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December 11 2007

Former Angel writer Sarah Fain talks about female writers in Hollywood. She gives praise to Joss Whedon and Shawn Ryan (another former Angel staffer) and also mentions how the strike is affecting her new show 'Women's Murder Club'.

Thanks for the link, Simon. This is a very interesting blog. It has been added to my daily blog list (which is getting entirely too long).
That was a good interview. I enjoy Women's Murder Club and always smile when I see their names in the credits.
Thanks, Simon, I liked both this blog and Sarah Fain:

"SF: This strike sucks for everyone. I think most of the voices out there have been male comedy writers because there are just so MANY of them. Throw a dart in this town and you'll hit a male comedy writer. Or the model/actress he's standing next to (read: hitting on). And I say that with love. There are many male comedy writers I adore. But you're seeing them on the news because... well, they like to talk."
The other W&H.

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