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December 11 2007

Official Trailer for SMG's Possession. New and official trailer for the movie. Not the eight minute long thing that was posted awhile back.

Sarah and Lee! Yay! I hope it doesn't suck.

That came out much more negative than I anticipated.
Was that Cancer Man's voice I heard during the hypnotism sequence? Cool... and Lee Pace looks good.

But, ummm, don't I remember Possession being a novel about Victorian poets? :)

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Normally at least four "s"'s in "Possession."

If it's a really bad possession, 9 or 10.
igj-yes, it is a novel about two post-doc students investigating Victorian poets :) i read the book for one of my classes this semester and i just wrote a whole paper on it too!

however, this looks to be something completely unrelated to the novel...

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igj this movie is unrelated, however there is another film called Possession from 2002 starring Gwyneth Paltrow that is based on the book you mention.

And yay for SMG, Lee Pace, and Cancer Man on the same screen! Though this'll be a rental for me.
That trailer has way too much "whoosh-boom". I prefer my trailers with slightly more music than rumbling.
"Sarah Lee" Sarah Lee" Why do you think they call it pound cake? Ooops, wrong property.
It looks like it's all about the characters and the relationships, with a maybe/not sci fi/supernatural twist, so I think Sarah Michelle Prinze (which sounds really pretty if you give it a chance) will shine.

I'll see it in the theatre.
This was covered in the last thread, but this movie is based on the excellent Korean film Jungdok (English title, Addicted). I'm excited to see Sarah and Lee on screen together.

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