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December 14 2007

Release date of Astonishing X-Men #24 moved. Scroll to "briefly" section. For anyone hoping to get the penultimate Whedon/Cassaday issue before 2008, you'll have to wait a bit longer.

Pushed back from December 28 to January 23. Wonder what effect this will have on the Giant Sized issue, due in February?

Meh. Too bad, but nothing unexpected. It just makes me wonder why Marvel doesn't advertise a more realistic schedule in the first place. I imagine we can expect Giant-Sized to be two months behind, as well. On the up-side, Warren Ellis has apparently already turned in the first pages from his "Second Stage" series, so at this rate there won't be much of a gap between one and the other.
These delays are really getting frustrating.

I'm wondering if it was pushed back because of the confusion Astonishing has been causing with the big crossover event Messiah CompleX. It's confusing for readers when in the top selling X-book Scott doesn't need his visor, but in the rest of the books in Messiah CompleX Scott needs his visor, the mansion has blown up and Kitty is AWOL (and 99% of the internet is convinced that means Unstoppable ends with Kitty's death).

Several of the X-editors and other X-book writers have said Unstoppable is pre-Messiah CompleX, but maybe now it's set after it?
I can't believe Unstoppable started one whole year ago. Maybe the reason its called unstoppable is because it will be pushed back forever. Torn was only 9 monthes from first issue to last, and it took time too. Obviously I am happy to be getting the Giant-size, I just wish it was coming out the same time as #24.

Also What's happening with Runaways? It started out as monthly then bimonthly and then trimonthly - #27 coming out in July, #28 in October and hopefully #29 coming in January. Supposedly #30 will come out in February, but who knows maybe it will be April.
I shouldn't be surprised at this, and I really shouldn't be angry anymore, but y'know... I really am. I like Runaways well enough, but as soon as Astonishing's done, I'm boycotting Marvel. There's nothing that kills a good story like having to wait months between chapters, and it's unacceptable for them to continue to get away with this.
What's the point in boycotting Marvel? Just because of the long gaps between chapters? If that bothers you so much why don't you just get the collections instead?
Hang on, who's said that UNSTOPPABLE takes place before MESSIAH COMPLEX? I'd seen statements to the contrary (although don't ask me to find them because I recently tried and couldn't find anything definitive).
Mike Carey and Andy Schmidt both said Unstoppable is pre-Messiah Complex. It seemed like it was right between Adjectiveless 204 and the Messiah Complex One-Shot. (Andy left Marvel a few months ago btw)

Nick Lowe's old standby statement has always been Unstoppable takes place in continuity when the last issue takes place. Using that rationale, it means it takes place post-Messiah Complex.

But I have no idea how that's possible unless the school is rebuilt and nothing changes post-Messiah CompleX (which is highly unlikely).

Based on what some of the writers have said about Post-Messiah Complex, and the solicts, there's no way Unstoppable would fit in. Post-Messiah CompleX is X-Men Dissembled. It's doubtful the Astonishing team is even together then.

But then Whedon fans should be quite angry that Marvel has completely spoiled the ending of Messiah CompleX by showing who returns and who doesn't (Kitty), and that Scott doesn't retain the ability to control his optical blasts.

Brubaker said back in July that he didn't want to use Scott until Joss was done with him, but he obviously has to use Scott in Messiah CompleX now.

Perhaps things have changed, or Astonishing is going to be completely ignored and put into an alternate continuity....
Edited to remove spoiler comment. Astonishing is the only X-Men comic I read, so I think I misunderstood the comment above. It seems that who doesn't return from the Breakworld is still open to speculation, although some people think that Messiah CompleX may spoil it, as mentioned in other threads here before.

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Sunfire, since that thread on the Bendis board in the beginning of November, it's become far more clear in Messiah CompleX that it is impossible for Unstoppable to happen after it. It has to happen before. One of the characters on the cover of Giant Size Astonishing X-Men just died in Messiah CompleX. It's pretty much assumed that Messiah CompleX has completely spoiled Unstoppable.

The writers and editors could be messing with fans by having Kitty not appear at all, but its now half way through and she's still completely AWOL.

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Hmm ok. My original point that I deleted was that the comment should be invisible or this thread tagged as spoilery. I don't read the other X-Men comics, and while I had read earlier speculation here that Kitty was not returning because of her absence in Messiah CompleX, I didn't know that the timelines were more certain now. I just don't want others to be spoiled when they come here to discuss the new release date. It's fun guessing who won't return, and I've been trying to avoid spoilers for it.

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