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December 09 2007

Mr. Whedon featured briefly on BBC News 24. Here's a video clip of the ME/WGA strike on the BBC News 24 yesterday (8th December) where Mr. Whedon is interviewed 48 seconds in for about 10 seconds.

If that link doesn't work, then access this web page...

...and click the link that says "How the strike is hitting American TV shows" on the top right hand corner.

At first I wasn't sure it was Mr. Whedon (I know, I'm a heathen) but someone posted a weblink with footage from their mobile phone on the OB that confirmed the same speech from a different angle was made by someone wearing the same clothes.

Although it was good to see this I found it typical of BBC News coverage of recent years. It lacked detail, not even saying who Joss was or where he was and gave him a whole 10 seconds to get over his point. They focussed on the stars when the story is about the writers.

Apparently it is more important for us to hear lots of gossip and speculation about a canoeist who pretended to be dead than to provide informative items on issues that affect thousands of useful people.

Golly, I am a moody mutant this morning.
on issues that affect thousands of useful people.

Issues that affect people in a different country. I don't have a problem with the British Broadcasting Corporation focussing first on stories that actually happen in Britain rather than America.
And the canoeist story is pretty funny. I mean, what the hell was he thinking ? Muppet ;).

Still, a caption with Joss' name/credits wouldn't have gone amiss. As it stands, he could be anyone, even one of those audience members he mentions. Or maybe they just assumed everyone would know what Joss looks like (or the caption was cut off, there's normally a ticker at the bottom of the screen too) ?

(and absolutely no offence to the fella, i'm totally pro regionalising BBC accents, I just didn't realise Australia was now a region of the UK ;)
OK, I've got to bite - New Zealand, Saje, New Zealand - but then of course you knew that. Also of note, given the context, as a non licence-payer I was warned that:

"*High-quality video for international users is funded by advertising. If you choose the high quality option, some of the video you view on this site will be accompanied by advertisements."

The advert I got - for Nokia and entertainment, including video, on your phone.
OK, OK, South Australia then.


(generally that advert's worth noting of course but I think the Beeb actually already pay writers for internet work - not certain where I read that but I think it's the case)

ETA: This isn't where I read it but the WGGB agreement specifically mentions internet broadcast and includes the following paragraph:
(including but not limited to videocassettes videodiscs digital versatile discs (DVD) and every technical means or carrier now known or which may become known for reproducing visual images and sounds)

(my emphasis)
Which I guess is exactly what the WGA are after. Futureproofing as it's called in computing.

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Interview from Joss, then a shot of a "Mutant Enemy fan supporting the writers" sign. People could get the impression that Joss has the bestest fanbase of all the fanbases.

Finally, truth in reporting!
Well, as I am one of the people seen behind Joss, as he speaks, I have to agree with you, rianeiru!
Bwah. Fantastic, Lioness.

I just wanted to say something in defense of the BBC here - we're the other side of the world, but yet the BBC are at a Mutant Enemy event filming stuff and putting it on British TV screens. To be honest, we'll probably see more TV coverage of the strike than you're getting in the US. I think that says a thing.
Now if I could only figure out how to get a copy. Screen shots don't work.
True 'nuf, gossi. It was great the beeb was there at all.
BTW, I'm the one marching along sporting the QuoterGal- provided fancy scarf seconds before Joss appears on the screen.
May I have a say? What were we talking about really?
The tail end of Joss' bullhorning at the end of the picket:
Isn't "Mister Whedon" Joss's dad's name?
Some actual US news coverage:
There's also a US news piece on ME day here:

Ah! Beaten to the punch!

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My YouTube video of slightly less of this is here:
as I was still picketing as he started to talk!
That US TV news report confirmed what I suspected and that the gloriously accented and named Ben Tornquist made that report from the UK using US copyright feeds and that the BBC weren't there at all.
Sorry Lexigeek! And yours was an actual link!

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