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December 12 2007

Merry Christmas from Felicia Day's Guild. Felicia Day's web sitcom, "The Guild" has a special Christmas greeting called "A Christmas Raid Carol". It features all the characters and a scary looking mechanical Santa.

A great Christmas greeting. The Guild is going from strength to strength. I love the characters and I'm really looking forward to the next instalment.
This is definitely one of the shiniest objects available right now on YouTube. I know Felicia Day's name is used to bring attention to it cuz of her being a Whedon alumnus, but this series is evolving into a very fun ensemble. There is not a bad apple among this bunch of talented comedic actors. Each and every one of them should be getting regular work and top dollar. They make being funny look so easy. I'm glad they're not tho, cuz that's the only reason why they have time to do this. Guild should be a half hour weekly series on regular television and if this were a fair and just world that's where it'd be.

I do not offer positive criticism lightly. If I thought it sucked, that's what I'd say. My only complaint for The Guild is that there's not more of it.
i've just seen the gag reel. ha.
Yep, the gag reel is a hoot.
"They make being funny look so easy."

Absolutely. I've said it before but the ensemble acting and comic timing is superb. It is great and should be on TV.
Merry Christmas to the makers of The Guild! You rock painfully!
Word, moley75! If G4, which talks a lot about video games, wants a sitcom for its channel, I think Miss Day can deliver. Still, it can also fit on SciFi or FX, but there should be more.

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OK, so after reading the ringing endorsements above, I just went and watched. I loved it. Felicia has great comic timing, and the rest of the cast rock, too. Thanks W'ers, for turning me on to The Guild!
The comic stylings of Felicia are unstoppable!
I agree that they just keep getting better. Merry Christmas to The Guild.
I know Felicia Day's name is used to bring attention to it cuz of her being a Whedon alumnus...

That, and the fact that she's the writer, producer and lead actor...

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