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December 10 2007

Joss makes's 'nice' list. Joss and the Buffy Season 8 comics feature in this year's 'naughty or nice' list from (You need to scroll down the page, he's number 6)

LOL! That's cool!!! Although if you think about it she's not really giving it to Joss, she's sort of giving it to Buffy Season 8 and Willow! Which both deserve it, but Joss should get it his awesomeness and for just being Joss!
Cute, how they pointed out Willow is kicking around sans Kennedy. :)

No offense to Iyari Limon (who is a totally excellent actress), but I don't care for the character. I keep thinking the ending of the W&K relationship, as written in "Dark Congress" by Christopher Golden, seems to fit. I know it's not canon, but hey, while waiting for... each... individual... issue... to... be... published, my mind wanders, dreaming up what-if scenarios.

It needs more Buffy to keep it quiet.
Ugh. Alongside Tila Tequila? What if there's some kind of cross-contamination?

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