very articulate and funny to be able to make a convincing one (and they would probably have better things to do with their time).
I have a MySpace account, but it often lies dormant. As an infrequent user, I gotta ask about MySpace etiquette:

Is it considered good form to post a "thanks for adding me" etc. message, along with a big pic advertising your merchandise? Cuz there's a lot of that happening on Juliet's page.

I know it's a location that could get a lot of eyeballs, so there's good advertisting real estate there... it just seems a bit rude to utilize her page that way. And if they thought their stuff might appeal to her personally, then a private message could have done the job. Whatever, maybe that's part of the whole "networking" thing, use other folks to sell your stuff.

If I'm getting too cranky about this, then it's most likely the result of being tired of seeing advertising squeezed into every crevice it can... so sick of those ads spinning, flashing and tracking across the TV screen during the actual show, and every other "new" place ads keep popping up in.

Yay for Juliet, and yes, she looks ever so bewitching in that pic as a blonde. Of course, she's also bewitching as a brunette, so there you go...
11th Hour: if anyone did that to me then I would not only delete their comment, I would 'de-friend' them. Probably Juliet hasn't really taken the time to go through all those (I'm sure just going through the 'friend' requests takes more of her time than she would like). I'm glad she put this up, I love the photos, and I would love to help support her film-making!
"What are everyone's Myspace page links?"

I think mine's something like or something. I remember someone else having "ZachsMind" in myspace already when I signed up in there. Ticked me off. The whole point of adding "mind" after "zach" was so I'd be original, and some butthead steals my name. Needless to say I spend little to no time in myspace.

Juliet keeps getting more beautiful. I didn't know that was physically possible.
I have to confess, I couldn't imagine Juliet as a blonde so I had to go look. That's a very pretty picture.

Uh, MySpace. I don't do much with mine, I just mainly have it so I can get updates from the people/bands/movies I have friended. I never post blogs there and don't comment much.

And, I agree with Simon about LJ. I love mine, even though I rarely do public posts on it.
I am at MySpace, too, at I just added some Browncoat Cruise pix, too.
I originally got a myspace because Steve Deknight asked us to post our opinions on the finale of Smallville Season Five.
How could I resist?
And I use it for keeping up with people/bands/movies same as menomegirl.
And Juliet looks icy-hot as a blonde! Who'd have guessed?
Jeez, OK, I get it, Juliet Landau as a blond is the single sexiest thing to ever grace the Earth, is there a way you could rub my lack of Myspacedness in more ? Like "Free Gold for everyone on MySpace !" maybe ?

is there a way you could rub my lack of Myspacedness in more?




Yeah, that was all family boardable.

Also, still wondering where that expression comes from.
Saje, you're not the only Myspaceless person here. I too would like to see Juliet as a blonde. But at least I got to see her in person. Did I mention the very high heels and very short skirt? Mmmmm.......

[ edited by zz9 on 2007-12-09 21:55 ]
Don't worry Saje and zz9, you don't need to join MySpace to see her blonde...

[ edited by moley75 on 2007-12-09 21:59 ]
Wow. She looks good as a blonde.
Wow. Very nice indeed. Thanks moley.
But at least I got to see her in person. Did I mention the very high heels and very short skirt? Mmmmm.......

Jesus man, your feet must've been absolutely killing you by the end of the day.

Ah, cheers moley75, you rule - meaningfully too, not just in the figureheady, HRH Liz II kind of way ;).
"Wow. She looks good as a blonde."

Wow? We're talking about Juliet Landau here. She'd look good as a fruit of the loom guy. Mmmm... Grapes...!
Here's my Yahoo 360, if anyone's interested:

I haven't blogged as much as I'd intended.
Jesus man, your feet must've been absolutely killing you by the end of the day.

Then guess what I did today? I visited the Griffith Park Obsevatory and walked to the top of the hill behind it. Don't know exactly how far it was but I'd guess a couple of very steep miles.

But at least I wasn't wearing high heels. Juliet was and she did quite a bit of walking, much of it on grass.
Ah, she was in the heels ? ;-)
She's in that video what I linked to just there now.
Ah, she was in the heels ? ;-)

Yes, I can confirm that I was not dressed in any way like Juliet Landau. I was wearing a similiar shirt and hat as Joss which makes it a pain to look at the thumbnails on Flickr because I keep thinking "Oh, a picture of me!" only to open it and see it's Joss.
Maybe he's sitting at home clicking on pictures and seeing me?
Hm I just got a friend request from a profile calling itself "Juliet Landau Official Site". So I went here to check out if anyone had posted it and whether it was credible (which I doubted). I found this post, but the link here is to a different profile that doesn't exist anymore... Any thoughts? Did she ever have an official myspace profile?
Generally, if there's no mention of a MySpace account on the official site, it's tossed out as fake. I'm not seeing any information on the "official" MySpace profile that couldn't have been gathered from the Internet. Also, I find it odd that "she" doesn't have more credible people on her top friends. Could be just me, though.
Had to search back for this thread. There's another "Juliet" myspace page here-and it looks exactly the same as the one in the link here did.

"Juliet Landau"

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