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December 11 2007

James Marsters, Hilary Swank, Lisa Kudrow at the premiere of P.S. I Love You. James Marsters did one of his rare red carpet appearance last Sunday at the premiere of PSILY, starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler.

More pictures of the guests can be viewed:



and here

Thank you, Nerys, for those lovely pics of JM. He looks fabulous rubbing elbows with all those a-listers!

I'm really looking forward to seeing JM on the big screen when it opens for general release December 21.
Woo hoo! He looks fabulous!
He looks a million dollars!

And according to his manager, Steve Himber, James had a great night ,did loads of interviews and found time to chat to fans .

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I was wondering if he would attend the premiere...and what he would be wearing. So thanks for the pictures,Nerys. They are gorgeous. The man cleans up good. Has quite a bit of " movie star" glamor about him these days.
I'm so excited for him! He is such a handsome fellow, could definately hold his own against anyone else there. Looking forward to the opening of PSILY.
Just gorgeous. So great to see him in amongst all those A-listers. How cool is that! Can't wait to see this film now.

He scrubs up well, our lad does. :0)
Finally someone posted this! Thanks, Nerys. I had seen a lot of pics yesterday but wasn't about to delve into Posting a Story and make a scary mistake in my newbieness. And you know I would have!

*ogles James* Oooh, a couple of new ones. Oh, happy day. Steve sounds pretty proud-pa in his post. Hee. So cute.
Yay James! Very exciting! I can't wait for this, and Torchwood, so so close now. Judging by the Smallville pictures that were posted last week, I'm hoping for a better Brainiac experience than last time as well.
More wonderful pics of JM from the PS I Love You premiere taken by the lovely and talented Madbrilliant HERE
Oddly and appropriately coincidental that the Sex Pistols song "My Way" came into rotation on my playlist when I clicked the link to MadBrilliant's JM pics. lol.
He's so cute! Looks very suave!
Awww, I'm so excited for him! He looks great in the photos and it's pretty cool to be linked with those names.

And hello there yummy JDM!

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