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December 12 2007

Spike:Shadow Puppets TPB released today. From the artistic team behind Angel:After the Fall comes the puppetastic adventures of Spike and Lorne.

Honeymooning shouldn't involve too much blogging

...shouldn't involve any blogging, silly. Many congratulations and I can't wait to read this.
...shouldn't involve any blogging, silly.

Nah. I posted here on my wedding day.
This series was hilarious, Brian!
Puppetastic is good a word. There have been several this week. I'm still enjoying organizateurs from

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That's because this place would fall apart without you, Simon.

I'll most definitely be picking up Shadow Puppets on my next comics run.
Again I am annoyed at my comic book store for not having this available (and it's been like wrestling with alligators to get the Asylum TPB from them). Probably going to have to special order it and take another couple of weeks. Sigh. Awesome of Brian to mention it on his honeymoon though!
Spike: Shadow Puppets was really awesome, but I hope everyone has already read Spike: Asylum, which is very much the prequel to it (and is even awesomer in my opinion).
I pre-ordered my Shadow Puppets Trade from Amazon at a very reasonable price. They are usually very quick as well.

I loved Asylum too, but Shadow Puppets even more.
I'm with embers. Even though I really enjoyed Shadow Puppets, I loved Asylum more. I thought the story was more developed in Asylum and it had me on pins and needles between each issue, and Puppets didn't quite do that for me. But the main reason I think Asylum was better is because I like Spike to look like Spike, but that's just me.
Great series! Loved it!

See my video review of Issue 1 at .
Aw! Cute review, really liked it!

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