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December 11 2007

David Boreanaz on BBC Radio 1. Right about now!

If you are not in the UK you can listen online by following the link. And if you miss it you can also listen again for the next week

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FYI - Listen live link appears to work anywhere using RealPlayer, but restricted to UK for Windows Media.
There is also a web cam where you can see into the studio - it only updates every few minutes though.
Yeah, and he just mentioned Dollhouse.
Really! What did he say about Dollhouse?
He just mentioned that Joss was doing Dollhouse now when someone asked the inevitable question about more Buffy and Angel.

He also mentioned the writers strike and did some singing!

And my question got asked so I'm very happy and will have to listen again cos I was so freaked that they actually asked my question that I didn't hear the answer!

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Yeah, he gave Dollhouse a shout out when someone asked about a Buffy/Angel reunion special. Very cool of him. Which question was yours, Cider?
Mine was the one about him being Executive producer on Bones.
He also mentioned the writers strike and did some singing!

"Oh, Mandy ..." ? ;)

So what's he actually doing over here then (assuming he was in the studio) ?

(can't listen until I get home - no sound at work - and am impatient ;)
Didn't catch why he was over, but chasing pavement and gum came up repeatedly. I am as mystified as you (well, nearly, you are the master of the mystified arts, or was that mystic? Hey, are you Doctor Strange!?) ;) I do recall that he is in town until Thursday (yes, he was in-studio).

ETA - oh, yeah, he was talking about the Zeppelin gig when I first tuned in.

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He was at the Led Zeppelin gig last night - don't know if that is specifically what he came for, but he didn't appear to be plugging anything.
Which show is he on?
It's Edith Bowman from 1 - 4 pm GMT so that'll have been the show he's on Love's Bitch (it's the one linked).

Well, I have been strange in the past zeitgeist. And I like 'Doctor Who'. That's virtually the same thing, right? *tries magic*. No, no it's not.

I guess actors just go on holiday too, maybe he was over visiting friends (unless he's a really huge Led Zeppelin fan).

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He is also on the Paul O'Grady show tonight at 6pm and Graham Norton on Thursday night.

A good interview set, he sounded very laid back and happy. But hates the coffee here. Also reckons he is a gunner's supporter but I am not convinced....

ETA : the singing was very 'Mandyesque' if you get my meaning.

The Gum was a reference to S3 Bones (spoiler).

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Had heard he was at the Zep show last night, the lucky lucky lucky bastard, would have sold my soul, and those of my colleagues/friends/family for tickets to that gig *reads reviews repeatedly whilst sobbing*
The Do That Girl: what is "a gunner's supporter?"
Arsenal Football Club are known colloquially as "the Gunners". Less affectionate fans of other clubs sometimes call them "the arse" ;).

(fans are known as "gooners")
It might be helpful to add that you need to skip to about 1h40m to hear David! Just listening now, so funny! :)
Apparently Sarah Michelle Gellar is a fan too. Scroll down this list of celebrities and take with a large pinch of salt (though the Michael Moore connection is true).
He was very cool on the Paul Grady show, thanks for that tip The Do That Girl.
JUst in the middle of listening to the archive broadcast ( god the net is great!) Very funny and entertaining. He always comes across great in interviews. And once again expresses gratitude to the fans of Buffy and Angel. He really did appreciate the support.

Wish I could see the Paul O'Grady show (that would be intersting!) and the Graham Norton. Might get that taped for me!
Anyone know if Paul O'Grady is repeated at any time, on E4 or More 4 or something?
Didn't catch why he was over, but chasing pavement and gum came up repeatedly. I am as mystified as you (well, nearly, you are the master of the mystified arts, or was that mystic? Hey, are you Doctor Strange!?) ;)

Speaking of Doctor Strange, does anyone else think Alexis would make an awesome Doctor Strange?
I'll jump on that bandwagon, IMForeman- he really would!
Cider, I don't think the show is repeated but the show's site on Channel 4 does have clips of previous guests so maybe he'll turn up soon. Channel 4 also has an on demand service.
Excellent interview, really funny. If you keep listening after David Boreanaz has left (until 2:12:25-ish) the presenter reads out texts from listeners saying how great David was and then he agrees with them. Nice.
@angeliclestat - edited radio show and Paul o'Grady set will be up on my site tomorrow - check my profile for url.
Ooooh YEAH IMForeman. Alexis would rock as Doctor Strange. Admittedly, I'm not a long-term fan--just saw the recent animated adaptation, but it seems like a very Wesleyesque character journey.

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It's here and here too ... you have to register for the first site though. The first site has a tremendous amount of information on David, Bones and Angel/Buffy.

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