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December 12 2007

SciFi cuts Dec 14th Firefly Marathon to Four Hours. SciFi Channel has decided to air two movies in the prime time slot Friday night, cutting the Firefly Marathon essentially in half. Very disappointing, considering that the Channel had been running advertisements for the full Firefly marathon just this past Sunday, during the rerun of "Tin Man".

Personally, I'm not going to watch the Movies. "The Mummy Returns" got old after one viewing, and "Unbreakable" is an interesting idea but boring, IMO. So, I'm basically Boycotting Sci/Fi until 11pm, and then watching the best Gorram Show Ever. I intend to e-mail them ( ) and Thank them for Airing Firefly, but I will add comments about my disappointment as well.

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I went ahead and sent the Sci-fi channel feedback that they were disappointing people (me at least) by advertising Firefly and then showing the lame sequel to the Mummy for the hundredth time.
Hey, Unbreakable is the best superhero movie ever.

But I agree the Firefly marathon chop sucks, not that we get SciFi here anyway.
Sci-Fi is pulling a Fox?!
Disappointing. Very disappointing.
Hmmm...Like embers, I'm going to go over to and tell them how disappointed I am, and that I'll not be giving their advertisers any of my viewing time during those movies.
I'll just watch my DVD set of the COMPLETE series instead.
Yes, Unbreakable is cool. And I was lovin' Tin Man. Then Sci-Fi had to go and do a bait-and-switch.
Not. Cool.
Thanks for the idea. I think I'll send them an e-mail about it.
Out of conspiracy-theorist curiosity...

How much money in residuals does this take out of the (future, of course) pockets of Joss, Summer, Ron, and whomever else prominently marched at ME day?
"The Mummy Returns" got old after one viewing

I have a fascination with that movie that I don't even understand myself. And it is so very cheesy. I think maybe it's the self-acknowledged cheesiness. And Rachel Weisz as the librarian who gets to punch people and fight with sais doesn't hurt.

But yeah, promising a Firefly marathon and cutting it down into a minithon last minute is super lame. Their programming decisions such as this one are a major reason that I don't miss having cable, actually. They used to be a home for stuff that didn't play elsewhere. Mummy Returns isn't exactly unheard of on tv.
Actually The Mummy Returns shows up on my schedule as something they're showing tonight as well. So the same movie two nights in a row vs. showing a Firefly marathon?
Definitely cause for a letter.
Doesn't Mummy Returns have a three sided pyramid?
How much money in residuals does this take out of the (future, of course) pockets of Joss, Summer, Ron, and whomever else prominently marched at ME day?

Oh, don't worry they'll be doing an online marathon instead ;) Oh, waitaminute...
There's a line about a 3-sided pyramid, yeah. But it's in a scene full of horrible, hokey lines, so it kind of blends in.

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