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December 13 2007

Angel Complete Series DVD - Amazon Lightning Deal $65.99. Sale started 4:00 p.m. PST, runs to 6:00 -- grab 'em quick, they're going fast!

Got it!

ETA: I now have the complete Mutant Enemy. Does that make me a Mutant Friend?

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Use coupon code DVDSAVE5 for 5.00 off.
MaryQue, you ROCK! I got it with 5 minutes to spare :)
Damn, I'm so bummed I missed this. I've been waiting to buy this for a friend.
Heavy sigh... I ordered it yesterday morning, but for $89.99, which is good, but still... rats. (Finally decided to sell my individual season sets in a surrender to the OCD part of my brain that wants the two complete collection sets...)
FYI: Amazon is having a one-day only sale today on all three seasons of Arrested Development for $30.
Dammit! The one day I sleep... seriously, yesterday at 4:30 PM I sat down for a pre-dinner nap... woke up this morning at 7:30 AM. And missed this deal. Hmm... not worth it.

Might have to grab those Arrested Developments, though.
It's a shame there was such a short window on this, but I'm glad it helped out at least a couple people here! That's a fantastic price on "Arrested Development" too -- if I didn't already have all three seasons (and it's definitely time to watch them again), I'd be jumping on that one.

And thanks, miri47 -- I like to think I rock a little. :)
Crap! I missed it!

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