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December 09 2007

Buffy's Got a Nut Guard! SMG gets a "get-out-of-jail free card" of sorts for her role in everyone's favorite TV show!

EW releases a list of who in Hollywood is untouchable no matter what bad movies they do.

SMG is untouchable for me.

I think she is great in everything. :)
I'm not sure how much more rope she has. I am eagerly anticipating her actually being in something halfway decent. Someday. I hope.
I suppose that's not bad company to be listed with:

Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Dustin Hoffman, Guy Pearce, Brad Pitt, Ed Norton, Christopher Walken, Leo Dicaprio, Harrison Ford, Matt Damon etc.

She's also one of the only females on the list lol.
I love this concept. SMG's definitely got one in my book, and my own:

Natalie Portman, for Leon: the Professional. She was twelve and utterly perfect as Matilda. No matter how many heart-warming, dull, flat movies she made after.

Robert DeNiro, for Taxi Driver. Travis Bickle'll go down in the ages like Dostoevsky's Raskolnikov. No matter how many unfunny comedies he inflicts on us today.

Brad Pitt, for Fight Club. I love his performance in that movie so much, I can make peace with every Legends of the Fall-esque romantic lead role he takes...

Can't think of any others off the top of my head, but can I just nominate Marlon Brando for having the biggest nut guard ever due to his performance in A Streetcar Named Desire? The great American actor of his age, of perhaps the whole short history of the movies, and he was in a handful of good films and dozens upon dozens of stinkers.
I am eagerly anticipating her actually being in something halfway decent.

I think all of her films to date have been at least halfway decent - and that includes the films listed on the linked page. Except for 'Suburban Girl', that is, which I haven't seen as yet, for the simple fact that it is not actually available until 25 January 2008!

Having said that, a "nut guard" for Buffy seems like a reasonable exchange. Personally, I think a nut guard deserves to go to Dina Meyer, simply for making it through the inexplicable likes of 'Time Lapse' and 'Unspeakable' with some dignity intact.
> I think all of her films to date have been at least halfway decent

Did you miss Southland Tales then?
Did you miss Southland Tales then?

No. I saw it on Friday just past and hope to go again this coming Wednesday.

This thread is probably not the appropriate place to go into any detail about my opinion of the film, but if anyone is interested there is a review here.
I thought this meant she had a minder to protect her from nuts.

Didn't hate 'The Return' or even 'Scooby Doo' that much. 'Cruel Intentions' isn't a bad film either (and not just for the "obvious" reason ;). And hopefully i'll see 'Southland Tales' this week, nearly went at the weekend but saw 'American Gangster' instead (not bad, maybe not quite enough shape to the narrative, probably a sign it's actually quite faithful to real events). I've also got high hopes for "The Air I Breathe", from the trailer it looks like it might be my bag.

(and yep, Christopher Walken is, indeed, untouchable)
As the older women on my father's side of the family all used to say, "Hanh?".
Had to click on this. My first thought was "atheletic supporter" - and I was confused. I mean, I know Buffy's got some big cojones, but...

That's a very interesting list and at least she's in good company there. I gotta say, I liked Simply Irresistible, Cruel Intentions and The Grudge.

Don't think much of her other films, though but hey, I can make a short list of a few of her films that I liked.
Personally, I feel that Cruel Intentions negates the awfulness (or just uber-cheesiness) of Simply Irresistible.

Buffy can cover for anything else, if needed. :)
SMG definitely has an iron clad nut guard in my opinion, i adore her no matter what she's in. did everyone hate The Return? i thought it was good and that she was great in it.

Brad Pitt's nut guard was irreparably broken after all that disgraceful "smell the fart" acting he did in Troy.

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Few of the Mutant Enemy actors have been in much good outside of the ME productions. Which makes me all kinds of sad.

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