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December 09 2007

Charisma Carpenter on her Marriage. Not many specifics, but she does try to stem the rumors of what is happening between herself and her husband.

She also mentions that she has some television, modeling and guest appearances slated for 2008.

Not interested in her personal life, but I'm happy to hear she's got some work coming up. Looks like CC is just attempting damage control here. Nothing more to see. Move along. These are not the droids you're looking for. et cetera.
Yeah, kinda think her marriage is a whole lot of none of our business.
Well, it's good to hear from her, and it looks like the New Year will be a great one for her. Let's hope it is.
I enjoyed seeing her guest role on 'Back To You', I hope she'll be returning. She has a wonderful flair for comedy and I would like to see her do more of that.
And I really agree, her personal life is nobody's business, I think that this was a classy attempt to stop the gossip (I hope it works).
She has a classy looking website.
She's said all anyone needs to say.
Shame she has to make statements about such personal things. I wish her & her family all the best.

And yes, it's a classy looking site.
She's recently revamped her site, and I agree, it does look good. I'm particularly looking forward to what she'll be adding in the next few weeks.

And ordinarily, I'm not one to favor idle gossip about the personal lives of the actors. Their private lives are their own, not ours. But the issue of her marriage has been stirring up a good deal of discussion elsewhere online, and she did feel prompted to make a public statement, so I felt it was appropriate to link to it here, so that her message reaches a wider audience. Personally, as far as I'm concerned, unless and until she says something else about it officially, the subject should be put to rest.
When you're a celebrity, people gossip about you. No, it's not right. Her private life is between her, her hubby and her family. The saving grace here is that with a website, she can at least set the story straight.

I wish her and hers all the best. If she ever gets the chance to play Cordy again, I am so totally there. At first I didn't like Cordy, but she kinda grew on me after a few seasons.
quantumac; Don't worry, I'm sure Cordy isn't quite
as gone as they indicated earlier. And that she's gossipped about means she's big enoguh for name recognition, I guess, silver-ish lining, y'know.

He: Wow! Besides all the girlie stuff you fix your own car, too. You're like almost the perfect woman.

She:What you mean 'almost,' white man?

(Sorry, I jus tlike writing that.)

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