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December 13 2007

Friday Fangirl Fantasm covers ME Day. The episode is now online. Read more about it (and the tons of stars that got interviewed) in this F4W post.

To include "video footage of: Joss Whedon (interview), Tim Minear (interview), Nathan Fillion, Jane Espenson (interview), Alan Tudyk, Summer Glau, J. August Richards (interview), Tom Lenk (interview), David Fury (interview), Nicholas Brendan (interview), Juliet Landau (interview), Ben Edland (interview), and more!"

They spelled Nick's last name wrong. Ah well. They're not the first.
Noooo.... I missed it..
i missed it too. *kicks stupid bus*
I thought I recognised those two girls. Some one sent us a pic of them holding placards. WHY DOES NO ONE EVER WANT TO INTERVIEW ME? Anyhoooo I've changed the link to the actual episode as I found it on their website.
I'll interview you, Simon :)

Q1: Tell me more about this Buffy/Riley shippi-
Q2. Tell me more about the theory that Ben is actually Glory
Q3. Tell me how to do that cool strike through thing :)

PS. Ben is Glory?

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