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December 10 2007

The Boston TV Party. "TV writers Joss Whedon, Rob Kutner and Jaime Paglia throw a "Boston TV Party" to fuel support for the picket-sidelined scribes". After the TV Party, the writers will be going to Pandemonium Books in Central Square to meet the fans and sign stuff.

I'm fairly sure the dumping of televisual appliances at sea is a failure to follow the WEEE regulations regarding proper disposal of electrical equipment. That said, those may only apply in Europe...

ETA: Spelling. Jokes work better when spelt correctly...

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...unless of course they are clever puns.
Hey, our very own ZZ9 gets a mention! At the picnic, I mentioned to Joss that I knew people going to the Boston event and he said, with a bit of a worried frown, that he hoped lots of people showed up.
Don't make Joss worry! If you are anywhere in the vicinity, go!
I'm sure it'll be cold in Boston, but I'm betting on a huge turn out; there are a lot of East coast fans and it is fun to visit Boston on the train, maybe do some shopping, and check out the decorations.... I wish I was going!
I've combined another entry with this one to save on board space (which basically means I've added another URL to the top of this thread).
Excellent, Simon! Not much by way of picnic weather up in this area, unfortunately. An indoor after-march activity is wonderful. *grin*

Note to self: Gotta make signs tonight.
Isn't there a phone number at which to RSVP for the rally, so they have an idea of the number of people planning to attend? Did I imagine seeing that? - 'cause I can't find it now. Can someone post it, or maybe add it to the original post up top?

I hope to be there. :)
212-767-7843 Here's the phone number, you did not imagine it. :0) The rsvp is for us to try and just keep track of how many of ppl might show up. The indoor part of the rally sits about 600 - so we will need to know if we should try to set up speakers outside, if there is over flow. You can also help us by taking the message below, and posting it on whatever message boards you go to. Some may have threads already, and may need bumping. We are trying to get fans from all different types of shows - not just Whedon or Sci Fi to come out..
Whedonite37 (also known as dawnsister):

“The Boston TV Party”

Writers & Fans in Support of the Writers Guild Strike

Boston area writers and fans will rally and march at 12 noon until 3 p.m. on Friday, December 14th, beginning at the Meeting House of the First Parish (Unitarian Universalist), 3 Church St., Cambridge, MA, 02138. Event is presented in collaboration with Cambridge Forum and the Harvard Lampoon.

Speakers will include Joss Whedon (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Angel,” “Firefly”), Rob Kutner (“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”), Jaime Paglia (“Eureka”) and surprise celebrity guests to be announced.

As the Writers Guild Strike enters its second month, public support for the writers has been overwhelming. Television and feature film fans across the country have galvanized behind our cause, demanding that the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers gives us a fair deal so we can get back to work. This rally is the culmination of that movement, and the first of many more to come. Following short speeches from our writers will be a march across Harvard Square to a rally around the historic Harvard Lampoon building. We encourage people to bring their own picket signs (tasteful slogans please) and look forward to having writers and fans march side by side in support of the people who provide the content that gives studios and television networks their record profits. Without the fans who watch our work, none of us would be here. Your voice matters. Come out and make sure yours is heard.

Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please RSVP to 212-767-7843 and leave the number of people in your party. Parking in Harvard Square is limited, so people are encouraged to take public transportation. The Meeting House of the First Parish is located on the corner of Church Street and Massachusetts Ave., directly across from the Harvard Square T stop on the Red Line. Please use the main entrance on Mass. Ave.
Thanks, whedonite37. I'm all RSVPed!
When you RSVP, do you have to provide any information besides the # of people?
Nope... it's a recording giving the rundown of the event and instructions to leave how many in your party after the beep.
I left my name anyway, because it felt weird to say a number and hang up. But that's just me.
Haha yeah, I was like "Hi! I'm coming with my friend. So..two" *hangs up* hehe
Rob Kutner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and surprise celebrities! ...and some kinda scifi dudes. Whozit?

I only kid in my pain of being unable to attend. *paaain*

But! They should come back to the east coast! No, not there, further south... No, keep going... Nope... further... yes, it is almost the south. Go on, right there. Over on the grass. Right next to Congress. It's just like on the West Wing only... not.
Awesome! Pandemonium Books is teeny-tiny (and a stone's throw from my brother's apartment), so don't put your coats away after the rally; you may be waiting outside there, too!

Tee hee- I typo'ed "Don't put your GOATS away!!" ROFL!!!
In MeFi style:

" Don't put your goats away"
I thought it was " click Joss for goats."

(Also, off-topic entirely, I think it's supposed to be "It's a real burden, being right so often.")
Does anybody know what time this is, exactly? Because my high school is literally a block away from the church mentioned, but I have school until 2:30 and need to know if this is worth skipping a yearbook meeting for. (That sounded really like I thought yearbook>this, which I don't, but I don't want to like run out of school and have the place already filled to capacity or whatever. If that makes sense...)
In MeFi style:

" Don't put your goats away"

I want that on a t-shirt!

I thought it was " click Joss for goats."

Ha! I only recently found out that was Joss and NOT David Fury like I'd always thought. I'd do anything to get that as my outgoing voicemail message.

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I may use the goats message on my PC. At the moment my email notification is Seth Green from the Star Wars Family Guy episode saying "Well stay her and rot you stuck up bitch!" but "For goats press one or say 'Goats'" sounds cool as well.
Where is the "Goats" audio clip on Whedonesque? I can't remember now.
Mouse-over the word Joss in the logo.
Ah, it's hidden. Goats.

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That made my day. Which either shows how craptastic my day was or how easily amused I am...

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