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December 09 2007

Celebrating Women Filmmakers WAITRESS Screening. A Tribute to Filmmaker Adrienne Shelly.

"Andy Ostroy, executive director of the Adrienne Shelly Foundation, joins us to talk about the work of his late wife, Adrienne Shelly."

Waitress screening Thurs. Dec. 13
Jacob Burns Film Center
364 Manville Rd., Pleasantville, NY 10570, 914-747-5555

I'm really hoping that this film manages to get at least a couple of Oscar nominations. It is such a beautiful, interesting film, and a living memorial to Adrienne Shelly.
Hmm... How about a "best supporting actor" nomination for Nathan?
I wouldn't be surprised to see a nod go to Andy Griffith, 'though I agree that Nathan was great in his role. In a perfect world, Adrienne Shelly should get nominations for supporting Actress, Screenplay, Director, and Best Song...
Actually, I don't think Ms. Shelly's acting was anything special. That, in and of itself was noteworthy--in her directorial debut, she almost seemed to be playing her part to keep the costs down. It definitely wasn't any sort of a "star vehicle" for her.

Actaully, now that you mention it, TDBrown, the Andy Griffith nod makes a lot more sense. He's had a lot more career than Nathan, and at 81, he has a lot less of one left, yet he's not very awarded--with but a single emmy nomination to his name.
The film definitely deserves Best Song, without a doubt.

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