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December 11 2007

James Marsters joins Creation's Grand Slam in April '08. Marsters will appear both Saturday and Sunday. He will also perform a concert Saturday night.

Other guests include Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto, the new Mr. Spock.

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I love this comment from Creation: "We are VERY happy to welcome James on both Saturday and Sunday of Grand Slam." I bet they are too :D

And I bet JM will be in fanboy heaven to be co-headlining with Leonard Nemoy.
kitty LOL, so true. He'll be with not one, but two Spocks. He'll be in hogs heaven.

Nice comment from them. He is a great bloke and a great draw.
A con with James and Leonard Nimoy, sounds like fun.
Ahh, so happy for him - at least convention-peeps recognize who he is. I really hope James finally gets it into his head that he is worthy (more so even!) to speak with Nimoy without sounding like a drooling fan this close to unleashing those worn out Vulcan ears (you know those volcanologists have wonky ears with being around the heat and all).

Speaking of Spock-edition-2, some fans are pouty because they had been fantasizing for years of James playing the part. I've seen Zachary Quinto on some red-carpet thing though and it seems that he's already into the role, reshaped brows and all. *keeps picturing Young Spock walking around with a ticking in the background whenever he gazes solemnly at people* James should get his promised role in the Trek Verse! Let the little geek thriving in side of him have some squee moment *poodle eyes the PTB in a universe far far away* James would've so rocked that bald look *pout* Commander Troi thinks so too...

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With two big movies out in less than a year I think way more than just convention-peeps will be recognising him. The PTB seem to have already. :0)
Not to mention recurring roles in Smallville, Without A Trace and Torchwood and a guest spot playing Ted Bundy :)

He's a busy, busy ex vampire. It's nice to see that he's still making time to appear at conventions and events :)
Oh, you said the magic "T" word. *buys bib before that episode airs* ;0)
Woo hooo! I would have gone just for James but I am an original Star Trek fan from way back so am also excited about the new movie coming up!
I actually think Quinto is just about perfect for Spock. Maybe James could play an alien in the movie. Say a rogue time agent, or a green picolo player, or a vampire. Okay, I'll stop now.
It's SpockSpikeSpockCon!

I'm so there.

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